Sunday, August 4, 2013

Latest ANTIQUE Paintings for Sale & a Angel Sighting

Long time no blogging here. Many reasons, will not bore you all with them. I wanted to show you a few antique paintings I bought to re-sale this weekend, and then tell you of a angel sighting my son and I had later. the painting above is a 1860-70's oil on canvas of a wealthy Southern widow. Love her jewelry. It is mourning jewelry from back then. all of these can be found on my ebay site here.

Nice antique landscape of birch trees and pond, circa late 1800's in shabby gesso frame.

Very cool antique folk art handmade American picture frame with star corners.

Hauntingly beautiful oil on wood French portrait of young girl with long hair. The dealer I bought this from said it came out of a home in Charleston, SC. It was supposed to have been included in the estate sale he was organizing there, but it was left behind in closet, so lucky me. Now it is for sale on eBay here.

Great one of two vintage oils I bought of attractive black women, circa late 1940's Jazzy Big band.

The larger of the two black women portraits, circa late 1940's, Big Band hairdo, outfit.

Antique Oil on board of man in boat on river, gold gilt frame. I will be  listing this

Wonderful vintage oil of woman in soft pink dress and bonnet, circa 1940's time frame. She is listed on my etsy site here.

Now let me tell you what we saw/experienced at the antique show this weekend. My young son was with me, helping me and shopping a bit himself. I walked up to him after I had been paying for some artwork, and he had a small car in his hand. I asked him if he wanted to buy another car ? He says the man gave it to him. I fish around in my purse, looking for a dollar to give the dealer, as I turn around and look for him...I notice he is in a wheelchair.
He only has one leg.
He is overweight, and does not look in good health.
I offer him the dollar, handing it towards him.
He shakes his head , waves his hand no, and touches a button on his throat to speak. He raspily says ' No, he can have it, I have boxes of them."
I asked him if he was sure, he waves his hand again and tells me yes, and I smile at him, he smiles back.
I thank him, my son very quietly thanked him, and we walked off.
I told my son, " Can you believe that man, he has nothing much, missing a leg, can't speak without a special larynx box button, yet he was kind enough to give you something for free. Just for the pleasure of seeing you happy."
I then told my son, " Out of all the beautiful antiques and artwork we have seen out here, his actions, he himself was the most beautiful thing we experienced."
My son looks down walking, considering what I said.
I tell him ," He was like an angel."
Then we walk in another building and look for me more paintings.

My son and me outside of the famous Husk restaurant in Charleston, SC last month

He is my size now, we were eating lunch on a sweltering day in July at the famous Husk restaurant in Charleston in the above shot. Quick re-cap of what's what with me, my oldest daughter is having a baby this November( yeah!), and it is a very exciting time. Still working and selling online with my paintings and antiques, and also letting my hair grow in naturally, no more color. So a nice silver and dark brown showing up, seen a bit in the above shot. A big deal for a woman these days as women feel forced to color their hair until eternity in the hope of looking young forever. BTW-won't work. Now when I see women who color their hair that are my age, also  younger and older, the color always looks like it doesn't 'go' with their face( to me). The darker colors look too dark usually, the blonds looks too yellow. And now I notice the ' fake ' look to many colored hairdos. Though I realize it is too each person to decide whether they want to keep coloring or not. I decided to go against the flow of modern culture, and just be me. I hope I set an example for younger women( and my own age) I know, of allowing a woman to be attractive and gray/silver, and not try to look 25-35 forever. A losing battle from the get go.
I decided to get off that train( the hair color train), and be authentic , just as I am. It so far is not easy, but I am plugging away and not giving up.
So very slowly, ever soooooo sllllllooooowwwwly, you'll see me become a silver sista of sorts. Will be back with a garden entry next.

Many blessings,

Gray hair is a crown of splendor; it is attained in the way of righteousness. Proverbs 16:21


  1. First of all, hello!!! Nice to see you!

    Those are some amazing paintings. You know so much about antique paintings. I'd be completely lost trying to figure all that out. They are all lovely.

    An angel indeed. So awesome for your son to say that. He is becoming quite the young man.

    Good for you on the hair coloring cycle. Just chatting with my hubby about that as I've never colored my hair. Did some perming in the 'big hair' 80s era. Can't see myself on the constant touch up cycle though. Currently finding the occasional white strands. We'll see...

    1. You're pretty lucky to have only the occasional white strands Sherlock. Most women over 35 have 1/4 gray, and over 50 years old have 50 % or more gray( per the statistics). And yes My son is a handsome fella. Hope you are doing very well!

  2. You KNOW I've missed you! Go to my lifeandgodliness-rebecca.blogspot site and look at MY grey hair in the post I posted last night! I only colored it once - probably 20 years ago. I was so uncomfortable with the strangeness of it that I've never colored it since. You are beautiful, my friend.

    And how your son has grown! My goodness...

    I purchased a couple of portraits (man and wife) done probably 40-50 years ago & painted while they were in the Philippines and thought of you when I did so. I don't understand why he was selling them. The man said he was selling them "for the frames". The wife was his first one of three. Maybe that's why?????

    1. HI Rebecca! I will go read your post, and why don't you post the paintings so we all can see. Take care!

  3. I too have missed you very much. Your post was a delight!!

    Wonderful paintings. That first one is beautiful and my favorite. Beautifully done.

    I can't believe how your son has grown. I think he looks like Sarah. He's a handsome young man.

    I noticed the silver. The beginning of getting off the 'hair coloring train' is the hardest. My hair still has some brunette, but is mostly silver these days and has been for quite awhile. I am very comfortable with it now that there's no more un-natural coloring on it.

