Monday, January 10, 2011

SNOW Hats in my GARDEN in South Carolina

We have had the absolute oddest weather in South Carolina this winter. This is our second snow fall in 3 weeks. You have to understand that most of South Carolina doesn't get snow for 10 years or more. I am not a big snow fan , but my little boy goes crazy with happiness and tried to get outside at 8 AM this morning. I held him off a short bit, but later we dressed and went outside to get some pictures. 

 It is sort of cloudy, and the only light is reflected off the snow. I looked around my garden, and noticed all the ' hats ' my statues had put on. Let me show you...
Here is my lady face on my tree, with her fluffy frou-frou hat on...

She looks very Celtic Northern to me here.

My little reading angel has a snow shawl on with her hat.

 My two cherubs, my favorite statue , has the cutest hats on.

 My chairs covered with snow upholstery.

I do not own snow boots, only rain boots, and my feet are already getting too cold after about 5 mins. out here. I have my husband's gigantic coat on that the hood keeps falling over my face and covering my eyes. Hard to take pictures , but I prevailed with a few.
 That black large spot in the snow is Maxine ready for a walk.

 My car with a new snow car cover.
 Our sweet spaz Maxine has developed a torn ACL. Cost to fix, over 3000.00. The vet thinks she developed it from either her intense baseball antics ( she likes to play short-stop ), or spinning. We found out it is very prevalent with labs. My main goal with her right now is to not let her spin, very short walks, and no jumping in the truck .
She is my biggest baby.
 There she goes. I keep telling her to stop, somebody get the leash form this cowgirl dog.
She's too happy most times. 
 My little boy and me . I can tell you that it is still difficult to smile for me. It will be 6 months since my daughter's death in a few days. I still expect to hear my phone buzz with a text from her, I still look for her in a car that looks like hers, I still look outside, hoping she will drive up. I still hope she will come to my front door. I do not feel that 6 months has passed, it feels like only a month has passed since the accident. I know that grief can be like this.
I ache to see her and hold her.
 Little snow hat on my garden of good and evil girl statue.
 My snow globe has a nice hat.
 My two twin pups out front have snow hats, and are carrying snow in their baskets.

 All those footprints are from our little boy going back and forth across the street to play and have snowball fights with his friend .

 Mis-behaving and rowdy above.

Let me show you my beautiful oldest daughter and her husband who came by to see us. They moved about a block and a half from us , and we love to see them, though they are a busy young couple.
Look how happy they are, eyes shining.
Full of young love.
 Okay, last picture, we finally got Maxine back inside, and settled her down with a rawhide dog bone.

Warm and cozy and calmer. True love here too , a dog and her bone.
Stay warm , sleep well,


  1. You have gotten the most amazing snows this year. I love to see what snow does with the plants and art in the garden. It's a great way to see how good the "bones" of your garden are. When it is all white, does it still look interesting? Fleece socks help a lot!

  2. The snow makes your garden look so pretty. It's fun seeing how the snow lands and the image it creates. I bet your son had a blast, I know my oldest checks the weather all the time hoping for snow in the forecast. How nice that your daughter has moved so close, it must be nice for all of you. Even though I haven't had many chances to visit your blog lately I've still thought about you and wondered how you were doing.

  3. What a snow !!! everything is gone !! i am happy about that...i do not like snow.......and your cute dog !! so nice......wishing you streingth darling and lots of love......warm hugs from me Ria....xxxx....

  4. Dear Gina ~ Your nice snowfall makes me want to be there to enjoy it for a little while. Having it once in every so many years would be a real treat. I wouldn't be able to handle it as an every year ordeal. :-)

    You and your son look cute all bundled up and your oldest daughter and her husband look sweet. What a beautiful smile she has.

    Poor Maxine ~ I hope she can mend on her own without surgery.

    Love and hugs to you dear heart. I love reading your posts. May you feel God's loving presence enfolding you.


  5. For a place that seldom has snow, you certainly scored big this winter! It all looks so beautiful and white and I love every single one of the pictures you've shared with us today! Your garden truly is a winter wonderland, with a beauty and charm so different from the glorious displays it puts on in spring and summer!

    What a joy to have your daughter and her DH living SO close! She and her husband are a very good-looking couple and this is such a sweet picture of them! She really does look so lovely in red!

    Your little boy is getting taller...he'll have caught up to you any day now! Such a cute picture of the two of you. Even hidden beneath your husband's gigantic overcoat, it's apparent you've lost weight, Gina - and you were so slim to start with!! 6 months has come very quickly - I'll think of you especially tomorrow (12th)!

    Ending this series with Maxine warmly settled in your snug and lovely home has helped thaw me out, too! I could almost feel the cold outdoors, myself ;) Hope you've thawed out thoroughly now, too!

  6. Beautiful photos Gina! I wish that would snow here like that. Yesterday we had ice everywhere but it was definitely NOT snow.

  7. HiGina...I was wondering if you got snow. It is so pretty and peaceful looking. It looks so neat and orderly as it settles on your railing and chairs. Love the little hats...they are so adorable! Best wishes to you, as I often think of you and send a quick prayer to heaven above. Stay warm!

  8. How I enjoyed seeing your snow photos, Gina. I thought I would never see your beautiful Charleston area garden covered in so much snow!

    I am planning to be in Charleston soon - for one day only - with my sisters. Do you have any suggestions for restaurants for lunch and dinner that serve quintessential Low Country cooking at moderate prices? Blessings, Cassandra ♥

  9. Snow Hats & Snow Upholstery. I LIKE those terms and the pictures you took to illustrate them. I have some steps that are well upholstered here!

    I heard that only Florida of the 50 states currently has no snow!

    Happy your daughter and SIL live so close to you. Even if you don't see them as frequently as one might expect, there's something settling about the fact of nearness.

  10. The pictures from your garden look like a garden in New England. I love snow but not in my garden.
    Stay warm..

  11. Beautiful photographs Gina. It's really nice that your daughter and son in law are living so close.

    I too have this impossible but longed for wish that one day I will open the door to find my daughter standing there and in the beginning I used to imagine how I would react if that were to happen, how I would cry first, and then continue to cry even in future whenever the memory of her death (which was some error) came back...

    Hugs to you Gina.

  12. Just popping by to say Hi! and to check up on how you're doing, Gina, as it's been a while since you posted and I know this has been another particularly difficult time for you to process.

    Please take care and know that all of your blog followers are thinking about you and sending love and hugs to offer comfort.

  13. Your daughter and SIL have the biggest smiles on they look so happy. Lovely couple. And lucky you that they live so close. The snow is beautiful and I bet your son had himself a great time. Wishing we could see some of the white stuff this year. Take care and your smile doesn't look fake even if you don't feel it. Have a great day.

  14. Hi, Gina! I can't believe this is S Carolina! HA! I love your Celtic tree lady with her snow fur cap.

  15. Love your snow hats, and I can see that your dog and your son are having snowy fun. I send you hugs from California.

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