Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Garden Update w/ MAXINE Helping plus NOISE in my Garden

I have been expanding Sarah's garden , it was my front shade bed garden, we extended it by about 5 feet in the front. My husband wanted to help, and so did someone else,
Seen below:
As you can see, Maxine immediately filled in the spot we cleared for herself.
She was perfectly content being where we did not need her. I kept telling her to move,
Out... our little boy tried pulling her out gently.

 I am not used to my husband helping me out here, unless I ask him, but he wanted to ...and I said yes. I really wanted to do it myself, but it was best that he helped. He wanted to do something for her ( Sarah ), too. Sarah loved Maxine, so she would have thought it was funny that she wouldn't get out of here while we were working.
I decided to move the Edisto Beach shell pavers up here, as Sarah loved Edisto Beach, so it was only appropriate that they be here in her garden.

We put them in the front , and the monkey grass ( lirope ) , will grow over them. Maxine , again, had to be smack in the middle of everything.

While I was stepping back, as we gardeners do to try to envision or plan...I needed peace and quiet to think. My thinking contraption called my brain is in extreme slow and disjointed motion..but my young son had other plans, as he hunted down his hammer is his fort, 

 He has been re-decorating his fort for about a week now, he has and old tricycle up here , tons of toys,  an old cushion, and he has been making himself shelves...with LOUD hammering for LONG periods of time. I would look at him, look at the garden...and my mind would go more numb with each of his hammer strokes. I believe he found the longest nails he could find in his dad's workshop, so he could hammer for extended periods of time.
This was my first try, after I kicked Maxine out of here, I planted some pink calla lilies that I had in the big garden to the front. Not a good choice I decided the next day.
They would be too tall and hide the center flowers, so moved them.
So the next day, I moved them to them middle, and we had gone out and bought some pink impatiens , some pinkish caladiums , and I also transplanted a few of the other funeral plants in spots. I also bought some flowers for the cemetery.

As you can see, my giant River birch tree is " crying ' leaves all over this daily. All the little yellow leaves are dropping gently down , daily, on this garden. It is mimicking how I feel.

 This is the only garden I have ever planted without joy and happiness in my heart, as I love making or expanding gardens. I only felt an urgency to do ' something ' out here, anywhere for her. My husband says joy will come later from here.
I remember just looking down and not answering him.
I just look at it, and think it is not good enough for her. Not nearly good enough.

Then my thoughts get interrupted by this..
My son and husband have decided to put a shingle roof on his tree fort, so now I have to listen to two sets of hammers. I put my fingers in my ears, and went inside.

Such is life.
I will show some shots I took of my big " Mother' garden, my center garden very soon.

 I wish you peace today,


  1. Dear Gina ~ I think Sarah's garden is looking really nice, and given time it will grow, filling in with beauty and love. It's wonderful that your DH wanted to help too, to do something in the garden for Sarah. Maxine is too funny in wanting to help too. I think your son fixing up his nice fort is sweet and he and your DH putting shingles on the roof is making it better. You are a family working through your grief in different ways, you through gardening, they in building.

    Next spring this garden will be fuller and more beautiful than it is right now. All gardens take time. You will think of other things to add, more ways to make it a beautiful, peaceful healing space. Enjoy the journey.

    I love your shell pavers.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  2. I think it's beautiful, Gina. And your son is so precious working on his tree fort. I'm not great with noise either, though, especially when things are rough already. I think i told you your dog reminds me of mine...they look like twins! But mine is male. He would do just what your did in the garden. He likes to hop on the bed when you make it, too. Just anything to be close to us and get our attention. Anyway, i always enjoy your pictures of Maxine.

