Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Walk AROUND my HOT Garden in South CAROLINA

Dog days of Summer are upon us here in South Carolina. 4th or 5th day ( can't think because of the heat ), of 100+ degree days. As you see, Miss Maxine has got the life here.
Ok, quick walk around, I did take these pictures at the end of last week I think.
My brain is fried from the heat and humidity.
Come with me...
My white crape myrtle, I planted this only 4 years ago.
See those pittosporums to the far left ? They are wayyyy too happy in my garden. I did not realize they will grow to the size of small trees. May need to be moved.

 Those plants to the upper right are calla lilies. I finally had one bloom this weekend. A pink one. I don't believe they like this heat. I adore calla lilies.

My happy salvia and my borrowed or found in my neighbor's yard orange cannas. Wish they were white, but can't help that my neighbor's only had orange to borrow. These are very happy in my garden. See that black tarp behind everything ? My husband and son camped out two nights back here in a tent last week, he is drying out the tarp to roll it up later.
I do not know if I had ever seen a happier 9 year old for two whole days and nights, camping out in the backyard with his dad was COOL !
Actually it was him, my husband and Maxine...they all camped out for two nights back here.
My dragonwing begonia , stuck it in the ground instead of pots this year.
Speedwell, Sunny Border Blue, is VERY happy here.

My heart in my garden. Very soon it will be covered with blue plumbago which is planted below it.

The sprinkler watering my favorite statue , makes Mrs. Sappy Romantic think of love every time I see it.

Caladiums are happy directly in front of my statue.

Daises are ready to bloom behind them, they actually have now.

I like how the crape myrtle forms an arch here. I always think if I had any of you in my garden...I would take you by the arm, drag you over to a vantage point, turn your shoulders and say, " Now look here. "
Over and over I would try to get you to see what I see.

My lambs ear I have had since the beginning of this garden. I love the look of old bricks against the greenery of plants, don't you ?

Back to my shade garden, forgot this shot of my watered leaf whatever- it- is I planted here that comes back every year. I'll go hunt down my plastic tag and figure it out.

Back view.

See Maxine in the distance to the left by her and my son's pool ? She is a true lab about water.

Enough of this hot Summer garden. Today is expected to be 100 plus degrees again.

I planted that crape myrtle behind Maxine 2 years ago. See how she is looking at her pool like she wants it to flip over and for water to magically appear in it ?

She'll get her wish later. She's mainly an indoor dog, so don't worry about her getting hot.
I spoil her most of the time...with  biscuits, long walks, lots of touches, and love...and a air-conditioned home for her 15 naps a day.
She has such a good life !

Have a great day today, be sure to look for ways, small ways...to bless someone today,

"Behold , the eyes of the LORD is upon them that fear Him, upon them that hope in his mercy..." Psalm 33:18


  1. So many plants growing in a shared space... and they seem to be enjoying themselves, so green and so colourful. ~bangchik

  2. How beautiful! It looks much cooler than 100 degrees! We've had lots of rain and things look lush here, too. But the heat and humidity discourage me from sitting outside and soaking in the beauty (not to mention pull weeds, etc.)

  3. I loved this tour of your lovely gardens. You have some wonderful bloomers and it looks like a peaceful place. Maxine definitely has it made being able to use a pool. Bless her doggie heart.

    Keep cool ~ FlowerLady

  4. That looks to me almost like a tropical garden, with some essential shade too. I guess some Mediterranean plants might grow well.

    You used the word 'happy' 5 times .. this plant is happy... that plant is happy.

    One of the keys to successful gardening is to grow plants that want to grow in your own local situation and climate.

    I try to grow cannas, but I can't honestly say that they are happy cannas.

  5. Bangchik- Thanks very much !

    Rebecca- Yes, I have been inside for the last few days too
    Flowerlady-Yes, Maxine is a blessed spaz of a lab.

    Robur-The cannas are probably throwing you off, not really a tropical garden. And yes, I was aware I used ( use ) happy too much about my plants. It is important to me ( mentally and emotionally ), that my plants appear ' happy ' where they are. Most likely a goofy deduction, but I am generally goofy when I'm not melancholy , in my own nature.

  6. I'm melting! what a heat. As I type this its 59 degrees here........ just nice for me. At least you have some airconditioning - when we get into the 80's in the house all the windows are open and the fans are on........ and 3.30 am bird song wakes us up.

