Saturday, September 12, 2009

Antique Mailboxes & Doorknockers in Charleston, SC

This is outside of St. Philip's church in Charleston, SC last year. The ironwork around this church is amazing. I start all my treks through Charleston down Church St. In this blog I will show you some photos of antique mailboxes and doorknockers on Charleston homes in the historic areas between the Market and the Battery. Here we go..

Here is a mailbox that I saw on only a few houses, this is an original old cast iron mailbox, large too. To take this photo I was so tempted to push the letter the mailman had just delivered down into the you wouldn't see the edge of it in the photo. Considered it may be a federal crime to touch someone's left it. Probably considered it too long.


Here was an original old copper mailbox, again a larger one, I saw this one on only a few houses as well. I do know they make repro mailboxes similar to this.

This was unusual to me, an antique copper water spout...not ugly metal like we all have at our homes.


Cute fox doorknocker


Heavy handle brass doorknocker


The sun caught the shine and gave it right back to my camera...the knocker was not this shiny.


Cast iron horse and horse shoe knocker.


Here was the most common doorknocker, the lion. Most of these are not polished..have a beautiful aged patina.


Another brass handle doorknocker


I discovered this brass knocker of a man and handle on a run down house, with gorgeous wrought iron rails...and beat up wood. There are only a few homes in the historic areas that are run down, appear to be rental homes, this one was for sale. Looked at it, looked at how much work it would take ...and figured I don't have about 3 million to invest ( property alone is close to 1 million ).


One of those hard shots to take...I had to shoot this cool knocker of keys and a keyhole through a glass storm door. There are almost no storm doors on homes here , but the doorknocker was really interesting.


This was a odd gargoyle or something , brass and unpolished knocker.
They do have some doors painted in rich colors here, this was a deep peach color..another brass handle knocker.


This was a small brass eagle knocker on Church St.


Really great large lion's head brass , unpolished , knocker

Again, a brass lion's head with a ring through his mouth

This was a very large brass eagle off a home on The Battery overlooking White Point park.


Simple round handled knocker again


My favorite old knocker , Victorian original, of a woman's hand. I have seen these as curtain tiebacks as well.


Wonderful large antique Art Nouveau knocker of a woman's head and handle.

Hope you enjoyed looking at these, keep a watch on my blogs...I have many more of Charleston, SC to do.
" Ask and it will be given to you,seek , and you will find:knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks , it will be opened. "  Matthew 7:7-8


  1. If I had my own website I would want it to be just like yours. With the mixture of antiques and all the life lessons and psalms out of the bible and all my favorite ones that I have read. And the beautiful pictures of the flowers and gardens. Beautiful combination! A+

  2. I love that you begin at St. Philip's. My sister married there 24 years ago and it is a special place to me; I love seeing it!! I really enjoy your Charleston tours. Such a beautiful city and you focus on the things that make Charleston so special. :-)

  3. Your site was one of the first I stumbled across when I began 'researching' blogging and it made a lasting impression on me. When I started my own blog a few months later, you were my very first follower. That was so special to me. I have almost been blogging for 6 months now and I've been amazed at how many wonderful people blog and how much talent and creativity there is 'out there'!

    I am unlikely to ever visit Charleston and seeing all the beauty through your lens is so lovely. Thank you, Gina!


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