  3. I'll bet you'll be amazed at how this garden grows. Those shell pavers are awesome.
    Maxine just wanted to be with all her people it seems. :-)

  4. Joy comes in the morning, Gina.

  5. Gina, Sarah's garden is full of love - it's beautiful and will become more so with time. Perhaps your son is working out his own grief with all of that hammering - and your husband, too. As FlowerLady said, you are each working through your grief in your own way.
    I love the pictures of Maxine. My sweet dog loves to dig shallow holes and lie on the cool earth.
    You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers -

  6. Hello Gina,

    I just wanted to let you know that you have been on my heart this past couple of weeks and I have been praying for you daily.

    I think a garden is such a wonderful way to honor Sarah. I think it is the thought behind the garden that means the most :-)

  7. Hi Gina...Sarah is proud of her mother about her beautiful garden has been a real slice of what you may remember her ...a place full of love and memories..........

    Oh Gina come here a biggg huge hug for you darling.........love Ria...

  8. Hi Gina! I like how you used pavers in this garden.The garden looks already lovely!
    I talked to my niece about what you wrote in your previous post.She will start driving soon.I appreciate very much that post of yours!
    I have been thinking of you all these days as, I am sure, many other people. If only our thoughts could help! Take care of yourself.

  9. You are so brave writing and sharing all of this with us. Thank you for letting us go through this with you. Grief is very painful, and often so personal, but it is important for all of us to know others hurt too sometimes.

  10. Gardening is definitely good therapy, and Sarah's garden is coming together nicely as all of you, including Maxine, pour your love into its creation. I think of you often...and utter a quick prayer to God to hold all of you close.

  11. Gina, I was traveling the week your Sarah passed away. Ironically, I received a phone call from my own son while we were gone, telling me that they were in a terrible car accident, my son, his two year old daughter and his 7 months pregnant wife. Their car was totally wrecked, but they walked away with very few injuries. I've been contemplating this experience for the past several weeks, rolling it over and over in my mind, again and again. How quickly life can change without warning. And while my children are alive, it was so very close, too close, to being a much different outcome. I believe I feel in my heart a small portion of your grief as I've come to realize how fragile this life really is. I look at your sweet Sarah's smile and am so filled with compassion for you and your family. She is beautiful and her eyes radiate a soul beauty deep from within. I am so sad for your loss. My faith tells me that in this life you will always miss her, that your hearts will slowly begin to heal, and that some bright and beautiful day you will embrace again and then your family will be made whole. Of this, I am quite certain. For now, accept the extra doses of love and kindness as you allow the Lord to strengthen and heal your aching heart. Please feel of my love for you, we may not really know each other, but I feel the deepest sense of sorrow and love and respect for you. May you always feel the love of so many in your life and may it give you courage to go on. Please forgive me for such a long comment, I am truly touched by your words and actions that I only observe though your posts. You uplift us all.

  12. Hello Gina, I have been following your story and my heart goes out to you. I wish there was something I could say to ease your pain, but I know your loss is so vast that mere words are insufficient comfort.

    Your post is beautiful, and so is Sarah's garden. Thank you.

  13. Hi, Gina! Sarah's garden is coming along beautifully! I like the shell pavers, too. Very nice addition. Pets are powerful creatures...Maxine knows this is Sarahs garden and wants to be there just as much as you do. She finds consolation and peace here. Remember that Sarah would find it funny that Maxine wouldn't move. These are things that will help soothe your pain.

  14. Smile...your son/husband are a cute team of distraction....

  15. Looking at your pics while reading, makes me sad but the thought of what you are going into and bravely wrote this post, you are such a strong lady. I loved what you had done with Sarah's garden. I am sure she loved it. Keep it up!

  16. I love your garden! Looking at your photos I can see that it is refreshing and relaxing to stay at your garden. Your cute big dog is really healthy as your garden looks. All of your flowers are gorgeous that’s why your garden looks awesome.

  17. I agree your garden is formed out of love and will grow using love it self! The place looks very spacious! And being a mother myself, I can feel that you put everything for your family. Just do not forget about yourself! God will be with you always. I wish happiness for you and your family...and for your cute dog as well. LOL


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