Wednesday, April 21, 2010

SPRING Garden Views of CHARLESTON, South Carolina

Walking through the downtown historic neighborhoods of Charleston, South Carolina is something every gardener, and garden lover should do. So many ideas, so much inspiration, and since land is at such a premium here....home owners seem to go out of their way to cram as much beauty as possible in their yards. In this entry I will show some small gardens I found, some sights and glimpses of overflowing gardens, and the a little something about the Dock Street Theater ( the oldest  theater in the USA ), and give you a head's up on the best candy shop in the city.
Here we go:
Lots of entry gates into side gardens, this one was left open
Famous cobblestone streets here, these are not everywhere, but enough for you to see them now and again

Lots of small statues on top of fence columns here

Favorite views you can see, are through the typical wrought iron gates and fencing ....into the gardens. I am always mesmerized by these glimpses into someone's gardens.

 Another side gate leading into a yard

I took a picture of this lovely windowbox planter, and then coming around the side...I startled the homeowner, who was gardening in her small front yard. the pictures below are from her garden, I believe her name was Barbara, because after I talked with her a bit...and I was walking off, I heard a neighbor walk up and say  her name.
She likes to use monkey grass as much as I do ! Great for bordering here.
Goodbye to Barbara's garden and off to more !
Japanese maple overshadowing foxgloves & boxwoods.

Opposite side , flanking the other Japanese maple grouping.
Lots of center round accent areas in the gardens here, anyone can do this at their home.
Overflowing azaleas
Lady Banks rose is everywhere here
I loved this, it reminds me of an area in my front yard that I made a circular accent area last Summer.
Here was a rose garden with brick herringbone accent pathway
I took this shot near the Coast Guard station there on the Battery. A bunch of women were having a tea party on the front porch of this house, I called out that I was simply going to take a picture of the garden in front...they all jumped up and hid. They had dresses and hats on.Too funny.
A renegade rebel homeowner on the Battery in a gazillion dollar house , that decided to give the Historic Foundation a thumb to the nose and put two of these out front , flanking the porch. A neighbor down the street has two pigs on their porch. I was thinking, amusing for us to see, but if you owned a 6-20 million dollar home on the Battery , and had your house done in the beautiful traditional Charleston style...then this wouldn't be so funny everyday.
Guess I'm a fuddy-duddy about Charleston showing it's true glory.
At least these are better than the two large pigs two houses down.
 This entry is getting too long, I have about 20 more pictures , so I will make another entry later. I am going out to my yard and trim some of my bushes, with my trusty garden companion shown below.
 She can look rather regal when she's not being such a spaz of a lab , like she typically is.
More later, bless you today !

" These commandments I give to you today are to be in your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down, and when you get up. " Deuteronomy 6:6-7


  1. I was in Charleston last weekend for my son's
    graduation from the College of Charleston.
    Every garden was so beautiful. I was inspired to write a poem about the charm of Charleston.
    God is awesome for all the beautiful plants
    He has created for us to enjoy. I love the pictures in your site.+

    I love your pictures on this site. My family
    was in Charleston last weekend for my son's
    graduation from the college of Charleston.
    Everything was in full bloom and so beautiful.
    God is awesome to make so many kinds of plants
    for us to enjoy! I live in Piedmont, S.C.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks much, please share the poem with me when you write it. I appreciate your comments , thanks much ! Gina


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