Thursday, April 22, 2010

More CHARLESTON, SC Gardens & a Sinful Chocolate PRALINE

Here is the last of my Charleston April trip pictures, it was a balmy 85 degrees that day and I took over 300 pictures... and I promise , this time I will show a little of the Dock Street Theatre inside, and my favorite candy store in downtown Charleston.
Scout's honor.
Here we go...
Even the cemetaries here have beautiful surroundiings.
The gates of this downtown garden are open every time I come to Charleston. They have a yardman or men always working. I don't have a yardman, but my husband does have a yardlady...
White Point Garden park , down at the curve of the Battery. They renovated the outdoor structure, and it is not nearly as beautiful as the old one. Lots of pigeons, dogs running around, people picnicking, cannons pointing out to the water, and general lallygagging go on here.
It is a peaceful large park though.
People get married here, take lots of photos , etc. Ok, let's leave the park and show you some more gardens, houses....
Here is a view of the sidewalks, very uneven, dangerous to walk on while you are gawking and oohing & awing at the homes and gardens. Keep alert here folks !

My beautiful lovely gardenlady , I had to show her again, she is hidden behind a Bed & Breakfast. I always go back and photograph her with the guests staring at me like I do not belong back there.
Don't care.
She is magnetic to me.
If I was a thief I would steal her, carry her and her 500 lbs. to my garden...but alas I am not a thief.
Plus I am not nearly that strong.
So, she stays in her hidden place safely.

Ahhh, here was a little Zen house gardener, they had all kinds of Zenny stuff around their garden. This was on their front steps.
 Ok, here is the front of the Dock Street Theatre on Church St., right down from St. Philip's church. It has been closed for renovations for a good 3-5 years, but when I got closer to try to peek in the windows...I see it is open to the public.
A nice young lady working at the front desk was peeking back at me.
My pictures of the inside are few, and not so great, but what a treat it would be to go see a play in the oldest Theatre in the USA !
 It was very dark inside , as you can see. The stage is down front.
 They have all these chairs to sit in at the balcony level.
 Gigantic mirrors, antique gilt at the top of the staircases. That's the culprit , in the mirror, that did not read the sign on the stairway that read, " NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY ALLOWED. "
As my flash reflected off this giant mirror and looked like a bomb went off, 3 times in the entire building.

Down the steps and out, the sign about NO FLASH Photography is right there in the middle of the two doorways.
I got off quickly after reading it with no fussing by the young lady at the door, as her back was to me and she was conversing  in the bar area of the theater.
Yeah !
Off to the candy store...
This is right down on the corner on East Bay street, by the market. They always have cold Cokes in the little glass bottles in a tub by the door, and free public restrooms. Plus, look...
 Free samples of home made pralines
I made the mistake of taking a free sample of the chocolate praline once here, you see, I do not eat alot of candy...but I do love chocolate. Which means when I exercise , I am careful not to destroy my loss by gaining with candy.
once you get a taste of these pralines, and the chocolate surpass the will be hooked.
My second mistake I made, was once I became hooked on these, as I get one, just one ( I could eat 5 ), for my ride home every time I visit...
I asked the chefs back there what are they made of ?
They go..
Pounds of sugar, Pounds of pure butter, pounds of pure whole cream, pounds of pecans, and pounds of anything else they can find in the kitchen that has an exorbitant calorie count.
They throw that in too.
So I ask for one, I ask the young lady or young man to find me the smallest one , and then I pay my insane 2.50 for one,
Pure sinful indulgence.
So much for walking for 3 1/2-4 hours taking pictures of beautiful Charleston, those calories I burned are hopping right back into my body with about 6 bites on the ride home.
I need to go work in my garden the sunshine is calling me,
Bless you today,

" Love bears all things, believe all things , hopes in all  things, endures all things, Love never fails. " I Corinthians 13:7-8


  1. I loved the tour! I have always wanted to visit Charleston, and now I have a real taste of what i am missing! I would love to attend a play at the Dock Street Theatre. It has some wonderful architecture. I will try hard to skip the candy. However, that may be hard, as I dearly love chocolate, too!


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