    I love the vantage points in the garden Gina ....... - that white chair is becoming a favourite spot of mine too when I come over to visit - I love those caladiums at the back of them. Miss Maxine looks just adorable. :) Rosie

  7. Believe it or not Rosie, we did not turn on the air until it was 95 for a couple of days in succession. Just fans, a breeze from the back door. I like my house to wait until I'm about to die before I turn on the air. It's been on , and I thank God for having it ! Take care , Gina

  8. Your garden is absolutely beautiful, and it looks like it's holding up pretty well under the oppressive heat. The white crape myrtle is one of my favorites...I have several of them. I do love the color of lamb's ear and was able to fine one this spring. I'm looking forward to it multiplying, so I can plant it in more places. Thanks for the tour.

  9. WoW! What a tour Gina! Time well spent indeed, makes one wonder of the upcoming landscapes in the new heavens and new earth.

    Best and thanks for that,

  10. Gina, your garden is so lush and lovely now. I love the green bushes and pretty blooms. Maxine is indeed lucky.

  11. Gina,
    everything look so lush! I love the way the water glistens on the caladiums. I really miss reading all the blogs at lunch. Yours is the first I've read in weeks.-- Randy

  12. WoW that was fun! I love Calla Lilies too but have quit buying the little colored ones although I love them most of all I think. They don't come back at my place and I seem to fry them when I do try. ;-) I grew up with a dog that looked like Maxine. She kept us supplied with puppies too. Great dispositions!

  13. Lovely gardens and yard. Cool Dog. Callas prefer some shade and they do like to be watered...it's hot, hot, hot here too!

  14. wonderful photo of Maxine enjoying a dip! it did make me smile, Buster Boodle legs it down to the stream every morning for his daily plunge, like Maxine he is a crazy labrador who cant get enough of the wet stuff!

    Sarah x

  15. Thanks TJ, yes, heaven especially must have the most glorious gardens we could ever imagine ! You need to paint a garden painting...Mr. Paint- every -mountain -he -finds. Won't hold my breath though ! Thanks much.

    Hi Randy , Glad you stopped by, how is your garden ?

    Hi Raingardener, Yes, I am trying to keep my lilies alive if I can. Maxine is a big baby of a dog !

    Hi Darla, I thought my tag said part-sun for my calla lilies, but it is probably too hot for them, may move them ,thanks !

    Hi Sarah-Jane, I love shots of dogs in water too, neat you have a lab too.

  16. Hi Gina,

    Well, our weather is hot too, but very dry. Your garden is so beautiful with the extra humidity. At least both of us can admire our gardens from inside our air-conditioned homes ;-)

  17. Beautiful photographs! I love the artistry in your plantings and decoration - very inspirational!

  18. Yes Noelle, you would think that you would be sweltering in Arizona, but your garden looks great !

    Thanks Aagard Farms, very nice compliment , come back again.

  19. Gina, your garden is lovely. It is Art!

  20. It is hot, hot, hot here, too. Only bearable in the early morning. Love the photos of Maxine. Our sweet dog is a chow mix and doesn't handle the heat very well - and she isn't fond of the water. Her heat-coping method is to dig a big hole in the cool earth (regardless of what's planted there!) so we keep her inside most of the time in this weather. Everything looks lush and beautiful in your garden!

  21. As tired as you may be of your heat, I wish we could have some of it. It's still only in the low 60's and gray and rainy pretty much everyday.
    Your garden looks so good! Everything looks very lush, you'd never guess it was that hot by looking at your plants.

  22. Gina - You gardens are very dreamy, like right out of a novel. It was a treat to take the tour! Thanks for stopping by my blog (The Bunnies' Buffet) and leaving such kind feedback! -Shyrlene

  23. Gina
    Happy Belated Birthday in case you thought I didn't know. Your gardens are beautiful. Your dog in the pool reminds me of 30 summers ago when we had 2 weeks of 100 degree weather and unbelievable humidity in CT. I was 8 months pregnant and the only thing available was a kids pool like yours. Soooooooooo I jumped in or slid in! Well was I the sight! A beached whale was the phrase used. One has to do what one has to do to survive the heat. Have a great weekend. Meg

  24. Thanks Gloria, great encouragement to me !

    Thanks also Ginny ,very nice compliment.

    Hi Catherine, cannot believe such a temperature difference in the Summer.

    Shyrlene...Wow, very nice compliment, thanks so much.

    Yes Meg, I have also been VERY pregnant and in a kiddie pool , with two other kids , expecting back then my 3rd. Hot , hard to get in an out of a kiddie pool when you are that pregnant !

  25. I love the lushness of your garden. I lived in Charleston before my gardening days, but I know that if you don't garden there, nature will have a way of very quickly doing it for you. Maxine looks great in that pool.

  26. thanks for the compliment Les. You were one lucky-duck to have lived w/ Charleston as your surroundings before ! I'm a Charleston lover, Gina


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