Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Most Popular Per-DOG-son on my Blog

I know full well that Maxine is the most popular element of my blog, so I decided to do a little entry about her today. A few weeks ago, I actually ventured out into my garden,and she as usual came with me.
My young son put this under his treehouse/fort, as she sleeps under here alot. Everytime I tried to sneak up on her and take her picture here though, this is what she would do...
Leave her post and come get love. She lives to get loved up, and to eat, and to go for her walks.
Perfect life.
Garden needs tons of work, I weeded, I looked around while I was down in my weeding/sitting pose and thought about different things to do in my little garden. I have not done that very much in the last year, between the intense heat, humidity and mosquitos. Plus my heart has not been out here either. Your heart really has to be in your garden with you to do any good out here.
Evidence after the fact of my weeding and carting off of weeds, Maxine always comes out with me to cart off my weeds.
Cleaner from weeds all in my bricks and my garden. I have decided that I want to extend the bricks, but it will mean lots of heavy digging, carting of bricks, etc. I have asked my son, my big son to help me soon. He works out all the time, and can lift me, the wheelbarrow and Maxine with one arm.
Going to extend the front here, about two or three more feet.
Fountain has been broken, but my husband fixed it the other day. The birds are now not so annoyed with us.

For Pete's sake, this is supposed to be about Maxine. Maxine has had her 3250.00 dollars ( yes, you read that right ), surgery on her ACL, and it was a long recuperation but she is back prancing around.
Or lounging.
Look at her shiny coat, she always gets compliments on her coat.
Sweet dog, I wish I was as sweet as she is.
Futile wish, she was made that way.
She's also pretty much a gimp. Now on that we are alike. She is a very pretty gimpy dog. For my transatlantic followers, that means she is a overly -sensitive wuss.
That is also why she is so sweet.
Lots of work to do. But Maxine is ready to get inside again...

This is my cue.

So in we go. Hope your day goes well, enjoy your families, enjoy your pets, take your heart out in your garden with you this week,


  1. I am so pleased you brought Maxine out to play with us today and, best of all, in your garden which, in spite of your declaration of not having spent much time out there in the past year, is still looking so lovely! This was a super post, Gina and it was so good to see you out in the garden, making plans.

  2. She is such a beautiful sweet loving girl!

  3. Ooohhh Maxine is such a cutie and looks like a big ole baby. I think it's comforting to have a dog oh I mean pet no I mean family member walking at your heels. I added to my little family this weekend. Come by and check out my new 'man' in the house.

  4. Maxine is a beautiful girl, and a wonderful companion to have in the garden, too while weeding. Unless she's like my dogs, who love to flop down on the flowers for a snooze at times. But my dogs are only ten pounds each, so it's minor damage.)

    Nothing I like better than getting help with the heavy garden projects, too. It will be a win-win for both you and your son, he gets a 'free' workout and you benefit with changes in the landscaping. Your garden is beautiful, I love the brick paving.

  5. Your garden always seems to welcome me...intrigue me...I would love to incorporate some paving into our yard...but first of all don't have access to (cheap) brick...and second of all, am sort of lazy.

    Maybe I need Maxine to get me motivated?!? She is beautiful and I can read the love between the lines of your post.

  6. Gina, Maxine is a beauty, esp. her shiny coat. Wow, and an expensive girl too, with her surgery, but well worth it. You know we love Maxine, but we love YOU too!

  7. Hugs to Maxine!! She's adorable and undeniably adds to the popularity of your blog :) I love the last picture the best.. And it's tough to take a picture of my Lab too - he doesn't like being stared at!

    Now you made me want to blog about my dogs too!!

  8. Hi Gina,
    Maxine really is a beauty isn't she. It sounds as though she has an ideal life. I am often jealous of our cats, and how the most difficult thing they seem to have to face is waking up occasionally.

  9. Hi Gina, Maxine is so cute, typical Lab. Good luck with your garden project

  10. What a beautiful dog! I should have taken Bunny out with me right when I got her.... when I gardened. Now she would just be bored.

  11. Maxine is a cutie!!!!
    Have your strong son help with all those bricks. What are those muscles for anyway? I hope you get the pavers extented. Don't blame you for not wanting to be out in the heat!


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