Friday, May 7, 2010

An Everyday TEST from GOD That I made a D- on...fer shure

I haven't written about a lesson God has taught me lately , as He does every single day. Most of the time, they are too embarrassing to I don't.
But I decided to stop my garden talk , and my art talks, for one today.
 I remembered last week, a lesson He taught me about being an example for Him, and about trusting Him. Each one, I blew it
Then I decided most people could relate to let me tell you. 

It all started with me having a fairly semi-serious problem with my hip, pain when I walked , or even sitting, that had been going on for about...and do not think I am an idiot...for about a year. I am a rabid, obsessive is a form of therapy to me, I enjoy it . Time that I pray, listen to Christian radio , work out and relax.
I have no patience and I am a bad patient...deadly combo.
So I did not want to go see a doctor, and have him tell me I couldn't walk for such and such a time , for such and such a reason. 
That is until the pain was over-riding everything. So I called a specialist, had an appointment set , was wayyyy across town, in an area that I was unfamiliar with...and last Thursday I set off to find it.
With BAD directions from his receptionist...this highway, to that highway, this exit to that exit quick left, don't miss it...within 20 minutes I was lost.
And annoyed, irritated, anxious about the doctor's diagnosis,
just the PERFECT time for God to lay one on me,
or more likely allow me to show Him what I am like when the going get lost and late.
You know, when we all are either late, frazzled, tired, anxious , irritable...those are the times that the lessons on patience, obedience, trusting ...that all will be well, they just fly out the window.
Ok, back to Mrs. Late and Lost. I finally get in the correct direction ...after calling the doctors office ( and getting hung up on twice ) , at this point I am 25 minutes late for my appointment ( and I was supposed to be there 20 mins. early to fill out forms ). So I am  very late, and mad at myself.
then my little test showed up,

Or I should say my BIG test , like the one above, showed up...right to the right side of my car...while I was getting closer to actually finding my doctor's office. I was in a line of cars on the left side of the road, as the right side had road construction ...and additional jab at my tardiness , and I was scooting along at a snail's pace, now about 32 minutes late for my appointment. In my nice blue SUV, with my pretty Christian fish decal that says Jesus in the center , displayed on the back of my car.

Then this big guy pulls up beside me and puts on his blinker, very politely , hoping someone will let him in.
Would Mrs. Jesus -Fish on the back of her car let him in  ? 
No way, NO way ...I rationalized I was sooo late, and that truck would really be the final straw if anyone, much less me, let him in our line.
He just sat beside me...
while I pretended this mega-ton truck loaded with cars was not there.
While all this was going on, I felt like God was saying " Let him in, be an example for everyone around you for Me. "
And there I was, hands gripping the steering wheel, eyes watching the clock...and adamantly NOT letting this big rig in front of me.
I honestly thought God was going to stick His hand down from heaven, have a giant golden spatula ( I have watched too much Sponge Bob episodes with my son ), and flick that Jesus fish right off the back of my car and throw it in the street.

I mean, if He can part the Red Sea, raise people from the dead, feed thousands with a few loaves of bread and fish...then He would make sure I got to my appointment just fine.

But no, Mrs. Defiant kept right on the heels of the next car, and ignored Mr. Big Rig and she was on her way.
Recognizing I had been a bad example for God.

Long story short,  my diagnosis was I have a pretty bad pulled hamstring...won't bore you with the details...and another small accompanying problem, but if I heed my doctor's advice about slowing down, and more...then it may heal. 
So far, I have done about half of what he told me to do.
That is a higher percentage than what I did for God that day , per how He has told me to live.

Remember the times that are the hardest for you to be a good example, for your children, family, co-workers, total strangers. Whenever you feel especially like NOT doing the right thing....because you will be inconvenienced , 
that is the time we should do it for sure.
Those most inconvenient times, are ripe for lessons from God. 

It is a hot day in the Deep South here, mid 90's at present, hope your day is good and productive,


Lesson noted, that is the only reason I believe God gave me a D- and not an  F on my be nice to the big Rig , because I am aware that God could have taught me to trust Him that day. Also, my kindness to the trucker, would have been worth missing my appointment anyway.

" And which of you by worrying can add one cubit to his stature ? If you are not able to do the least , why are you anxious for the rest ? ...." Do not fear little flock ,for it is Your Father's great pleasure to give you the kingdom . " Luke 12:25,26, 32


  1. You mean at the top ? thanks very much ! Gina

  2. Gina ~ What a wonderful thought provoking post. It is so easy to fall each and every day. We were born into sin, but if we believe, we are saved by God's grace, and each day is a gift of learning, loving and trusting in Him to work all things out.

    You learned, you grew.

    Thanks for sharing.


  3. trying !!! Thanks so much for your comment! Gina

  4. Life can occasionally be more meaningful when 'everything goes wrong'.

    There was a TV series a few years ago called Early Edition, written by some Jewish scriptwriters, so not specifically Christian, but nonetheless very thoughtful. In the first show the hero had to get across town in a hurry for an important reason. Everything was against him. The plot was complicated, but it was the delays that, in the end, enabled the job to be done.

    The Eastern view of 'everything goes wrong' is that something is 'out of Tao' - the world is out of balance.

    From a psychological viewpoint, it's about the ego learning its place, and sumittting to the unconscious, often represented by a fish. Jung wrote a lot about the fish and Christianity.

  5. Very insightful, the ' delays' , inconveniences, interruptions, are our greatest learning opportunities we typically miss. Being in the thick of it , so to speak, makes us lose the vision of ' the big picture ' in life. Thanks so much for your comments , Gina

  6. Your blog is so refreshing to visit in the morning. Awesome photos. I can tell you appreciate your surroundings.

  7. I've only just started to read your posts and I'm enjoying them quite a bit. I garden, have a degree in art history, and am more Catholic than many around me know. Religion is a huge part of what brought me to both art and gardening. My test, like your daily one above, came when I was diagnosed with a rare swelling disease. My world fell apart, my dreams were no more, and then some other life grew out of that disaster. I have a new world, and new dreams, but I am still tested daily. Oh, and I have a rotten hip from when I fell down the wooden stairs. I thanked God I didn't break my neck! The best part though about my new life is that I can garden. It brings me joy daily, and I've met so many of the kindest folks from around the world.

  8. I am so happy you follow my blog, and appreciate your comments...we have alot in common ! I'm going to check out your blog, and remember God gives us strength every day ( 24 hrs. ), so we can manage DAILY. Bless you ! Gina

  9. Hola Gina, hope your hip gets better and better so you can go for walks as you please. And oh yes, there´s always good lessons from above, if only we could hear...
    Maria Cecilia

  10. Don't know how I found you, but SO glad I did! My husband and I visited Charleston for the first time this spring. Should have done it long ago. Wish I lived closer.

    I've been all over your blog. Would love to know how you hung the deco mirror outside your house!

    I share your love for Jesus and love the way you communicated this lesson :)

    Listen to your doctor now, you hear????

  11. We hung the mirror under a porch by using a masonry bit to go into the brick to hang it. Works great, thanks so much, come back here anytime, Gina

  12. Gina,
    Jamie and I got the biggest giggle out of this post last night. Your blog is great and Jamie and I will turn to it for inspiration on a regular basis. He already copied down a couple of quotes last night. -- Randy

  13. Great , glad you enjoyed it, take care ! Gina


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