Sunday, February 3, 2013

SECRET Garden Romantic Trip for Me~Small dream came true

Dock Street Theatre

I had a very romantic jaunt with my husband to my favorite city, Charleston, SC yesterday.It was romantic because we never, almost NEVER, go any where just by ourselves(not that I didn't miss our youngest son very much ). I had heard that a Secret Garden was being played at Dock Street Theatre,so for about 7 months..I have been pining to go. Then I bought us some tickets a few months ago, and we went yesterday, also antiquing a bit beforehand, and stayed at our favorite hotel, The Indigo Inn. That is us below, at St. Philips Church gate, ( running to the play), taken by a sweet passer-by who volunteered.

I have taken so many pictures at this gate, for so many years.Many of me and many of our children have been taken at this gate. We rushed off to the afternoon play...
I was very happy, as what can be more appropriate than seeing A Secret Garden, in the city of the most beautiful gardens in the country?

We had some balcony seats I picked out, but they were really too tight a fit, you couldn't stretch your legs out at all, so next time, we will get a larger area. I spotted the seats I wanted for next time around. It is a small theatre, which I liked, and the production was well done and just wonderful. We left there and headed back to the hotel for wine and dips and fruits and cheeses, and then out for a dinner at Mercato with live jazz music playing.
It was a chilly night, but nice. We walked everywhere we went.
 It is funny in life, how we all have little dreams and one of mine had been to finally go to a presentation here. Last time Sarah went with me to Charleston, I told her I would  bring her here for a play and dinner, but the time never came.
But I did get to go with my husband, and he enjoyed it very much too.
Back at the hotel, this fountain was directly outside our room, and I heard trickling water all night. You can see that people throw coins in to make wishes. My wish came true this weekend.
I bet yours will too.
take care,

P.S. I took some pics of Charleston in February, and I will add them in a few days.


  1. Dear Gina ~ I am so glad your dream came true and that it happened with your husband. Great photo of you both. It sounds like you had a lovely time in Charleston. Hurray for you.


  2. Sounds wonderful. So glad you two had a great get away. You have access to the most charming, beautiful places.

  3. This minivacation sounds ideal, the play, the fountain, the hotel. A pre-Valentine Valentines treat.

  4. Hi Gina,
    That sounds like such a wonderful thing to have done. I read The Secret Garden many years ago, and a lovely story that must have been amazing to see on stage in such a beautiful little theatre. In this day and age they are becoming quite a rarety, losing out to those horrible multiplex cinemas. You two look very relaxed and happy by the gate, and no wonder. What you have shown us of Charleston so far has put in on my visiting wish list should I ever be lucky enough to come to the states. Take care.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Charleston is such a beautiful city.

  6. What a dream - and I loved the picture of you and your husband...
    I'll look forward to more pictures of lovely Charleston.


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