Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Black-RUDE-Berrys & Too Much CLEAVAGE

I'll begin this entry with a familar scene we are all encountering daily.

Let me take you with me to the post office last week. I go in with a giant box ( inside a beautiful antique still life), heading to Malta ( the box,  not me ), and I go stand in the obligatory long line at the main post office. I lean my box against the railing, smile in the direction of the man in front of me, and park myself there until I have to scoot up.
Above is what I see. He is engrossed in his device. Then a young woman walks up behind me, I say , hello...she acknowledges me, but quickly whips out her I-RUDE-phone and starts pressing buttons.
Pretty soon the line is about 20 + people long, and about 1/2 or more are dabbling with these devices.
I-am-a RUDE-pod
Our entire society is consumed by displaying either how busy they are, how popular they are by the messages they receive, or how much money they have by the price of their electronic devices. I am not Miss Chatty-Kathy out in public, but it has gotten almost rare to have somone acknowledge with a simple hello , or even a nod of the head , when we stand in lines, go out shopping, even walking the neighborhood I see people ,even mothers with strollers...checking their phones and texting !What about talking to your baby about the birds and the trees and the trash truck roaring by? I also am amazed how many parenst have these at the kid's baseball games. Checking whatever the heck is more important than their little Junior playing ball. Conversing with whomever is more important than the real flesh and blood person on both sides of them on the bleachers.
I used to have a Blackberry , I now just have a little regular phone. I do not chat on it in lines anywhere , I do not chat on it while a store clerk rings up something for me. I have considered getting another one for when I go out of town to be able to check my eBay site, but am considering the downside of the cost, and the temptation to spend too much time checking online.
I believe no one has a clue how much of a blessing they can be to someone standing in line next to them, not blah-blah on and on, but for Pete's sake people--we can at least put down, or leave in our purse or pocket, or holster, or car, our personal phones, blackberrys, smart phones, etc., and acknowledge someone's presence in this world !! on to too much cleavage. I bet you thought I was going to tell you a story about a woman with too much cleavage talking on a blackberry.
Wrong, but it has definitely been sighted by someone before I can wager that.
Real Housewifes of LA ' stars', all of these women are 40's-50's

Instead I want to rant a bit about another pervasive social sighting I keep encountering.
Women, young and old, showing WAYYYYY too much cleavage out in public. I am more upset with the older woman than the younger, but both sets need to stop allowing their  'assets' to take center stage in public. I am using the term assets very loosely here, but I have been seeing women in their late 30's-50's crowd , showing enough of their breasts that they look like hookers. I know that is harsh and mean to say, but seriously, there used to be a difference in the way women dressed. Prostitutes were known for  wearing very low-cut,very short dresses and very high heels attire. Unfortunately, that is how many young women ( and older women ), dress today to go on a regular date or to a special occasion and sometimes church . A group of beautiful women, heading out the door dressed to be very 
 hot-sexy ', and not really revealing how beautiful they are at all.
I used to fuss , many times, at my youngest daughter to dress showing less cleavage, not such super short skirts. She used to say that is what is in style.
I tried to explain to her that revealing what she and her friends like to reveal so much only attracts men who want one thing. 
And you men know that...but it is now accepted by men that their daughter's ,  daughter's friends, or wives, dress like this and it appears to amuse and even tittilate many of you.
Protectors of women are few and far between these days.You need to put your foot down and say ' Hold on , what are you wearing, or not wearing  , out the door today ?" Parents need to express their disapproval , but I find many parents just accept this.  I know it is very hard to do this, all the girls want to be so darned sexy all the time.

Almost through with this rant, so bear with me.
Getting to the older woman that reveal too much, I also don't want to hear the excuse that you are just big-busted and you can't find clothes that cover you up completely.

I saw a beautiful woman, early 40's the other day at the the UPS shipping store, push-up bra, low -cut camisole shirt, leaning over filling out forms...showing any and all men , and women around her everything she wanted to show. I think most of us know that if a woman dresses like this, she wants tons of attention.
And men gladly give it to her, which in turn makes her do it more. I wanted to walk up to her and say, " Do you know you are so gorgeous, but revealing 3/4ths of your bust to all of us , and the entire world, makes you less attractive ? "

Women, mothers , need to set an example and not dress like you are 25 out looking for a man in a bar ( if you are reading this and your are 25 and about to go out to a bar dressed like that, since I am Mom I would love to stop you ). Gee-whiz women , we need to show some difference in what the world is displaying as beautiful, the porn-star/LA -too-much-cleavage-wives/streetwalker look , and dress with a semblence of class. We need to treasure ourselves.
I always told my daughter Sarah, if you are big-busted, you can tell in anything you wear, like a man who is well-built and muscular. You can tell it in anything he wears usually. You don't need to hike it up ( I say that as my 25 year old son heard me ranting about this one day and he told me ALL young women wear padded-push-up bras these days to try to look as busty as possible), and put them out for the world to see all the time. 
Whew, I'm exhausted from all this fussing at cleavage.

I think what is so attractive is a man that is NOT carrying a blackberry everywhere and a woman who is dressed with some modesty , not frumpy/fuddy-duddy...just leaving parts of her body covered to show she respects herself , and respects people around her.

Be blessing out there , with your presence ( and put down your electronic device and get a higher cut blouse ) ,