Tuesday, July 26, 2011

NEAT Ideas for Antique STAINED Glass Windows

We have always had antique stained glass windows in our homes. I am usually the pick-it-out and tell-him-where -I- want- it window person...while my husband is the do-all-the-work window person. He usally claims all the credit once it is placed somewhere. I figure he deserves about 75-85 % of the credit for all the work . The window above is an antique sunburst window, that he placed in an upstairs bath. I am missing my regular window here, so am trying to talk him in to putting this one somewhere else. I would like to have a regular window to see out into my garden below.
This is how it looks in the early morning, or later at night. Antique windows are a wonderful accent in any room.
Here is one where he busted through a wall, and simply added more light into a bedroom by installing an antique window. He says you have to make sure the electrical is not in the way, working without load-bearing beams or studs in the way is also helpful. But he can work around those and reframe the area before he puts in the window. All the windows he cleans up and builds a frame around, and then  makes a support frame in the wall...and there you have my bright idea.
Oh...and all his hard work.
The view at night.
Here is one of my favorites. I wanted some more light in the upstairs bedroom, and of course , there was no where to put a regular window...but I saw a nice spot in a wall...and my husband put this here for me. I like to have mirrors to reflect views, and views of stained glass windows in walls are unique.
You get a view coming and going...from both sides.
We almost always buy the dimpled stained glass windows for the inside walls, to afford privacy still.
We have a very large one downstairs, about 4+ feet tall that was used to replace a very ugly view into a brick wall that used to be here. These old houses had garages built directly to the side, and so when you look out you just saw brick.
Not anymore.
Lots more light. Really like this one. Mr. Do- all -the work , worked hard to replace the other windows with this. Often, if you are replacing outside windows, you will need a brick mason to come repair your wall from the outside afterwards, if your home is brick.
My small stained glass window I move up and down ( there is a hook at center too ), to be able to see my garden outside. If you look to the far right you can see my windows on my outside brick wall.
You can hang windows on brick walls too.

You have to use a masonry bit to drill through the brick or mortar though. You can't just nail a big nail into a brick. Learned that the hard way. I think my hand vibrated for two hours after bending 4 or 5 nails a few times.
A large one for a back picture window , that is out towards the back garden. He hangs all these with eye hooks and chain or just one eyehook into another hook.
I also like to mix and match the windows , instead of draperies or blinds. Make a tier of stained glass windows. I'm not a perfect matchy-matchy woman anyway in decorating.
This one has the eyehook and hook holding it up. The one below has the eyehook and chain.
One we bought to put in a downstairs bath to replace regular window. Now what do I spy in the window ?
A snake and animal sponges courtesy of my 10 year old. I left them there, one day I will have a house without any rubber snakes to surprise me...I need to enjoy them while I can.
This was one he fussed and told me would never work, I didn't want to know how he was going to do it, just thought it would look cool up in the brick instead of the unattractive wood slat vent that was there. I think he fussed for about 3-4 months before he made it work.
Now he claims the idea was his . He put a light in the attic to show it off at night but I always forget to turn it on. I'm more the one walking around turning off any extra lights anywhere.
That's my excuse.
Beautiful one in my eBay room . It is not totally finished , mainly because my husband can no longer reach it with all my stuff in here. I will not show you a wide shot of the surroundings or you would never read my blog again.
It is a great light giver to the room, and furthermore ' gives ' light to the adjoining room.
That is what is so special about adding stained glass to your walls, or your windows.
Brighter ...lighter.
I am working on my husband to put another one in a wall upstairs.  Typically takes me 4-7 months of asking before he does it.
I have to have lots of natural light in my surroundings, a must for my psyche.
Have a good one ,


  1. I love all these windows. You have a great collection and so many pretty ways to use/display them. I wonder if you could put a light on a timer behind the one in the attic so it could go on and off on its own? We hope to replace our living room window one day and I want to incorporate some pretty windows like these in the plans. Thank you for the awesome tour of your windows. And, for the inspiration!

  2. You have injected so much character & personality into your house right along WITH the light. I so admire your "taste".

    We have a similar arrangement here - husband does 85% or more of the work. I have an endless supply of ideas :)

  3. Very nice collection of antique windows here.

  4. These windows are beautiful. you have inspired me to finally paint a couple my old glass windows stored in the corn crib. I am even writing it on my calendar. 3 weeks from today! Really! I mean it.!
    Thanks for the inspiration and ideas.

  5. Lovely, lovely windows, Gina! Even though we make our own stained glass, we bought an old one at an antique store because we loved the wavy-textured glass. You have an amazing collection here.

  6. What a wonderful idea, Gina and the effect is truly lovely! My favourite is the upstairs/attic window, but I also love all the rest. They work well with your furnishings and interior and add something so special and unique, apart from the extra light. I so enjoyed the running commentary as well :)

    AND it's GOOD to have you back with us, Gina! Really, REALLY good!

    Des xoxo

  7. Hi Gina,
    How lucky to have soooo much stained glass in your home, and all old piecesas well....perfect! I am so jealous as it is incredibly hard to get hold of here now. And if you do, it's usually new stuff with colours that aren't quite so primary, if you know what I mean. I also like the way that you have painted some free hanging windows as well. Beautiful!

  8. Wow, you've got a great selection of beautiful stained glass windows. I like the large one...very pretty colors!

  9. I've just spent a little time on your blog; I came from Richard Christies, Framemaker. My condolences for your daughter; It's a pain that never goes away; just subsides enough to get on with living. Lost a 23 yr. old 10 years ago, so I'm empathetic. For me, it ultimately led to a renewal of faith, but that's a long story.

    Love your stained glass, specially the outside installation. I'll have to post some images on my blog of my small collection, and the hanging systom I use.




  10. I have a large, OLD window that came from an old church in south Florida. I plan to use it over our tub in the master bath. Why are the colors so much brighter on the back? It has 4 support bars across the back so I can't really turn in around...

  11. I've so enjoyed viewing all your fabulous work; I can see it's been a true labor of love.

    I read about your beautiful daughter Sarah and know that her incredible beauty inspires you in all you aspire to achieve.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  12. I’ve always wanted one in my house. Add a little whimsy to it, you know. ;D I’ve always thought they were nice to look at, especially when sunlight strikes the glass. Love it! :D Though, with or without light, it works great in establishing the house’s palette. Anyway, whoever’s idea it really is, I love that one in the attic. It provides such a nice view from the outside!


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