Monday, December 7, 2009


I am always amazed at the way God chooses to touch us. It is oftentimes in the smallest ways , not fancy , not ostentatious , but always effective. 
We were in church yesterday, had gotten there in one of those moods of ' Not too bad-Not too good ". The pressures of life and living , weighing on many in the building.
We go to the traditional service in our church...where old hymns are sung and everyone is dressed fairly nice. The contemporary service our church holds at 11:30, is much more laid back...jeans, shorts, whatever. But the old hymns are not usually sung ,and my husband and I still believe a church is a building that deserves some reverence when you come to worship. So we go to the fuddier-duddier service that we enjoy. 
We sat up top in the balcony, this time at the very edge where people walk by in front of us. While I was standing , singing a Christmas hymn with the congregation....right in front of me passed a blessing from God.
He was dressed a little oddly, he had a red velour jacket over pants, it was not quite zipped and his collar was askew. He was probably in his late 60's or so, and he had the most warm happy eyes.
He passed in front of us and went directly behind us, and then he started.

He started whistling to the hymn.
No singing, but every note, every word...was whistled.
I have been to this church for over 30 years, and I have NEVER heard anyone do that.
I turned to my husband, he turned and looked at me...I was smiling with delight over the whistling.
When we all finished, we have a' Turn and say Hi to someone' time at church. I turned around to the whistling man in his red velour jacket, he looked shy and sweet. I asked him if that was him whistling ? He says , " Yes."
I could tell that he must have had someone NOT like it before, or maybe just give him strange looks when he does his manner.
I then told him I really liked it.
He had the sweetest smile come over his face...and then we all sat for the rest of the service.
During the rest of the hymns that were sung...I could hear his beautiful whistling, it had gotten drowned out a bit by some more people coming to sit near him...but it was still there...floating in the air to bless in his own special and unique way.
When the service was completely over , and we were leaving...I turned again to the man and took his hand in both of mine, and told him how much I enjoyed his whistling again.
I guess that time I blessed him, as his eyes were shining and he just nodded and smiled.
I left there appreciating so much the boldness of this shy man , of how he chooses to whistle...go against the norm...and give glory to God.
I thanked God for that small simple blessing of whistling, and I wish you all to have something really small and special touch you today from God. I also encourage you to touch someone for God today,


" When in our music God is glorified , And adoration leaves no room for pride , It is as tho' the whole creation cried, Alleluia, Alleluia ! " 
Old hymn by Fred Pratt Green mid 1900's