Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Sweet Folk ART Jewelry Box I Found:

Here is a sweet vintage/antique handmade folk art jewelry box I found to sell, made with charm and love, please read my listing I added below:
Here is a very charming , vintage, circa 1920-40's, hand-made and hand-carved and painted wood jewelry box. It has red flowers/poinsettias ? On the top, inlaid wood pieces and ' cut-designed' wood . On the sides are carved roses and foliage, and chiseled or ' cut-designs' in the surround( around the flowers). It measures 3 1/2 ins. tall, 5 ins. in depth and 10 ins. long approx.
The inside has more ' cut-designed' chiseled accents and carved hearts. The mirror looks to be an old pocket mirror he glued in here, and has one lone bakelite/or green wood holder to anchor it. The top does not fit on perfect, sort of does not close totally flush. I believe the hinges , especially the one to the left needs some work.
It doesn't close correctly here. The side has separated here some too. But it is strong and sturdy. The hearts here are wonderful.
He even made these corner stops/pads in the shape of hearts, though they have lost most of their shape through the decades.
It is chiseled out and signed Made by F.D.M. inside.
He carved all the flowers , and put some inlaid wood accents on the corners, and chiseled the hearts and mirror holder out of a single piece of wood I believe.
I am thinking since he has poinsettia leaves and Flowers on top, that this was a Christmas gift to his wife or girlfriend , and then roses all all other 4 sides.
The back hinge that does not sit correctly. Hopefully someone can fix this, or leave as is, or even take off the hinges and just lift the top on and off.
I can just imagine this woodworker, carving this out, many days, weeks of hard work, intently showing his love for a woman through his hands.

So basically this man gave this woman his heart in a box. Very, very romantic.

I would place this in the 1920-40's time frame. It may be older than that. Any questions, feel free to email me,
Sincere thanks,
A Stolen Kiss
Now gentle sleep hath clos'd up those eyes
Which waking kept my boldest thoughts in awe,
And free access unto that sweet lip lies,
From whence I long the rosy breath to draw;
Methinks no wrong it were if I should steal
From those two melting rubies one poor kiss;
None sees the theft that would the thief reveal,
Nor rob I her of aught which she can miss;
Nay, should I twenty kisses take away,
There would be little sign I had done so;
Why then should I this robbery delay?
Oh! she may wake and therewith angry grow.
Well, if she do, I'll back restore that one,
And twenty hundred thousand more for loan.

by George Wither( 1588-1667)


  1. I love the hearts carved on the inside...what a romantic guy.

  2. ...trying to imagine with you the hours, the intensity, the ♥ of the man who carved this box. Did he have a pattern? Did he carve other pieces? What tools did he use? What was the scene when the box was received?

    It's good to "hear" from you here - if only to describe and show this beautiful box. How does your garden grow? Have you been to Charleston lately?

  3. That's a really beautiful box, and I think stay just as it is, with all the little imperfections, just as it was made. He must have loved her very much.

  4. What a beautiful box. I'm so excited to have found your blog and your online stores. Your post on tips for buying antique paintings was very informative and much needed. From what you have shared, I purchased two antique paintings yesterday and two vintage or possibly even new art. I will need to examine them further. My questions to you are: what resources do you use to identify artists signatures, particularly a partial (which is what I have on one of the paintings due to flaking paint), and how do you determine listing price? If you've already touched on these subjects, perhaps you can direct me (and other new readers) to the post. Thank you for your time. Kristie

    1. I do not know how to decipher a partial signature, possibly an art appraiser may be able to tell you? Listing price is determined by what other art is selling for that is similar,or more to it what they have SOLD for, and what I have in the item, and what I personally judge it to be worth. So a combo of it all. Resources such as are helpful to a degree. Thanks so much for your interest, have a good one, Gina


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