Sunday, March 14, 2010

My View of the Woman DRIPPING Diamonds

On a hunt

I was on a antique art hunt about a month or so ago again, up in Charlotte, North Carolina at my favorite hunting spot there. A large, great antique mall full of many treasures. On this day I had found a few, and I was up front doing my typical, " Should I buy this ?" , " Can I make enough money off this to buy it ? ", " What kind of awesome rock bottom deal can the dealer give me so I will buy it ?" verbal scenarios I was playing with the sales staff. They are used to me hemming and hawing , trying to make up my feeble mind when I want to buy it all, but can't.
Then I glance up and notice HER.
She was an attractive woman in her late 40's, early 50's , with a little blonde ponytail, a white tennis outfit on , but most of all...
were all over her.
She had two diamond stud earrings that could have easily paid our house mortgage for a few months
She had a diamond tennis bracelet on, with various assorted gold bracelets with it.
She had a diamond solitaire around her neck , but mostly....
She had a gargantuan diamond wedding ring, with two diamond eternity rings surrounding bright I swear I almost whipped out my sunglasses as the light was reflecting off it so much I almost went blind.
Or else I almost went blind with envy, imagining , or really hypothesizing that this woman, this wealthy , spoiled woman, could not possibly understand what we ' regular people' go through in our lives. What the average woman has to struggle with financially or otherwise.
Now mind you, I know NOTHING about her, she may be nice, she reminded me of my mom who was always oblivious to anyone around her as she did not glance at me or anyone else around her, except the sales clerk. I on the other hand notice EVERYTHING around me at all times, very handy looking for artwork. I know I was smiling at her, she was interesting to me, I on the other hand was not so to her. 
I look down at my jeans, my cowboy boots, my vintage leather jacket, and my long hair in a ponytail ( at least a decent size ponytail as rich women always have those little itsy-bitsy ponytails -- very chic ). No terribly expensive jewelry on me, my wedding ring is high quality and was not cheap, but wouldn't blind you, I only wear real jewelry and no costume jewelry. I don't even have alot of jewelry , unlike Mrs. Sparkle.
I was directly across from her, maybe 5 feet from her , but from my OUTSIDE, what I projected and what she projected , was not mutually interesting.
She was interested in outward signs and symbols, of wealth, success , her visible trophies of this world. Many of us like these trophies, ranging from clothes, jewelry, cars, even to people.
I know I like some.
It made me think of that ludicrous show that is on ' Real Housewives of LA ' or "Real Housewives of New York ", you know the shows where a bunch of really ridiculously spoiled, selfish bratty women with all types of plastic surgery get on an whine for an hour ( not that I can't whine for awhile myself). But they whine about the most dumbest, trivial, childish, petty things...I cannot imagine who would sit and watch them.
But this world , this raging flesh of "want ", eats up that type of over-indulgence and ostentatious, the shows apparently get high ratings. People today are confused what is really, truly valuable.
What really sparkles.

I was irritated with myself for thinking these thoughts about Mrs. Dripping Diamonds, as I did not know ANYTHING about her life, her problems, nothing.
But I was aware of what she projected.
I watched her walk out the front door, and I could see her jump into a large white luxury SUV, I was wondering if she had a clue about God, about His treasures, about Jesus...wondering if she knew that all those diamonds she glistened with , would not fill up her heart. That the light they projected , was an illusion , and that a more beautiful, never-ending light could be inside her always through the love of Christ.
I kept my thoughts to myself, tucked my envy over her apparent ability to pay any bill she needed to pay and not worry,  back into myself , and told God that I was sorry I was judging this woman on outward signs alone.
I am unsure what lessons I learned that day, I know the lessons I should have learned, but as usual with me... two steps forward, three steps back.

" Judge not , lest ye be judged. " Matthew 7:11 ( easier for me )

" And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. " Philippians 4:19  ( harder for me )

I hope your day is a blessed , very bright one,

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