Saturday, September 24, 2011

More 1950's Vintage PORTRAIT Paintings & Antique Landscapes & What-Nots

Here is a gorgeous 1800's oil on canvas, romantic landscape of a woman in the woods, remembering love, that I have listed on Ebay.
Rich colors, expertly painted, highly detailed. It can be found here.

A pair of English Victorian landscapes, oil on canvas, late 1800's. They can be found here, when you find one, go through my store and you can find the other.
Unusual, rare large size Art Deco 1930's wedding portrait. She can be found here.
Let me show you some more vintage portraits...
1950's blonde beauty-SOLD.
1930's oil on artist board, actress Constance Bennett , this can be found here.

I bought all these together, I have sold the two on the sides already. Movie starlets from the 1930's.

1940-50's large Original oil on canvas Still life with Violin, books, masterfully painted. Look at how even the lace/crochet is painted with intricate detail.

 It can be found here.
Vintage 1950's oil on artist board of woman with cup of tea. This is on auction now.
Another 1950's oil of woman, Society lady with mink. She can be found here.
Small French tapestry done in the Art Nouveau style with Mary and Jesus, and angels. It can be found here.
Antique French gilt over bronze candle mirrored sconces. Great condition. They can  be found here.
1940's oil on canvas of attractive brunette , signed. She can be found here.
1950's oil of brunette, SOLD.
1960-70's original oil Impressionist style woman. She can be found here.
Super fun 1950's oil of woman in pink. SOLD. More portraits that ARE for sale still can be found here.
Antique, early 1900's Waterbury late metal clock with decorative woman and peacock. It can be found here.

Thanks again for letting me show you a few paintings, portraits, and what-nots I have found.
have a nice, peaceful evening,


  1. I especially love that first lady in the woods, it has a mysterious aura to it. You find many beautiful paintings, which must require much hunting on your part.

  2. I had a sudden, rather shocking realization. I was born in 1955, so by definition I am a vintage model. Thank you for sharing these lovely treasures. Your new header is beautiful, too.

  3. Wow, this is some collection here!


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