Friday, May 28, 2010

My Pickup LOAD from Lowes & 3 Gentlemen Day

Lowes Field Trip

I'll start this post out by explaining my bit of excitement about my recent Lowes trip to get some mulch. First I will explain how that can remotely be exciting...this is sort of complicated so stick with me...
I have had a rough beginning of the year with three root canals ( count that 3 or count that approx. 3500. ), found out that some pretty serious stress for the last few years can cause all  kinds of problems with our bodies. I have never had any problems with my teeth, but made up for lost time recently.

Secondly, our daughter's transmission died on her car, ching-ching 1300., down the mechanic's hands and in his pockets.
Then...last Friday going to my son's last baseball game, my air-conditioner DIED on a three year old car ( yes, it is just past the warranty stage ), and it was 95 degrees...and the heat has not abated since. To get that baby fixed, estimates are 1000.-1800.
We are in the process of figuring out how to get this fixed.
Long process.

So, almost through...I have been driving around for awhile with no air, and my husband was nice enough ( and believe me it SCARES him , when I take his truck anywhere ) to take his truck to Lowes. I have problems backing up, etc., in his truck. I hit a brick wall with one of his trucks 20 + years ago...I am thinking he may remember that still.

But, I told him I needed to get my mulch, please let me use the truck as it was 1:30 in the afternoon and already 95 that day.
He very shakily handed me his truck keys, looked at them in my hands for awhile,
looked out at his truck..I mean it was ridiculous.
I grabbed those keys and told him go to work , I am heading to Lowes.
In a vehicle with AIR-CONDITIONING !!!

We are so spoiled these days, as when we were first married, we had cars with no air-conditioning, so it did make me feel young the first 5 minutes I drove my car like that last week...but the sweat on my entire body washed away that feeling very soon.

Forgot to say I spied a few old bricks on the side of the road...for my borders and paths, and threw those in the back on the way to Lowes.

When I got to Lowes, I walked all around, I was coming for mulch, but also wanted to get a few marigolds for my mosquitoes to be less attracted to me, and a few other flowers.
I then walked to the back in the SWELTERING heat, had to be 98 in there with the concrete , wide open heat. Loaded up my 8 bags of mulch, I could not fit anymore on my pull cart...

See my lovely hummingbird hanger I did not need ?

After I loaded up that, plus my few flowers...I dragged the cart towards the potting soil . I finally got over there , and saw the best deal was the 50 lb. bag . I looked at my cart , looked at the heavy bag of soil. Stood  there trying to get my sweaty brain to work and help me figure out how to lift this on my cart.
While I was doing this, a man walked up...probably late 50's...and within about 1 minute , he asked me if he could help me lift it on my cart ?
What a gentleman. He quickly lifted it and fit it on the front, I smiled and thanked him.
Then I turned and dragged , as best I could...I believe I looked like a little kid pulling a wagon too big for them , as I was getting many  funny looks, it was obvious I was struggling to pull this now.
At the register, another man allowed me to go in front of him, I told him  " No, I have more than you. " He says that he would shop some more, that I can go. I thanked him, turned and smiled, and he goes, " You better get someone to help you get that in your car. "
I told him  , " No problem, I am not shy about asking them to help me load things."
Another gentleman. This man was probably late 60's or so.

Then the girl at the register called up someone and he helped me load all this up. He was polite, friendly, and did not want me lifting anything heavy. We were standing in the parking lot, still around 95-96 degrees.
with all that, he was a gentleman.
So I had air conditioning, and three gentlemen to help my trip to Lowes be pleasant.

I jumped in the truck, I have to jump in this big truck, and turned on the air to blast myself with coldness. Opened my gatorade , drank about 1/2 of it ...I  had bought it too at Lowes, and headed home.

My hanging basket planter I got on sale for 6.00

My cute plant hanger was 13.99

Flowers 15.00 I think.
Mulch 24.00
Potting soil 9.00
Plant hanger 14.00
Planter basket 6.00
Gatorade 1.50
Bricks- Free
Altogether it was too much, I think 78. But...I am trying to use Flowerlady's advice and be more frugal. Which means I do not need to set foot in Lowes, or Home depot's plant areas.
Stay away from temptation !
After all, the dentist and endodontists and mechanics have all my money anyway.

Stay cool wherever you are, 
I am watching myself in the heat here much better now...
More later,
" For if you forgive men their trespasses , your heavenly Father will also forgive you. "Matthew 6:14


  1. I love finding free finds! Sounds like a fun trip to Lowes!

  2. Gina, you are so cute to share this story of huge expenses, 50 lb. bags at Lowe's, extreme heat, and the 3 gentlemen. Praise be to Jesus, there are still many gentlemen around. Yes, if I see plants, I buy! One of our sons often gives me gift cards to my favorite garden store, isn't that wonderful?

  3. Hi Melissa Jo, Free finds are The BEST finds right ? !

    Hi Terra, Yes, praise God there are some gentlemen left...let's hope more develop ! thanks !

  4. I feel your pain with the money stuff right now. We've been on a roll of unexpected big expenses off and on since December. Hopefully we'll both be done for awhile.
    I always enjoy your stories about you and your husband, they remind me of my husband and I :)
    Isn't it nice when people are kind? Those kind of things can help turn a bad day into a good one and help me to remember to go the extra mile in how I treat others.

  5. Gina, lucky you - those old bricks look pretty new! 95-96 degrees? You live on a different planet! How about 52?

  6. Hi Catherine, Money crunches seem to be happening to most people now , glad to hear you like my goofy stories.

    Hi Tatayna , The bricks came off a 50 year old house, so not too old...but old enough ! 52 degrees ! Has Summer hit there yet ?

  7. I pretty much stay out of the stores :) Don't need the temptations. I DID spend the morning in our yard - trimming, transplanting, watering, etc. Then it got hot....

  8. Pulling off a painting with movement in a country road is nothing compared to building your own Eden in one's back yard over a decade- from scratch!
    Gadzooks, Lady! Very nice work indeed,

  9. No comparison Taylor, but very kind words anyway ! Thanks much

  10. Its 57.2F here and the ground is saturated after so much rain. The only thing hot outside just now are the hot colours from some of my blooms!

    So nice to find helpful people when you're out shopping- thankfully there are a few still about like that. Just think how much more expensive your bill would have been if you had bought smaller bags - those men saved you money today so you have been frugal Ginny afterall this weekend!


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