Saturday, January 12, 2013

Vintage Portrait Oil Paintings

Here are some recent vintage portrait paintings I have for sale. Circa 1930-70's time frame. The above are a set of hand-painted oils over photos, 1950's. They are being sold separately, and both have bids at present.

 Mr. Handsome cool guy was SOLD last week. Late 1930's.
 Retro 1980's small oil, will be put on my site soon.
Fab late 1930's oil of a too handsome man .

Beautiful nude 1940's portrait of confident nude blond woman.

Hobbyist oil portrait, late 1950's, of a woman with a sash on her dress.

Great vintage 1960's oil on board, Italian woman.

Wonderful Impressionist portrait of woman in white, circa 1940's.

 Another 1960's oil on board of woman in burgundy.
Witchy woman with cat, 1960's oil on board.

 1960's great Impressionist woman with large cross portrait.
 Retro , space age, futuristic vintage portrait of punk woman , circa 1960-80's time frame.
1960's hobbyist portrait of redhead, Impressionism oil on artist canvasboard.
Precious 1960's oil on canvas of brother and sister, looks like Dick and Jane from the primer books.

All and many more can be found here,  or here on etsy if they have not sold yet.
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  1. I kept thinking, oh this one is great, then this one, then this one. Each of these portraits has something to recommend it and your selection is wonderful.

  2. I SO admire your knowledge, your eye, your collection, your heart. These seem exceptional, to me.

  3. These are great Gina. I've got some myself in our collection, but they aren't for sale. We always enjoyed buying paintings, if the subject matter appealed and had some sort of merit.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  4. Came by to say hi. You find the best stuff. Hope you have great returns on them.


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