Sunday, October 3, 2010

R. ATKINSON Fox Original Prints at My Home-Part 3

Here is my final glimpse of my Art Deco garden prints I have at home. Will try to be brief and let you just enjoy the pictures.
here goes:
Here is a wall in our bedroom, and it is very pleasant to wake up and look at all the gardens, you can also see reflected the stained glass window on the opposite wall.

I loved the blue painted inner molding here.

I also buy any that have the arches ( arbors ), covered with roses. Arbors and fountains ...get me to buy.

 Most of these are R. Atkinson Fox originals, no repro prints for me.

I suppose most of these are very feminine prints.

I think this is Nature's Retreat by Fox. Found this one on the floor of an antique shop while I was looking for art to sell. Never know what you may find in antique shops. I went home with no paintings to sell, but this beautiful print in excellent condition for me .

 Lookee at all the hollyhocks and foxgloves.

I almost did not buy this one because of the blue frame , but I like it fine now...sometimes things need to grow on you.

Another nice find. 

 Again, in time, someone painted the frame silver here. 
I had this one in my kitchen for years, then brought it upstairs. Fox again.
I buy many that are smaller versions or even original ' cut-downs' of the prints back in the 1920-30's time period.

Copy-cat print , these are never as beautiful as the real Fox or other Art Deco artists, but I buy them too.

I also have some original oil painting where the artist copied a Fox print on canvas , and they are hard to find, at least in the USA. I buy these when I can, but the prices have been increasing steadily for them.

I hope you enjoyed my Deco prints, I love to see different people's artwork they have at home. 

have a peaceful, restful evening,


  1. Gina, you have lovely taste in paintings and have a wonderful collection. Thank you for sharing, my brave and beautiful bloggy friend.

  2. Hi Gina,
    Wow, you have so many paintings in your house, and wonderful that they are all mostly originals, it must have taken ages to collect that many, particularly of the same artist. I particularly like the one of the stone steps leading up onto the small terrace, although the silver frame would have to go and be replaced with a black one.

  3. Dear Gina ~ You have a wonderful collection of garden prints. I can see why you began collecting them. They certainly do put you into a peaceful frame of mind and they are all lovely.

    You've made me want to do a posting about the different artwork we have collected through the years.

    All of your garden art inspires me to keep working in my own gardens.

    Have a lovely day and week dear Gina.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Gina I truly enjoyed the tour of your collection.
    I think the beauty in them surely speaks to the beauty that you emit.

  5. Geez, The computer just ate my comment, I will try again. Firstly,Gina, you are STILL the Queen of the bricklayers!
    I love old prints like these. I have been collecting antique framed prints of idyllic country scenes for a few years. Last week I found a large framed piece dated 1879, J. Latham Publishing that suits that theme. I paid $45 for it, I think I got a good deal, but am not an expert on these.
    Love seeing the old art on your walls.
    Thank you for the birthday greets, Aging Rapunzel

  6. Beautiful paintings Gina and what an enormous collection. I can see why you like them. Landscapes and florals are my favorite. Don't you wish you could step back in time in one of those paintings. Hang in there sweetie.

  7. Gina,
    My favorite paintings, the ones I'm most drawn to, are "escapes". They are places I'd like to be, or have paths I'd like to travel down. Like escaping in a good book, I can escape into a painting. I know it probably sounds silly to you. These are wonderful to me for that reason. I just want to be there for a time.

    Thanks for sharing,
    Terri : )

  8. Lovely collection of rare Fox gardens, some of which I've never even seen offered for sale. 'Wayside House' would look good in your collection! Thanks JAD

  9. hi I have a Natures C--- missing (Waldorf ---
    veneered back broken string solid wood frame at the bottom reads John DRESCHEE CO.INC.N.Y

    From Andrew Harding Devon UK

  10. Gina,as a collector of Fox prints and some other similar prints,I enjoyed seeing your collection and hearing your comments. As my collection has grown, I find myself putting a print or two in the bathrooms too! It seems that once you go past fifty prints,the average home runs out of wall space.Maybe we need a museum. Thany-you, Mike Mausley Myrtle Beach,S.C.

  11. Gina,as a collector of Fox prints and other similar prints, I enjoyed seeing your collection. I too have put a print or two in the bathrooms! When you go past fifty prints the average home runs out of wall space. I can tell that these Fox prints tug at your heart strings.I think what we may need is a museum. Thank-you,Mike Mausley, Myrtle Beach ,S.C.

  12. Hi Gina, I was looking up Robert Atkinson Fox because I inherited one of his Garden paints. Not knowing who he is. I have enjoyed his painting for 8yr. now. I am happy to know that there are more. I may want to sell this one if you are interested.

    Lita Jane Tunnicliff

  13. Dear Gina, Just found you today as I was looking for garden gates. I just spent a very long time going through all the pages on your site. I feel as though I know you now. How strange isn't it? You are such a very special person. I know that I could never get through all that you have, even though I love the Lord so much. I know it must be His Grace. Walking through your beautiful garden, I felt as though I was back in Giverney, at Monet's home, probably one of my most favorite places in the world. You brought it back to life for me and I thank you.

  14. I have three wonderful paintings, of R.Atkinson Fox. I thought maybe you might be interested ,since they are so rare.I saw your wonderful paintings by,Fox. God, truly was with him in these beautiful garden paintings. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you,Madonna

  15. hi I found one of the paintings that you have on you wall and was like to know the value of it .It is the one with hollyhocks and foxgloves .And it apears to be quite old the paper is yellowed and the frame I haven`t seen one like it before. The frame is made like your copy cat print .I would like for you to comment on this. Thanks Theresa

  16. Love....I just listed a beauty on etsy. It is so beautiful Called " Spirit of Youth".

    Thanks for sharing your collection with us!


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