Saturday, June 30, 2012

Antique ART Garden NOW at SLEEPY POET Antique Mall in Charlotte, NC

I wanted to let some of my East Coast shoppers know that I am now in Sleepy Poet Antique mall in Charlotte , North Carolina. If you click the link above , it will tell you all about it, the hours and days etc., and driving directions. 55,000 S.F. of antique shopping! The picture above is sort of the beginning of my booth there...
I will be bring items in, probably every week or every 10 days or so. Many items I brought from my site on ebay to here. My booth is located next to the drink and snack area. You can't miss it, large sign above it...that if you lean your head back as far as you can, and get a crick/spasm in it...then you will see this up top...
A absolutely, undoubtedly ' handmade' sign by Mrs. AAG herself. That is my dealer code too, but you can just ask up front where Antique Art Garden is or where Gina's booth is with all the paintings and hopefully someone can direct you.
Hollywood Regency pair of armchairs, circa 1950-60's in front for sale, young son crouched between them is already SOLD ( he's mine).
So much to do there still, more artwork, my husband is building me a shelf for more smalls...have to fill up a booth you know. My husband and my young son helped me move in yesterday. My son  was happy, my husband half-happy and half-grouchy as he was the one on the really tall ladder hanging my artwork. I was mainly annoyed at myself for not bring more artwork, it was hard to gage how much I needed, and we do not live in Charlotte. So I couldn't just run down to the mall and measure. etc.
Please stop by and shop, if not in my space...any of the hundreds of venders booths, you will really enjoy yourself. It is my favorite mall, full of the nicest employees around.
I'll be in touch with more( and better pics), when I get my booth more filled up.
Bless you all,


  1. It looks good.
    Cute noting that the boy stays with you! :-)
    I hope you enjoy the new opportunity.

  2. It's really beautiful, Gina. I like the simplicity of it - the chairs add a touch of elegance, sort of like being in an art gallery...

  3. Gina,

    Best, best wishes on your new venture!


  4. How exciting Gina, and I bet you wished that you lived closer to it, to keep checking up more often. It's laid out very well, so that everything can be seen, which is something that a lot of stall holders make the mistake of not doing. I would love to be nearer and take a look! By the way, you don't have any glasses for sale do you :)

  5. Wishing you well with your booth Gina. It looks very nice.


  6. This was a big family project, I can see, setting up your shop area, and the effect is charming and will draw in shoppers.


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