Friday, September 18, 2009

Statues and Fountains in Historic Charleston, South Carolina

In this guide I'll show you some really great old statues and fountains I photographed one very hot day in Charleston, South Carolina. I mention that it is hot here in the Summer, because if you come from anywhere else in the country or the world to visit between the months of May thru September, you will need to wear shorts, tennis shoes , stick your hair up or wear a sun hat or cap...because the extreme humidity of the Deep South can overwhelm someone not used to it. Here I am to the far left, about to start at St. Philip's church again. I did almost write this about the gravestones and headstones of the graveyards here...but when I went into St. Philip's adjoining cemetery here, right inside these large gates...I got so sad reading the markers explaining that a wife died in childbirth...leaving 7 children and a husband...or one of a 12 year old boy who drowned while swimming...a young girl of 3...and more. They often write the reason someone died on the markers, so it can be very sad. Especially if you have lost someone you really loved. So...I left there in search of statues and bubbling fountains to cheer myself up.
Ok...I forgot that I took this picture of a beautiful carved memorial in St. Philip's opposite graveyard ( there is one on both sides of the church and on the opposite side of the street)...intricate carved detail in the marble and I absolutely did NOT read how this person died or who it is for.

I found this large bronze statue of nudes, in a large round pool of water,  in a downtown neighborhood while I was meandering through...I cannot recall what street it was on because I believe I was lost...but always fun to get lost in a neighborhood of gorgeous gardens. I always find my way back , sooner or later.

I love this little guy, I see him on all my trips, lots of pools or enclosures of water, usually round , but sometimes rectangular like this one. Almost always encircled by clipped holly bushes.


Here was a large bronze tiered fountain , inside a round pool of water, simply made of concrete. This was a very elaborate fountain, hard to take a photo of as I had to try to get it through heavy wrought iron fencing.


Here is a large antique birdbath that they have put a potted fern on top of an have impatiens planted all around. This statue stood about 4 feet tall, I have seen many copied of this, but this was an old original.

 This was in a large garden at the  Nathaniel Russell house, this is one of a pair of old antique statues at the front of the garden.

A dolphin birdbath/fountain with a wonderful circular patterned brickwork surround.


Here was a statue at the very back of a bed and breakfast on the Battery...tucked away in a alcove.


This birdbath with a statue was also in the same bed and Breakfast on the Battery, this one was near a seating area to sit and enjoy breakfast or a meal outside.

Very common to see the statue and fountains though the wrought iron fencing.


 Beautiful large fountain inside small pool of water, right off the Battery.

         I recall taking this photo , as the first time I went by this large garden off of Broad street, the fountain was not on...and then when I passed by later it was. I walked into a large open garden...believing it was a bed and breakfast...but when I started taking pictures of the yard and fountain...a man walked out on the steps...looked at me and smiled...and I smiled back because he was a priest , with his spiffy black suit on and his white collar, below that smile.  Later I discovered I was on the front lawn of an adjoining churches offices.  

                 Here you see the fountain enclosed in a angular larger pool of water, all surrounded by brick walkways...sort of a larger knot garden.

Here is one of those larger pools of water with a beautiful fountain spraying in equal directions.  You also can see that the homeowners are ' sharing ' their garden with passerbys. They have the fountain framed perfectly from the sidewalk for us.

Again, a very large basin or pool of water with a middle fountain in a very large garden downtown.

Such a pretty fountain inside a octagonal pool of water, was bronze with cherubs.

This was a very large three tired fountain with the fish base in the typical round pool.

This was a gorgeous tiered fountain, hidden inside a narrow Charleston garden. Lots of these are painted black, instead of let the typical concrete that we see.

Original old four seasons staue, about 2 1/2 feet tall..I believe this is Summer. I took all of these at the Nathaniel Russell house off Meeting St. Open to the Public.

Here was Winter.

 I think this was Spring, may be summer I get them confused. I did not take a picture of Fall as the poor little guy had no head..appropriate I suppose.

Large bronze statue, the most glorious in Charleston at the S. Battery garden . I have a larger picture of this garden in another guide , check it out.
Here is a view of the Calhoun mansion, in the back. I am doing another guide of just this garden area. this fountain was the largest I saw at a home...approx. 15 feet tall.

Here is a view of another tiered fountain . I will be writing more of these glimpses of Charleston, SC to give you some garden inspirations.
" He who believes in ME, as the scripture has said, out if his heart will flow rivers of living water. " John 7:38ho

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