Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More VINTAGE Portrait Paintings I Found

For SALE, 1950's Young Lady Portrait

I have found more vintage original oil paintings/portraits for sale lately. They are one of my very favorite types of art to find and sell. I will show you some I have for sale, and some that are sold , and all of the ones that are FOR SALE, can be found HERE.
I'll just let the pictures do most of the talking . You can imagine who these people were, what they did, who they were important to.
For SALE, 1950's oil of woman in Blue Dress & Pearls in Original Frame

 Close-ups, a very soft woman portrait
For SALE, late 1940-50's oil of woman
 Prim and proper
For SALE, 1940's oil on canvas of woman in Red Dress, Great art Deco look to this one.
For SALE, 1970-80's oil on board of woman in purple

For SALE, 1960's Woman in Red Dress 
( I want to wear this dress somewhere ! )

For SALE, 1937 Oil on cardboard of Woman
She looks spunky , doesn't she ?

For SALE, a handsome man portrait , 1940-50's
For SALE, soon, 1952 pastel of Woman

For SALE, soon, 1960's oil on canvas, woman reading
For SALE, soon, , 1950-60's oil on cardboard Impressionist of woman

Possibly for SALE soon, large 1940's Spanish woman, in as is condition.

This large oil  has numerous repairs, and craquelure to paint, but she is stunning. She is on my wall right now, unsure if I will try to sell her. That happens to me every now and then with a piece of art. This one has a ' feeling ' about it that matches my heart right now.
It is an advantage with art, I can hang on my walls, what is not selling at the moment.
SOLD, a 1960's iconic beautiful blond woman

I hope you enjoyed looking at these. I will have some garden pictures again here on my blog. Spring is happening fast and furious now. New growth, beauty, it is showing up all over the place.  I really am not ready for it at all inside.

Hope your day is good, tell your children , of all ages, that you love them today, smile at them with your eyes,


  1. You have no idea how seeing a new post from you has 'made my heart sing!'

    I've missed you and although I'm fully cognizant of why, it still remains a fact :) So...WELCOME BACK TODAY!!!

    That first painting is gorgeous...she is my favourite from today's selection. You've been busy scouring those antique fairs...I hope you had fun!

    I'm really looking forward to visiting you in your garden again...soon...when you feel ready! I'm keen to see all the changes and new growth after the long winter months!

    I hope you are keeping well, Gina and that life is treating you and your precious family, kindly! I hope your Dad is doing a lot better than he was when we'd last heard. And, please give your adorable Lab a pat..I've missed her, too!



  2. These are all lovely Gina, I especially like the last one, must be the flowers in the hat.

  3. Dear Gina ~ How wonderful to see you posting again. I was just thinking how I miss your garden posts. Let God's love and healing surround you and flow through you in your gardens budding with their new growth of spring.

    My favorite of these paintings is the Spanish Lady. There is just something about this painting that speaks to my heart.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  4. Where DO you find these all? Since you've heightened my awareness to portraits, I've tried to find some, but don't see very many in the shops I stumble on...

    My favorite is the one you identified as "deco". I even like the chair she's sitting on!

    I see why you like the Spanish lady, too....

  5. Gina, you certainly do have an eye for nice paintings. Do you sell a lot of them? Nice to see you back in the land of blog again...take care.

  6. Thinking of you and your family and hope you're all safe and sound during these dreadful storms and washaways.

    Big hug,
    Des xoxo

  7. Missing you, Gina. Praying that all is well & God's peace surrounds you and surprises you as your yard and garden assume their spring-time beauty.

  8. Mrs. Gina,

    My name is Raymond Cowden and I have some paintings that I am trying to get information on. If you would like to see a few of them send me an email: and I will attach some pics of them. One is by a R. Wilson, Michel Jenkins, Claude Rishell and many others. I have found many artist who go by that name R. Wilson, but can't find the artist first name. If you can help me any I would appreciate it.

    By the way, you do have a beautiful family, especially your Father God. He is awesome.

    Thanks for your time,


  9. HI Gina, I enjoy looking at your site and your portraits, frames and antique items. I like the way you photograph them. This is the first time I have actually seen a picture of your garden. Of course it is beautiful....just like your Ebay name.

    I have a painting that I've been researching that looks similar to the style of your newly posted lady sitting in the chair. So much of it reminds me of this painting that I have by J. Caggland (I think that is the name on the canvas but I cannot find any information on that Artists name). the painting is is the frame and the backing. It is a picture of a young woman in a white dress with pink sash who is looking into a small hand mirror. I think of it as the very first 'selfie'. LOL. I will try to send you a picture of it when I figure out how to post it in a message to you. Thanks for your inspiration. I'm still fairly new at selling on Ebay and I enjoy thinking of you as my 'mentor'.
    Phyllis (Francescasfabulousfinds)


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