Saturday, March 12, 2011

VINTAGE Portraits For SALE or SOLD 1930-70's Time Frame

I have always enjoyed finding vintage portraits to sell , and sometimes to keep. I am going to show you a few I have sold , and mix them with some that I have for sale on my eBay site here.

Here we go...
This guy , 1940's redheaded man was one of the very best art deco portraits I have sold. Yep, he is already SOLD.

Retro , circa 1970's Impressionist oil of woman. On sale now, she does have a bid though. Oil on masonite panel.

1970's geisha , Oriental portrait. SOLD.

1940's Icy cool blonde oil on canvas portrait..SOLD.

Spicy , Impressionist style late 1950's Latino woman portrait...SOLD.

Gorgeous , large 1960's oil on velvet nude portrait...SOLD.

Awesome large oil on canvas by listed French artist, SOLD to collector in France. My favorite painting.

1950's pastel portrait woman for sale.

1940-50's oil on canvas board of blue-eyed man. For sale.

Pouty 1930's oil on Masonite vintage woman portrait, for sale

1940's oil on canvas  , portrait of redheaded woman,by listed artist Lorenz Griffith..for sale.

1940's oil on artist board, flashy cowboy..SOLD.

1950's brunette woman portrait in large straw hat oil on canvas..for SALE.

1940's Spanish women oil on canvas..SOLD.

Young island woman circa 1958 ...for SALE.

Two vintage portraits, island women...the half-nude is very large oil on board 1940's time frame. For SALE.

Awesome 1940's gray-haired lovely woman, oil on canvas...SOLD.

1950's oil on canvas, nude , SOLD.
1960-70's oil on canvas, Italian woman half-nude with very long brown hair..For SALE.

Handsome art Deco 1950's man, SOLD.

1940-50's Expressionism, Impressionist oil on board man portrait..for SALE.

1960-70's woman portrait, oil on canvas..For SALE soon.

1940's oil on heavy Masonite vintage woman's portrait for sale.

Italian Gypsy 1950-60's large woman's portrait for sale.

I used to have an entire wall in my house with portraits of red-haired, really auburn haired , women. From the late 1800's to the 1950's time frame. Since I like them so much personally, vintage portraits, they are fun to buy and sell. If they don't sell, I get to enjoy them on my walls. If your house is decorated in a certain time frame, 1930's-40's , 50's , 60's, etc. Then you can buy portraits from that time frame and decorate with them. Most portrait collectors either collect men's or women's portraits. A few collect both. 
Victorian, Art Deco, Retro, Modern...all look really cool with original art from their time periods.

If you have any original vintage or antique paintings ( NOT PRINTS ), that are portraits, and would like to sell them possibly, email me here. I am not really wanting to give appraisals for your artwork, as I am not an art appraiser, so please no emails like that.  I would  consider if you may want to sell a vintage portrait. Remember, I cannot give you what I sell it for, as I am looking to resale it. 

All of my art that is for sale can be found here.

I hope you enjoyed some of these paintings, and I hope your Spring is bright,


  1. What a fun and beuatiful collection. I especialy love the geisha.

  2. Super to see you posting again, Gina and 'losing yourself' in your lovely artworks! I wish you everything of the best as you 'grow' your online business. Your passion comes through strongly and that is surely fundamental to being successful at what you do in life ;)

    Take care!


    Des xo

  3. Always a pleasure to see you post Gina. I have an old portrait of my mom that my dad had done in Italy that I treasure. I also have some old frames I keep thinking I will do something with.

  4. Thanks for posting Gina. I'm glad to know someone who loves art, I'm an art lover myself! Vintage is wonderful. I hope you're having a great week and happy spring!

    By the way...

    I would like to remind everyone, tomorrow is the last day for certified organic seeds veggies and flower giveaway. I encourage you to enter. Good luck! Visit my blog and tell everyone about the contest

  5. I think every one that I would like to have owned were already sold! I like the one you said was YOUR favorite....also the blond...well, really - most all of them. What an amazing collection passes through your hands, Gina!

  6. Gina ~ What a wonderful selection of portraits. My favorite is the first one of the red-haired woman in the green top with that lovely necklace. I'd say you have a wonderful eye and have done well with selling portraits.

    Have a lovely weekend dear Gina.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. Gina, I love your taste in portraits. With quite a few of them, I am drawn to know the story of the person in the portrait. You are a bright spirit and I am glad to see you posting.

  8. Hi Gina, I have some bad news to tell you: Hungry Neck Antique Mall closed a few months ago. :(. Sold out to Trader Joes. ick. I did check there many a time though, and nothing really worked for me. Too asian mostly I think. A fountain might work except I have no electricity on the outside of my house and definitely not in the back part of the garden, so I'm going statue!
    Anyhow, I agree with you on the concrete, I'm not a fan of the resin myself. The search goes on!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, and I hope you are doing okay.

  9. Very nice portraits! My mother has and old portrait done in Germany. It has an ethereal quality about these do.

  10. Gina I really hope you have the time to read this, because i have a portrait of a women on her lates 60th's and I tried real hard to find out who she is and who is the artist, I had been looking for some information in the internet and found nothing. Do you think y'll can give me a tip the artist signature is not readeable.. Thank you for your time

  11. Hi Gina. In all your wonderful paintings i have not seen anything by Suzzane Hurel.. She was a french artist. Her paintings were of women doing domestic work.. if you have any of her things i would love to see them. She was born in 1874 died in 1976..

  12. I have a painting VERY similar in style and color tones as your Italian Gypsy 1950-60's large woman's portrait~ Did you happen to know the artist of the one you own? Thank you!

    1. No, I am sorry, do not know the artist and sold that one over a year or so ago.


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