Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Who REALLY Sees The REAL You ?

Hunting Art

I had a funny recollection the other day of a time when someone saw the real me. The me that I really don't want anyone to see...the one we all hide from the world most of the time.
The one God always sees first.
I had come back from an early morning walk late this summer, was sitting at my computer doing some eBay work...when I heard the doorbell ring, I looked up...I had not heard a car...and saw my daughter's car out in the driveway. This was my oldest daughter's car, she had only been home every now and then as she was finishing off her last year at law school. I was so happy she had come over ! I ran to the door, opened it quickly and said " Well HI !!!", with a big smile.
But to my utter horror , and shock ( most men will not understand this but the women will ,so bear with me), it was NOT my daughter but a good friend who used to be my Broker-in-Charge when I sold real estate. He stops by to visit with me every now and then , he is always dressed perfectly, button up shirt, tie, dress slacks. Plus he has always seen me at the office in nice clothes ( when I was a Realtor) , MAKE-UP on, looking sharp, well- groomed so to speak.
NOT this time.

Let's get back to my front porch...I see that it is him ( found out he was driving one of his kid's car that day ), I realize I am in running shorts, tank shirt, tennis shoes, NO MAKE-UP ( my biggest upset ), and I react like Dracula does in the movies  when he is exposed to sunlight --by screaming,  and covering my face, as if the light was blinding me. I then ramble on that I have no make-up on, I had just gotten back from a walk, I would NEVER had opened the door if I knew it was him , still covering my face with my hands, on and off.

He just stands there like I had lost all my marbles.
I then go on and on ( AGAIN ) , about how I would not have even opened the door if I knew it was him ( bet that made him feel good ), and I thought he was my daughter.
He just keeps looking at me like I am NUTS , with his well-pressed clothes on and his squezzie red real estate ball in his hand that he had brought for me with his name on it.
I then bend over, cover up my face again... and start laughing like crazy.
At myself.

Bet I made his day.

He then tries to tell me he had just come by to say, " Hi "..and hands me his squeezie ball , chats for a bit and leaves.
I told my husband this story later that day and he told me that I look fine with no make-up, I never need to wear any, and I am goofy ( he is too kind ).
I talked to him , my ex-broker on the phone yesterday about this incident...he pauses for a long time, like he doesn't remember...then he goes, " Oh YEAH, when you pitched a fit on your porch. " 
Wow, what an impression I left him with , very accurate ( I truthfully had hoped he  had forgotten it).
Blew my cover.

We then discussed how people change themselves, change their masks, for whatever crowd they are in at that time.

The truth is we ALL wear different masks, different faces to various people we encounter in our lives.
Sometimes we are the person we want to be, kind...solicitous, concerned,friendly , ready to help. Then we are the aggressive, or assertive gung-ho person that we want to project to make someone believe we are on top of what ever needs to be on top of. Then we put on our charming , 'everything is great' mask.
I think we have a happy mask, a pouty mask, a mad mask, a sexy mask,  a righteous mask, a ' no-problem' mask , an intelligent mask, the successful mask, the perfect family man or woman mask, a religious mask...on and on with all our handy disguises.
I think it is the REAL you, the authentic, genuine you...that may be the hardest thing to reveal.
It makes you vulnerable.
It can show your weaknesses and your strengths.
It can be scary to you and others.
It can reveal what you are hiding.
It may be what you are really NOT...to others.
You may feel it is not enough.

God sees us, all of us...no make-up, no shaved faces and combed hair.
He sees our hearts, He sees our motives, our desires.
So after you take your shower, when you come up to the mirror and wipe away the steam from it...and you look at yourself...
What do you see ?
I am not talking about the surface vision, what do you see inside ?
If you are pleased with your inner reflection, then you must be doing something right. If you are not...ask God how to show you to be more genuine, more you...less show, less bravado, less fake,  and more
Stop being who you think everyone wants you to be , and simply be YOU.

GOD created you for a purpose, you are wonderfully made , He treasures each of us. I do not think He can use us in this world if we are not who we really are.
No put-ons, no pretense , no more falseness.
No more phoney-baloney.

This all starts with honesty and prayer. Work on what you do not like in yourself, praise God for what you do...as it all is from Him that is good and fruitful.
I know that I have lived long enough now to know that many people are NOT what they appear to be, NOT what they pretend to be, and NOT what they really  project to their family, co-workers, church members, or world. They are made up of words and busy-ness , lots of ' fluff' and less of what their spirit, their inner core of who they really are , contains.

Noticing this, makes me in turn... want to be MORE real .
I believe that is the only way God can use us , if we really are who we appear to be.
The REAL deal.
The TRUE you.

God made you for a purpose...and He can only use the ORIGINAL you that He created.

Bless you today,

"All is Vanity. " Ecclesiastes 12:8