Sunday, September 19, 2010

TOAD-A-LY Cool...

These pictures are from a few weeks ago, I think. I am very behind on time, days, etc. But I remember it was a nice day, hot... but nice outside.

Overgrown azaleas above ..neglected and ignored by the yard-lady, moi.
 Bushes running wild here. Can't trim the camellias though until they bloom. That means late November-December here.
 Further evidence of neglect. I would fire the yard-lady but she doesn't get paid anyway.

 Slacker getting her hedger in gear. 92 degrees. Maxine is loose somewhere.

Where is Maxine ? She always gets nosy and goes sniffing next door.
 Getting scolded...look at her hang her head.
 Holding her tight as some passer-bys with dogs are walking in front. I trimmed these azaleas , and a few of the small boxwoods in front.

Also better.

Trimmed up these little guys too.
While I do this, Maxine is getting loved -up by my little boy. You can see though, she is still on patrol during the love-up session.

We finish up front and head to the back garden. Back there we got a surprise waiting...from the bottom of a bush. Here he is  :
I was back there trimming my pittosporums and my hollies, and out hops this little fella. I whispered/screamed ( all at once ), Come here, quick !
My little boy looks over at me unfazed.
I whispered/screamed with hand motions, frantically trying to get him to see this little fella before he hops away.
Why such excitement is that I haven't seen a frog in my backyard the whole year. Not one, but I am sure Maxine has..and scared them in hiding.
My little boy comes over, hops up on my bench...and goes ...
" That's not a frog that's a TOAD. ", very matter-a-factly. I look back down,, and see he is right. Toads are the tan/gray color...frogs green.
Smart boy.
Then I see our little surprise is trying to hide, so I get on my hands and knees with my camera and try to get some pictures. 
Too fuzzy, he hears me creeping and hops.
Much better..then he starts going after him,...crawling around my crape myrtle in hot pursuit.
Where is the little guy ?
I do not see him but discover the crab apple tree I dug up before I planted this crape myrtle is rearing it's little crab apple self again. My son was delighted and took the crab apples to use as weapons in his fort.
I got some great photos up close, but they are 4.25 MB's so too large to download here. Best pictures I had.
My son and Maxine got bored with the toad hunt and went back to loving up sessions.
I made a heart with some of my heart stones in Sarah's garden, and then filled it in with sand from Edisto Beach and shells from there. I do these types of things out of a need to demonstrate my love....she loved the beach.
Sort of tucked in her garden. I am never totally pleased as it is still not good enough for her.
I then went up front and was chasing some butterflies around my giant lantana bush to get some shots. 
Gigantic lantana, butterfly and hummingbird central station.
So while my neighbors across the street are doing yardwork, they look across and see me moving and jumping all around my big bush , chasing butterflies.
Don't care, I love butterflies.
I think everyone should always do what they want , concerning chasing butterflies, starting a new career, becoming what they always wanted to be. Never mind what the neighbors think, your friend's opinion, your extended family's voices...just go for it.
Of course we should always consider our immediate families opinion.
But after that, follow your heart.
The worse that can happen is you fail, but no, the very worse thing is you can grow old and say ' I almost did such and such. "...but didn't.
Back to butterflies.
See, just like this butterfly...take a leap. Spread your wings, fly...soar.

Be who you really are. Do what you really want to is short and quick. Butterflies still remind me of Sarah.

Last picture after all that " go get 'em ' speech. See way over to the left, that is the only picture I could get of one of my fun little hummingbirds. He has his head deep in my trumpet vine, very busy.
So I took you on a short trip around from cutting my bushes, to finding a toad, to looking at beautiful monarch butterflies, to a hummingbird.
It was my little boy's idea to title this ' Toadly Cool,"  that is what he said when we talked about our toad later.
I know you gardeners that live in the country, who see toads daily... think I am funny about the toad...but I appreciate all the little creatures God puts around our world.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank one of my followers who sent me a care basket many weeks ago, in helping me with my grief over Sarah. His name is Mark Triplett and he and his wife, Linda, send out care baskets in the memory of their son Adam Triplett , who died at age 23 in a plane accident. 

It was full of grief books, a Cd, chocolate star candy, coffee, resources, and information about their ministry
LNF Ministries, stands for Love Never fails. 
They include a small glass star in memory of their son, from an Eskimo legend about stars being " openings in heaven ." I know that I and my husband are members of a club no one wants to be in, that everyone hates going through the threshold...parents of children who died club.
I told my husband , showed him the very kind gift basket, and told him I do not know if I can ever help any other parent who loses a child , as I am so not remotely healed myself. Too much pain , anger, sadness  inside me to be worth a flip to anyone.

