Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Antique Wrought Iron Gates of Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina has such gorgeous antique wrought ironwork...the entire city is chock full of antique wrought accents this historic city perfectly. When I go walking around the city with my camera, I see so many wrought iron gates, accent pieces over grates and openings in old homes.  I went there on Tuesday of this week, and walked for hours taking pictures of ironwork, gates, doors, fences, homes, and antique hardware. It is kind of funny when the Charlestonians see me take pictures, as most tourists take the typical pics...but I try to find the unusual elements in the architecture as I get some funny looks when I take doorknocker and mailbox , etc. photos. Taking these pictures has led me to trip many times ..and you can only understand that if you have been to Charleston and NO street or sidewalk is remotely level. I have also run backwards into trees, cars ( parked), a mailman ,( he was very nice about it ), and other tourists...taking shots of all of these interesting sights. Let's show you some wrought iron now...


A decorative window grate here.

Gosh , I loved this strip of fencing. If I could have ripped it out and secretly carried it home to encircle my garden ...just a thought....these are all original , HEAVY,cast iron fencing.

This is a close-up of a flower basket with roses that was on the top of both sides of a large swinging gate.

Here again is a charming view of a iron gate with overgrown ivy above. In Charleston, many owners always have a ' see-thru' to share their gardens with us. Yeah !

Here again is a typical large, double wrought iron gate...leading into a yard.

This home had wrought iron all over it..had a sort of New Orleans look to it...but Charleston was around about 35 years before New Orleans.


Here is a close-up of this beautiful handiwork. Wish I could see the inside.


Beautiful swirly entarnce gate.


A really cool, lower wrought iron grate at the bottom of a home.

Close-up of heavy iron gate...looks like a Texas Lone Star symbol.
Here is the entire double gate, leading into a residence.
Here is a double wrought iron gate , covering a churches' steps.

Another wrought iron gate with a cool arrow motif.


Here is a neat intricate gate that was near to the Battery...I believe it was on S. Battery street.


Again, a heavy Victorian iron gate and fencing surrounding a home.

More sights later,

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  1. Good morning, Gina -
    What a delightful site! I googled for fence ideas of Charleston style and came across your site. Such inspriration although as I reviewed your site, I lost view of what I was looking for...I feel like I've stepped through one of the gates and into another world. I lived in Charleston as a child - wonderful pictures.
    Also, I am saddened with the burden you've endured through the lose of your daughter - my brother was also recently in an accident and words are not there to describe the feelings. He was 4th year student at MUSC - bittersweet memories.
    Have a wonderful day - I'll visit your site often.

  2. Oh, Gina! I couldn't suppress a chuckle at the thought of you tripping and running backwards into trees and mail men :) That's dedication in it's purest form!

    I can only imagine what gates and fences such as these beauties would cost today! And the gardens behind gorgeous! No wonder it's your favourite place to visit!

  3. I'm told that most of the decorative wrought ironwork in Charleston was manufactured in the Philadelphia are. True??

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