Wednesday, February 6, 2013

CHARLESTON , SC on a cool morning in February 2013

Here are a few pictures of a morning walk in downtown Charleston, SC on a cool February Sunday morning last week. Even with it being so cool, flowers are in many of the planters and window boxes on my way, oh ! and also I passed the carriage tours getting ready for a morning ride...
Here are some of the flowers along the way..
Our native pine cones were used to decorate the tops of the planters.
Instead of mulch, they added pine cones at the base of the plants.
 A lovely view in a bridal shop on Church St.Fluffy puffy.
Sidewalk gardens in planters.
Beautiful magnolia leaves and flowers wreath for the door. Here is a close-up...
True Southern charm. Gaslights are on both sides of the door, flickering even in the day.
Antique wrought iron gate with sunlight view. It was morning, not many people were out and about. Especially since it was February. In Spring and Summer it is packed in Charleston.
 Large Camilla bush coming through the fence.
Antique wrought iron gate with tree shadows.
Lush windowboxes, those tricky Charlestonian garden wizards.
A quick glimpse through a gate and I saw this for some lucky owner to put in their garden soon.
A polite home-made don't pee on my bushes for dogs( owners) sign. 
Great giant Schnauzer dog, who was only 17 months old, with his owner. We stopped and talked for awhile. My husband had gone on this long walk with me,a rarity as I am always by myself on these walks. He has bad knees, so harder for him( plus he gets bored I think). This dog was huge and cute.
He saw another dog , and posed.
Giant live oaks near the battery.
Birds in fountain for morning bath.
Typical sign warning all us tourists to keep out of their gardens, but in a polite Southern way.
Heading back to the hotel, Rainbow row, my husband took his jacket off, as I think it got to about 58-60 degrees or so.
Looking down deserted Sunday morning streets. we did see some church- goers, one young man about 14 was so handsome in his suit and tie. I wanted to take his picture, but he was rushing and we just exchanged smiles and good mornings.
Forgot this shot showing Broad street. Look at the old storefronts that are now mainly law offices, restaurants and real estate companies, and some art galleries. 
Back we go...
Great ice-cream shop, also breakfast and lunch I believe. It is on 159 Church Street, right near the market. Plus the very nicest owners are here...
This man is always smiling and pleasant, gives my son the biggest serving in his cone or cup of ice cream on those hot Summer visits. Please stop by and tell them you read about their shop, Wholly Cow, on my blog.
Okay, that's about it. Shown above the typical Charleston window shutters, cracked facade of building and ever-present front planters. We left Charleston and hit a few antique stores in Summerville on the way home.
I plan on going back in a few months, as the garden fever will hit there hard at that time.
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  1. Thanks for the walking tour. February sounds like a great time to visit. If there are that many pretty flowers, it can't be too cold. We could totally handle that. Maybe we'll make it to the south some year in winter! I like the "pass this point by invitation only" sign a lot. Much nicer than "KEEP OUT." Ha! Great statue and we love old store fronts. Thanks for sharing that shot too.

  2. A nice walk around Charleston. I love those early morning walks through town, when it's still cool and the smell of a coffee shop is in the air. Charleston really is a beautiful town, and one in which the residents are very proud to live in. I particularly like the sunburst gate. It looks as though hubby has smelled that coffee and is searching for it's source! How was the play?

    1. My husband doesn't drink coffee, but he wanted some water after all that walking. Play was great!

  3. Thanks for sharing your adventures in Charleston. I remember vacationing there aout 5 years ago with my family and I remember thinking about how beautiful of a town it actually is. It is just the classic image everyone has in their heads of the south. A few years back I was looking into the Charleston, SC real estate market to see if it would be a good investment for my retirement. I am still thinking about it these days.

  4. Charleston is such a lovely, enchanting old city. I love the iron work, the architecture and the colors.


  5. Charleston is a lovely old city. I love the architecture, the iron work, the colors. Thank you for sharing your visits there.


  6. I'm wondering if the pine cones in planters are to discourage squirrels digging.

  7. Hi Gina - I loved visiting your blog. The pictures are beautiful. The portraits lovely and so stylish.Gloria

  8. OK. I miss you in blogland. Really, REALLY miss you. Is everything OK?
    I'm not sure why I didn't comment on this post. I remember seeing it and wishing I could make another trip to this beautiful city. Seeing it through your eyes is second best to being there myself :)
    Wondering if you've been out cultivating your own lovely lawn and flower beds this spring...


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