Thursday, April 15, 2010

SPRING Window BOXES in CHARLESTON, South Carolina

It was a balmy 85 degrees in Charleston on Tuesday ! White azaleas in bloom

It was a beautiful day on Tuesday and I decided to drive to Charleston for the afternoon and take some pictures of Spring there. I got in my car with my cooler full of extra water, and some  lowfat chocolate milk to go with my peanut butter ( no jelly ) sandwich for lunch. I stuck a Joyce Meyer's cd in and had her try to slap me silly into being a better Christian all the way there, and all the way back home on the highway.
I love that she is a straight-shooter, no holes-barred preacher-lady.
We all need more ' tell-it-like-it-is ' realistic preachers.
Downtown , heading to the parking lot
I ended up taking about 300 pictures, and so I will have a couple of entries, this one will show the beautiful, lush , overflowing window boxes on many of the homes in downtown historic Charleston.
I had forgotten my headphones, and was not happy about that as I was by myself and I like to listen to music while I walk around for hours..but...I survived, and it was a peaceful quiet day there. Lots of lovers , lots of older married couples holding hands, college kids walking around. So I listened to the clip-clop of the horses hooves pulling the carriages on their tours...and the tour guides telling all about Charleston, heard the construction crews that were renovating houses scream things to each other, heard neighbors gossiping on the sidewalk, heard car horns and lots of birds singing.
Just listened to the sounds of my favorite city on a normal day.
Turned out very nice.
Let me show you these window boxes, maybe you can get some ideas for your window boxes at your home.

My husband just made me two planter boxes almost identical to these ! Going to fill them up today.

This is the typical view, three window boxes in a row.
See the top window box ? This was in the back of a driveway
Can you tell why I go crazy here with happiness !

I found this house full of window boxes , behind a larger home.

Can you see how wonderful it is to walk all over the historic neighborhoods here ? I will write about 2 or 3 more from my visit in some more entries. I need to go outside and fill up my new planter boxes on my front porch after getting so inspired again !
Many blessings,

" These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full." John 15:11


  1. Dear Gina,

    I have a fondness for vintage style and meditarranean style windows and boxes , therefore I found myself stopping by to view your collection. Very warm and comforting, it has helped me to see more into the oil painting I have started. As a mother of six with the last girl child out on to college now I have more time to research my own passions , I like your site and thank you for the time and effort you took to display God' beautiful arrangements.
    Abi Lane

    1. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of window boxes in Charleston. I stumbled onto your blog while I was searching for ideas for my own window boxes. I think I have the courage to start cutting lumber now that I have ideas! Thank you again.

      Michelle D.
      Columbia, SC


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