Saturday, December 26, 2009

14 Ways to Make YOUR Home Look Like a CHARLESTON , SC Home

I am a Charleston, South Carolina lover. I live close to Charleston, so have been able to visit quite often and take lots of photos of yards, gardens and outside of private homes there. In this short guide I will show you what I have deduced that will be fourteen SUREFIRE ways to make your home more like an authentic historic Charleston style home for the New Year.
All of these elements can be reproduced in your own yard and on the outside of your own home.
Let's start:
No. 1: Wrought iron fencing surrounding home and garden.
One of the biggest defining characteristics of Charleston is their wrought iron fencing and gates. Most are painted black. 

 No. 2: Cement fountains or cast iron fountains in the FRONT yards.
Most of these are inside round cement basins like this one. 

Backyard , grand fountain, painted black

No. 3:
Large cement planters all almost all painted black, if not black then left natural and aged by the elements.  But predominately black.
Just like the door.
No. 4:
Clipped boxwoods and small hedges with meandering paths.

Geometric designs with many knot gardens.

No. 5:
Black WOOD ( not wood composite ) shutters. Some of these are painted dark green ( Charleston green ), which is almost black it is so dark.

Brass doorknocker for your door. Most doorknockers here are lions, they are usually not polished, leaving the old , natural patina is best here.

No. 7: 
Brick pathways all around the homes, to me the biggest indicator of a Charleston style home. Try to get old brick if you can, or brick that looks beat up a little, new brick does not look as authentic. Also try NOT to make your paths perfectly straight and perfect ( I have no problem with this ), as most of the paths are a little ' off' , which makes them more charming.

No. 8:
Thick, heavy wrought iron gates, even if you have wood fencing around your home, if you can put a wrought iron gate at the entrance of your garden or yard, it gives it an authentic Charleston look.

No. 9:
Large wood ( not composite fiberglass wood ), doors painted black.

Also a natural wood stained door was popular, but not as much as the black doors. 


No. 10:
Climbing ivy and topiary , ivy was rambling up many steps, brick walls , doorways.
Up the steps, very common here.

No 11:

I love these authentic Charleston benches. Wood and wrought iron, no aluminum here. These are a must !

No. 12:
Window boxes with overflowing flowers. Most are wood, painted black, some are wrought iron. Anything will help your home look like a Charleston home, wood is just the original ones here.

No. 13:
Original , old cement statuary, beat up  looking is the best way to go here. Not too many in your garden, just sprinkled about and usually you want them to be in the same theme ( Victorian, angels, cherubs, animals, women, etc. ).

No. 14:
You'll need a dog , of any breed, lounging either on your front porch or through your wrought iron fencing. I swear most residents in Charleston have dogs !
My youngest daughter petting a spoiled one here.
See, told you.

Please check my archives in September and October especially where I have many more photos of homes and gardens in downtown historic Charleston, SC.

Blessings to you,

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