But maybe one day.

I hope your day is full of butterflies, and toads.



  1. Toad-a-ly cool is totaly cool. Sounds like he has your way with words.

  2. You really got my attentoin with that beautiful butterfly! although I love frogs [ and toads] as well but the butterfly is gorgeous, we don't have such exotic ones here in the north of England sadly.

  3. Thank you for your kind wishes for butterflies and toads for me. I LOVE your little toad and the name of the post, by your son.
    The kind couple who sent the healing basket to you are so good, and that is a neat idea about stars.
    As you say "love strong" and see more toads and butterflies this weekend.

  4. hi gina, well, i was wondering if we'd see your beautiful butterflies and it was worth the wait. gorgeous! when my daughter was little, she called them flutterbys. for the life of me i can't tell the difference between frogs and toads either. "toad ily cool" is a cute name from a cute little boy.
    happy sunday,

  5. Hi Gina.....beautiful post.i like your garden !! and wow that butterflys so beautiful i like them......wishing you all the best darling and what a great gift you get what a nice peoples the are in this are still in my prayers darling and the canddle on my blog is still burning for you love love Ria...

  6. Yup! Tell your son that title is great!

    Seems we've had more butterflies this season than I remember from other years...How about you?

    I felt your pain in the words, "I am never totally pleased as it is still not good enough for her." Gina, I wonder what SHE would say to you??? YOU know her! Would she squeeze your hand as you show her the heart? Or hug you SO tight w/o words?

    The heart is a precious expression of your daily love and extreme loss. I hug you tight from a distance. ()

  7. What a great name for this post, named by your son, a post full of life, gardening, fun, love, Maxine, toads and butterflies.

    Your gardens are looking good. I love the heart shaped, stone edged area with beach sand and shells, really cool, and a great way to love Sarah and heal.

    Love and hugs to you dear Gina ~ FlowerLady

  8. Very cute toad and beautiful butterflies! I smiled as I saw you chasing these creatures, trying to get some photos. And you got some trimming done, too! Thank you for sharing your day with us.

  9. I laughed imagining you chasing after toads and butterflies with your camera. I do the same thing and have wondered what people thought. I've gone out in my pj's in the morning after birds with my camera and am sure neighbors thought I was crazy.
    Sarah's garden is looking so pretty. I love the hearts.
    What a kind gift you were sent.

  10. Cool title.

    For a moment, I thought this was going to be about toad lilies. We have them here. It's a strange flower, which is just coming out right now.

    But you found a real toad, how nice.

    The hummingbird shot was very interesting. It's a bit like catching bees entering a flower. You really need the 'gear' to do take that sort of shot.

    Liked the butterflies too. Very nice.

  11. LNF sounds like a good group to help grieving parents. Do your neighbors look at you kinda funny. Mine do too. You have a cute/handsome son. Love the heart shape of stones and sand. I'm sure Sarah looks down and is pleased with what you have done.

  12. Gina,

    I love this post and your words of wisdom about life.

    I'm grateful for the "love basket" you received from Mark and Linda. Who can truly speak to you about the journey you're on except for someone that's been there. Like you said, a club no one wants to belong to. I'm familiar with this important ministry. It's been such a blessing to so many over the years.

    Thinking of you,

  13. Gina,
    Your little boy is adorable and I love the title!
    My Amber loved butterflies, sunflowers and the color purple. I feel like Amber sends me a message when I see a butterfly.
    I have a corner in my backyard that I call Amber's. I have sunflower pretties, butterlies and an angel. I also planted sunflowers in our garden this year and they were beautiful.
    I hate being a member of the "club" too! It can be so miserable at times. I just want to curl up and be left alone most days. No one understands unless you have been there. I don't think there is anything more heartbreaking than the loss of a child.
    I just went today to buy me a pair of rain boots for the winter months. I still go to Amber's gravesite everyday. People think I am crazy but it brings me comfort and that's what matters to me. It helps me and I "messed up" so many pairs of shoes this past winter with all the rain we had.
    Just know you are not alone and my prayers are with you!

  14. minute, one hour, one day at a time. Like our Gardens, each day comes something new. Your Garden inspires me in so many ways.

    Your son has a sweet way of trying to help you with those little simple words written on a piece of wood... God's little messenger..

    Your Newnan, Ga Friend


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