Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Sweet GIFT from FLOWERLADY in my Mailbox

I received a very touching, handmade gift from a fellow blogger, who is too kind in general, and very kind to make this for me and send it to me after my recent heartache. This wonderful woman ,  Flowerlady from Flowerlady's Musings  has been checking on me often after Sarah's death, and she and and a few others in my life, help me in what I consider ' soft ways'. Everyone responds differently to grief, I am the kind that does not want to talk about it, or really want to be around anyone much in general right now. So what is best for me, is subtle, soft ..sort of quick expressions of love or caring. I cannot listen to anyone go on and on about how horrible this all is, or if it happened to them or their child they would just DIE. I have been inundated with the , " Anything I can do, please call. " Because I won't, and neither will many other people in similar instances.  Not that the people do not mean it, but being in my shoes, we are incapable of asking then or later.

Flowerlady's Musings has always been one of my very favorite blogs, when you go there, she always has soft music playing, and she tells sweet , simple stories about her and her home and her garden and her husband... DH, which I think stands for ' Dear Husband or ' Dear heart '. Plus she makes everything delicious from scratch. Breads, cakes, you name it.
She has a heart of gold...and,
she mailed a heart to me. 
Something she made with her own two hands.
She made me this lavender sachet heart keepsake tiny pillow , with little colorful flowers embroidered inside..and included many Bible verses in a separate letter.
Look at the little a garden in my heart.

And on the outskirts of this, she wrote in thread, ' 
Love is Forever".

I opened it out of her delicate tissue wrapping , and looked  in wonder at the beauty of it. I smiled down at this little pillow in my hand, and thought, I will love Sarah forever . 

And ever.

I then flipped it over, and she embroidered this on the back..

a little , precious gift..priceless to me.

It is odd to me that only a few expressions of caring for me and my family have stood out. Stood out from many gestures. I am sure it would be different for you. This is one from her, and I will treasure it. 
I also had a yardman, not mine, as I am my own yard-lady...but a fellow parent who had a daughter in Sarah's class , he came by the first day after her death, and I heard loud noises out my window. I looked out finally, in my daze, and I saw some men blowing my yard, edging, and some other things. I was medicated most of the first week, so I remember a fog of decisions and a never-ending variety of people coming and going from my home.
He never came to the door, but showed his care in a practical way.
The other person I remember is a old eBay customer of mine, he must have bought about 100 plus paintings from me in the past. We had become friends, his name is Eric. Since he has found out, he writes me almost everyday. I do not respond usually, a few times, but he keeps writing...asking how I am, telling me he is praying for me, and then tells me about what is going on in his life. 
Then another person who stands out, and we have really had so many large gifts of food , cards, plants , etc., that I do not want to sound ungrateful...but for some reason..the ones I am mentioning were the ones that touched something inside me , in a special way.
The last one that comes to mind of these is my fun mailman, he always calls me ' Darlin' , when I am out working outside, or chasing Maxine away from him...well about a week ago, I went on my porch to get Maxine the killer guard dog away from him , as my little boy had left the gate open. I get her in, he waves to me as he walks off down my front walk...he had been delivering 20-40 cards a day for weeks to us, condolence cards cramming my mailbox. 
Anyway, he walks off, I glance up at him, not my chatty self...he stops, looks at me , smiles very gently. I make myself smile a little back...and then he goes, " I'm sorry, you know we love you, " and then he takes his hand and makes a fist, puts it across his heart...and pounds it there.
I smiled from inside out of myself, nodded at him , and walked inside.

That, is the type of outpouring , the type of gestures that mean something to me.
PLUS, I really do appreciate all of you bloggers leaving me such helpful and considerate comments and encouragement.
The outpouring from all of you is really remarkable. 

All of us, can be a blessing to someone , in whatever way you show caring best,
thanks to all of you,


  1. Just knowing someone cares makes a big difference.

    Flowerlady did a great job on her gift.

  2. Isn't it interesting how God places just the right people with the right words and gestures into our paths? FlowerLady IS a gentle, good soul. What a beautiful cushion.

  3. A gift made prayerfully and with love - as FlowerLady's heart for you must have been - it's no wonder that it touched you so.
    You and your family are in my prayers every day.

  4. What a great gift are in my prayers darling.....and their burns a candle on my blog for love love.........Ria...

  5. What a sweet and thoughtful gift. I agree FlowerLady is a very kind person.
    You've continued to be in my thoughts.

  6. That is a labour of love - every stitch had thoughts of you and Sarah in mind as she made that Gina.

    Remembering you all in my prayers.

  7. I'm not surprised that Flowerlady sent you this heartfelt handmade gift. I enjoy visiting her blog, as well and she seems like a kind-hearted person. The simplest acts can be the most touching.

  8. Thank you for your tender reminder that the best gifts come from the heart. We are strangers who have met only through the intangible world of the internet, but I am touched deeply by your loss. Have courage and know that you and your family continue to be in my prayers.

  9. Flowerlady has a heart of gold and this was a lovely gesture. I think about you often and hope you will eventually find peace after you travel through this time of heartache. I don't know how I would handle the pain.


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