Friday, August 26, 2011

The JOY of Watching my Son play BASEBALL

I think in life, we all have activities,  especially activities watching someone we love , be young, energetic....
and cool. That bring us joy. Our son is on some travel teams, not so much fun as it has been 100 degrees and 90 % humidity at these games, but I never, ever , tire of seeing him and his cute buddies in their uniforms go out there and play a game of baseball.
As anyone who goes to see these late Summer HOT as blazes games knows...we get to see our little loves bat...
Hit and run hopefully--strike outs are no fun to watch. I can barely follow the game anyway, I am not one of those professional crazed baseball moms who know every detail about baseball rules and such, , who get a bit vicious and dogged out there as well.  I am one of those mildly ditzy ( about baseball plus the heat makes me worse ), moms who just loves to see how cute my son is when he plays. I think I am few and far between as so many of the moms know what in the heck is going on all of the time out there. I just look out and see youth, wonderful youth...all over these baseball fields. 
I am old enough to know this time in their lives is fleeting, precious.
I like to watch him play first base best, plus he pitches well. Here is playing third base, not his favorite position to play and I usually can't see him as well here either.His buddy beside him has the same first name, so the coaches scream out their name and they always both turn around.
Still cute as a pickle. A 10 year old joy.
 He has a whippy side arm pitch, I couldn't capture it to save my life that day.
 My husband on the other hand, is a pacing, anxious, irritated or happy--depending on the game status---dad who when he looks out there, he sees an extension of himself. Most of the dads are like that . Their boys are themselves, but much younger,full of athletic promise and hope.
I have to calm him down, whenever he happens to get near me during these games, which is not much as he is a member of the pacing-anxious-dad's club.
This is where being a ditz at baseball pays off, I can relax more.
I am the water girl for my son, and my husband seems to be the ball boy for the team. He always gets balls that stray from other fields or our own game.
 I felt that way with my daughters ( about being anxious during plays, pageants, some sports they were in), but not my sons. I just think they're cute, and have enjoyed my oldest son's soccer games when he was young through high school, as much as my youngest son's baseball games now.
 Of course I like when he does something great, a big hit, a great catch, striking out batters...but I like this best of all....
A smile for his mom, lucky me.
Of course there always seems it be an injury, scraped leg, torn pants, scraped up arms...but in the end, when you get the team together for a picture...

You get a bunch of happy faces, lots of dirt and sweaty kids combined. My cutie patootie is back by one of the coaches near the tree.
I hope you all enjoy your children, whatever age they are. I hope you remember being young today.


  1. Oh, what a lovely post, Gina. Your little cutie is very cute! These pictures show how much he has grown in the last year since I started following your blog. I am so able to identify with you in that I was never one of those super competitive Moms who made their presence obvious and who constantly pushed and egged their kids on. My pleasure lay in thoroughly enjoying just watching my children do their best and knowing they were always the very best to me, no matter what.

  2. Your youngest is growing into a handsome young man. I'm amazed at the change in his pictures from a year or two ago.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  3. He is so adorable, Gina. The time with children goes by so quickly. My daughter is also 10...going on 16 ~ Yikes! It makes me sad to think that she could possibly be off to college in 8 years. Enjoy your little guy!

  4. That's a lovely post Gina. Your son looks so much like you. Although my eldest daughter Claire is in her twenties, married and with two kids of her own, I think I worry more about her now than ever before. As for Rebecca, she is fiercely independent, and both of them make me reflect on my own youth all the time. Thanks :-)

  5. How well you've captured the perspective of a "ditzy" (YOUR words) baseball mom - AND dad! It's been a long while since I sat and watched one of our children play - and we live too far away to watch our grandsons play...

    I, too, would live for that smile you got from him on the bench.

    He's obviously got some talent in the baseball department, Gina. Enjoy every hot minute of it!

  6. Great post Gina. Your post made me smile and think of those times when I watched my son play ball. Now he's going on 35. Ouch - where does the time go. I'm still smiling. Hope you are having a good day.

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