    Love and hugs to you dear Gina ~ I hope we will be seeing more posts from you, of your gardens, travels etc. Especially the little grandbaby coming your way.


    1. HI Lorraine ! Yes he does look like Sarah, as my oldest daughter does as well. The first months of this ' no-color' have been hard, and with me liking long hair it will be almost a 2 year ( yikes!) process. So far, almost 5 months. I like the first portrait the best too.Will check out everyone's blog again soon, you stay sweet, big hug & love as always.

  4. Its nice to be back in blog land for me Gina. I let my hair go gray about 5 years ago. I too was tired of trying to cover that gray halo around my face against my dark hair. It would be grown out in about 2 weeks and I just was tired of fighting it and I could not be happier. I love my gray hair and yes its long and always in a pony. GO GRAY HAIRS. Can't get over how your son has grown and a baby coming. What a wonderful blessing.

  5. Hi Joji! I still have the painting I bought from you on my walls. Love the redhead with the scripture verse the best. make more of those! I think us artsy-chicks always want that long hair ;). Take care!

  6. Hi Gina,

    Glad to see you back. My wife started graying in her late teens, never colored, though she did say one time she was thinking of being a red head for a while. (One of the reasons I was so attracted to her was the graying hair, on a very fit, thirty something woman.) Email me directly about the comment you left on my blog; rather not post that info on the web.


  7. Ah Gina, So good to see you again! I love the first painting, the folk art frame and the French lady! I believe you did meet an angel in the old man, and what a wonderful time spent with son. I really miss those shopping trips with my sons, long ago. About the gray, good for you! I came to terms with turning grey years ago when I stopped coloring my hair. I actually get excited to see the new strands of silver appearing around my face and blending in with the blonds and browns. I was gong to email you about a lady on you tube named Cindy Joseph, look her up! She is all about aging with grace and going grey... and she has some wonderful products which I use.

  8. Hi Jeri! You are an inspiration, love your hair , no matter what color. And yes I have seen Cindy Joseph( not thrilled she has hair extensions), but I like so much of what she has to say usually. take care!

    1. I didn't know she had hair extensions! But I know what you mean about some of the things she says... shes a bit "new agey" sometimes, and says silly things.

  9. I love the first landscape, and crikey, how your son has grown up! A nice picture of you both.

    1. Yes he has grown up, and won't stop! Every day we look each other in the eye, soon I will be looking up into his eyes and telling him what to do. Take care over there !

  10. Hi Gina. Glad to see you're back. Loved your story about the angel. There are many angels around us but sadly we're often too busy to notice them. A good experience for your son who by the way has shot up like a weed. Wow, I couldn't believe it was the same boy. I can't wait to see your hair when it's grown out. I started graying when I was 18. Colors it once in my early 40's and actually missed the gray so I never colored it again. Now in my mid 50's the front is completely white. There's still a little brown in the back. I love it! It's. so much more interesting than brown and I like going against the norm.

  11. Hi Susan! I know I have missed angels,and simply gifts from God through other people by rushing or being in a bad mood, or whatever before. Your hair looks great, you look blond to me in your picture. Thanks for the encouragement!

  12. Gina, so good to see you back again. I too believe you met an angel; what a wonderful blessing. I cannot believe how much your son has grown, my goodness, he must have shot up over a foot! It is weird to have to start looking up at them, I know the feeling all too well, lol.

    I'm 55 and dyed my hair a few times with a wash out coloring which was ok, but didn't look very natural. So now it does as it pleases and in the summer I have the bleached out blonde look going on. Sometimes I'm startled when I see pictures of myself, gosh, when did my hair get that light? Oh, well. Better than having roots, right?

  13. It has been such a long time since I've visited here. Your son has grown taller. Your art is as beautiful as ever. And your words still inspiring. What a sweet experience for your son. Welcome to the age of wisdom... I have never colored my hair, and never will. Content not to be held captive by my roots showing.

  14. Hi Gina~I just happened upon your blog in the middle of the night via Design Chic and was delighted to read it. I was so touched by the loss of your precious daughter. What a light she has. But as I read further about your graying hair...I was so inspired by your plan of action! I just turned 56 this summer and due to having a pool just this year have not colored my hair in a very very long time and it's turning the most soft color of gray. Your words were like a letter of confidence to myself..and then? at the end? where you signed your name? my name is Gina it was a very much aha moment for me...I look forward to reading your blog when you have time to write. Have a wonderful day! Gina

  15. I'm not sure you'll understand how good it was to see your post. We are going through some deep waters in our family and my heart is just filled with compassion and care for my friends - "real" and "facebook" - who I KNOW have navigated them for themselves.....

    Yes, you encountered an angel (as did we in the waiting room last week when a stranger came and prayed with us). And how your son has grown since the last time I "saw" him!!!!

    I colored my hair ONE time in 64 years :) I am in your "camp" when it comes to greying!

    As usual, your portraits are beautiful. Hauntingly beautiful, sometimes. I hope you'll post again soon.

  16. Hi Gina, sweet story of the man who had the joy to give your son a gift. Hey I do not color my hair either and now I know the Scripture to bless this. I always admire the paintings you find, especially the faces of the people in the portraits.

  17. Still waiting for that "garden entry" :)
    Meanswhile, I sent you a personal message on your Antique Art facebook page.
    Missing you. :)

  18. I miss your blog posts! I was gone for a long time too. How are you and how's your garden? I have a new URL so you can update your reading list and side bar. Stop by when you have a chance. Have a great weekend! :)


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