Saturday, January 1, 2011

More ANTIQUE Shopping at Sleepy Poet--Antique Shopping Tips

I ended up going to Sleepy Poet Antique Mall ( located in Charlotte, NC ) again last week, and as you can see...someone was unhappy about being thrown out in the yard for most of the day when I left. Here's a closer look at the black spot through the fence to the bottom right...
Maxine, looking forlorn. She'll be fine, left her food and water and dragged her big dog bed out for her to snooze on for the day. Ok, let's go to the antique mall.
I arrived about 10:30, was glad to see Jason,  the owner's son who I think is the manager, who is such a very nice young man. I like everyone who works here. I had spent most of my moohla for art in Charleston a few weeks ago, so I had to be very thrifty with my shopping. I saw many paintings I could not afford to get for resale . Darn. That's alright, I found a few things. I will say again, I am NOT an art expert, there are so many art history majors , historians, museum curators who would stick their nose up at my limited knowledge here. I am just an art lover,and I try to sell paintings online . But...I know more than the average antique art shopper, and I like to share what I know if it may help you in any way.

 I liked this western themed frontier style painting , but it was bit high for resale. Would consider this one again though. Let's look at a tapestry...
This was a nice larger, maybe 3 or 4 feet long machine loomed tapestry, 1920-40's time frame. She had over 400.00 on it, too high for what they normally sell for. Most of these go for between 75.00-150.00 in good condition. When you look at these, check them out carefully for holes, tears, stains, etc. All defects are big deals in linens and tapestries. Also check that it is not too faded . Machine loomed are a uniform weave throughout, hand-loomed, much more  valuable, have a nubby appearance on the back and front. Hand-loomed , or weaved, can cost thousands of dollars.
Any machine-loomed tapestry with holes, tears, satins, and excess fading will be worth maybe 25%-50%( or less ) of it's value if it was in very good condition. 

Look at this little frame....

I almost bought this, but am being thrifty today. Wanted to show you that it is a newer frame, last 1-10 years, but is hand-signed by the artist on the back. That makes ANY item, that is handmade, more valuable. Support hand-crafted items at all times , when you can.

Decorators and homeowners have been using old fencing to decorate their walls at home. Neat idea , old fencing can be found at antique shops, salvage places , and large antique shows. 

 Gorgeous 1800's gold gilt mirror. I would say always buy an original old mirror instead of spending 100's on a new one that they make look old. Old antique ones will increase in value as well.
1800's gold gilt mirror

Metal decorative touches.

New reproduction painting of an old masters art. I could not get a good enough picture to show you that these are new. These are sold in home decorator stores, malls, ect. I would encourage each one of you to buy ORIGINAL antique or vintage or even new original art , instead of these mass-produced paintings that sell for 300. and up. Most are machine painted , mimiced to look old. They all have brand new frames as well.
Liked this old , probably English...1800's, wood panel painting. It had damage to the bottom left, and still a tad to high for resale...this time. This is another type of painting that has been faked by importers and sold in designer shops.
The original old wood back, shows you this is truly old.

This is another item that has been reproduced. These were mirrors for the 1800's, brass frames, but if you look at the back of this see it has a new stand, and the backing is new. So a nice repro ' antique ' mirror. The original stands broke on many of these, and they look different from this one.
Wish we could turn people around and look at them from behind and see if they are genuine. I think God does that by looking at us when we are alone, no show, no audience. He knows what's ' behind ' are motives and actions.
Antique-religious-philosophy 101.

 Killer gorgeous pastel antique painting. Many problems for me with this one, foremost, pastels sell for less, usually than oil paintings. No 2 : It is large, covered with glass, a absolute nightmare-stressor to ship. And lastly, too expensive, even with his sale to make it worth my while. For re-sale .

 Here I will frustrate myself, but try again to show the difference between a PAINTING and a PRINT of a painting. This is a copy or an antique painting, It is completely smooth to the touch, housed in a newer frame. Original paintings, the paint can be felt , unevenly over the surface.
 Completely flat and smooth.

Look at her fingers , no paint is seen or felt. This is a PRINT of a painting. Also , try not to call PRINTS of paintings, PAINTINGS. Even if they are a print of a painting, they are correctly called PRINTS.
Sound like a stern school teacher don't I ?
Sorry, pet peeve of mine...
I did find two nice items in the same booth as that PRINT above. This pretty pink chenille bedspread in very good condition. 
Look at the sparkle silver thread in the middle section , loved that.

And this early 1900's original PRINT ( do you feel as if I am trying to make a point ), of a grouping of pink and yellow roses in its original old frame. 

 Let's flip it around,see the dark cardboard backing ?
 Scored with these two, as they were in a 50 % off booth.
I see I am getting too long , I will continue our shopping tomorrow or the next day.
 Wishing you all love in the New Year,



  1. Happy New Year Gina! I just love going into antique shops to look. I do more looking than buying. LOL! I like to find unusual things that I have never saw before. I really like some of the pieces you have featured from this mall. I can look with you and not be tempted.

  2. Oh! What a lovely treat to accompany you on another really great outing, Gina! We've just returned a short while ago from visiting my 94 year old Father-in-law (we opened a bottle of bubbly with him and enjoyed some snacks I'd prepared, to brighten his day - tomorrow, we'll collect him and take him out to lunch with us), so this was just what I needed to end a lovely evening on a high note :)

    I enjoyed your antique-religious-philosophy 101 lesson ;)

    And, I don't mind your "sternness" at all - I'm only too pleased to be learning something new!

    Mu favourite from today's outing is the old oil painting of the roses - too beautiful! I also liked the pastels one of roses.

    Learnt a lot again, thank you - hope Maxine forgave you for deserting her! They certainly do know just how to make us feel guilty, don't they!

    Looking forward to the continuation of today's visit :)


    Des xo

  3. Thanks, Gina! Your comments and observations are SO educational. The reminder that God looks at us when we're alone - checking out what's 'behind' our motives and sometimes comforting and sometimes sobering!

    I'm "up" for as many shopping trips as you care to take us on in 2011!

  4. Happy new year......blessings and lots of love and streingth for love love ...Ria....

  5. Happy New Year Gina ~ Thanks for the antique mall tour. We love old paintings and have quite a few in our collection. You gave some good tips on what to look for when buying antiques.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  6. Happy New Year Gina...I love hearing about your buying trips. I'm learning lots.

  7. You share such great things with us. I love that you support handcrafted items and I think it is best when they are signed too.

  8. Gina,
    Your buying classes are great. I especially
    like your religious comments. I wish more people were like you.



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