Monday, September 3, 2012

Went To METROLINA Antique Show ~

My youngest son and I, went to the big antique show at Metrolina in Charlotte, NC this past weekend. I was hoping to show lots of pictures of antiques, but the show ended up being about 1/10th of what it used to be like( or less), so I only have a few pictures of our day. He was in charge of taking most pictures, and forgot most of the time. But when he remembered, I'll show you our day.
Here is the opening sign where we paid to get it. I think it was 5.00  dollars for me, he was free as he was under 12 years old ( yeah!).
It was sweltering , and I mean sweltering outside. We got there late, around 11 AM, and it was already 94 degrees and 80 % humidity.
First exciting thing we saw was this snazzy 1950-60's red automobile. I grabbed the camera and took his picture by it.
I asked how much this 1960's light pink radio was, and they told me 45.00, which was too much for me for resale. Passed.
Then we walked around some more in the blazing sun and heat, and did not see much. Vendors were hot, shoppers were hot, a miserable day once it got to be around noon.
Lots of containers with costume jewelry to rifle through, but not me, I was looking for vintage or antique paintings or some other antique or vintage decorative objects.
Blue mason jars, old soda bottles lined up neatly. Hardly anything outside( they also sell inside buildings), of any higher quality antiques this time. Bummer.
I was wearing my handy small backpack, but forgot my water bottle. Everyone needs to remember their water bottles, their cash, check book, credit cards, driver's license , measuring tape, notepad, and a pen. I also have brought a small magnifying glass, but forgot it that day.
As you can see, my photographer liked being photographed by ' cool' things. Knight in shining armor was $225.00. Pass. I kept the boy in blue though.
Old vintage 1930-40's garden chairs. I think the rust was free with the chair's price.
More great vintage metal lawn/garden chairs and glider. He has some hot wheels cars in that bag by the way.
They do have some outside covered booths, and I did see a few neat things, but not anything spectacular. We were both getting very hot, and a bit testy, both of us.
Almost bought this mod pair of plastic and vinyl chairs, but they were very small, only a small adult or pre-teen could sit comfortably in them. So I passed.
I did get this nice antique, early 1900's, pyrography or Flemish art wood piece, for only 5.00, good deal! This was a old hobbyist piece were people would buy the wood, and a design would be marked into it, and they would burn the design in with a special tool, and make themselves decorative objects. Back in the very early 1900's.
Fairly soon, I felt like I was going to pass out from the heat, and so we went into one of the buildings and bought some cold water and looked around. People can bring their pets here,and this woman brought her dog in a stroller.
Spoiled rotten cute.
Here was a picture of a dealer's three spoiled pampered pooches.
Some oriental objects for sale.
Some vintage mink wraps for sale, I think she said they were about 20.00-25.00 each. If people just bought vintage furs, they wouldn't have to kill any animals now for their furs.
I was going over to see my French art dealer friend Daniel, and I found him chatting with another French dealer, and I walked up and told them to keep talking , so I could hear a man talk in French around me. Everytime I do that, they stop talking, darn.
He has some wonderful art and pottery. His site is But he also sets up at Metrolina every month in Charlotte in the big first building when you walk in. Tell him I sent you if you go.
I really liked this painting he has, a late 1800's oil on academy board in a European frame of a Renaissance saint or Mary Magdalene.
I bought here and she is for sale here.
Beautiful old vintage floral of gladiolas he had for sale, but too much for me for resale. I have bought many paintings from Daniel over the years, and many I wish I had bought.
My photographer took a goodbye shot of me and Daniel & his wonderful French accent, and then we continued our shopping.
Bought these original Italian Florentine wood frames...
Bought this vintage Impressionist pink roses floral in a big original frame that day...
Vintage European seascape...and a few more items. Not a awesome Metrolina trip, I believe their November Extravaganza show will be the next one I come to.
So we both pile into the car, turn up the air-conditioning on high, turn Adele 21 up on high, and head back home. On the way back , my son loves to see the big Charlotte Knights baseball team's water tower in the sky from the highway...
Enjoy your days and nights, all my items can be found here.
Take good care everyone,


  1. That was fun browsing the sale with you. Your son did a good job with the photographs and nice to get his picture with the 'cool' stuff. I have a handy backpack purse for similar outings. I got a canteen with a sleeve that has a snap loop so it is easy to hook onto a bag or whatever too. Gotta keep hydrated! You got some lovely pieces as always.

  2. I truly enjoyed shopping with you. I bought some of the same artwork that you did, plus your header painting. It was a hot but good day for me. I forgot my water bottle at the cabin yesterday, so retrieved it today. It was so much cooler inside of the log walls.

  3. My favourite was the pair of Florentine wood framed pictures. It looks great there, but like you, I would find that kind of heat unbearable, and frustrating as I could spend hours in a place like that. Thanks for the great post. Take care.

  4. The older I get, the less I can tolerate heat and humidity. I wouldn't have lasted long. It was nice to "meet" your friend Daniel here. His collection looks fascinating. Wish I could have seen it up close and personal...

  5. It looks like you and your son, who is growing up fast by the way, had a fun adventure and you bought some nice pieces. I like the Flemish wood piece.

    That sure looks like a great antique show to go to. The heat would do me in really quickly though. I get grumpy in the heat and feel ill.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  6. That used to be a pretty good show. But everything has changed so much! At least you got a few good pieces and spent some nice time with your son.


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