Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A VIEW of Two BOUNCING Dollars in my REARVIEW Mirror

I had a lesson taught me by God the other day , through the vision of two bouncing dollar bills in my rear view mirror...and I hope I taught one to the two boys in my backseat that were clutching those dollar bills as well.
It was a mid-afternoon on a Sunday , my little boy had his favorite best  friend over , they both have the same name, so it is quite handy to have them together as I just need to yell one name to get them both to do anything or stop doing something. They had been playing for a few hours, they kept saying they did not want anything to eat...but after the third or fourth time that I said. " Let me get you a pizza, "they decided sure.
We all hopped in my car to go get the best deal around, a 5.00 pepperoni large pizza at Little Caesars. You can't beat that price with a stick I told them on the way there. Now when you go to these ' Always have it hot-and -ready " pizza places, you just walk in , pay your money, they hand you a pizza...and Poof, you're out FAST. I pulled right in front, turned in my seat and asked if they wanted to go get it themselves ? They looked at each other and said ' Yes. " So I handed them the 5.00 ( plus tax ), and they jumped out of the car and went in and got their pizza, I could see them through the large glass windows paying for it. Then they grabbed the big box, came running out to my car..and stopped and looked down.
Then I saw them bend over, hold up a dollar bill in their hand, I just saw one dollar bill...and they did a little dance and got in the back seat. I asked what did they find as I started to back up the car. They go , " A dollar ! "
I smiled, glanced at the car that had pulled up beside me while they were in there, considered the lady who had gotten out MAY have dropped it...then dismissed that thought thinking instead, or rationalizing instead that it could have been dropped awhile ago by someone else.
And besides...
I remember finding dollars or quarters ( that's when they were BIG money ) , and I remember how excited I was, so I wanted them to enjoy it.
But, then I saw...
Not 1 dollar bill in my rear view mirror clutched in a 9 year old's fist , but 2 one dollar bills , one clutched in EACH little fist ! I immediately asked them , " Did you guys find 2 dollars out there ?! "They gleefully said, " Yeah !"
I was still driving home, looked back in my rear view mirror at those two dollar bills, two happy faces, and knew what I needed to do ( after considering for too long ). I told them, " We have to go back and see if that lady dropped those getting out of her car."
I was about 1/2 mile away from the pizza place, and I know that they are FAST in there, and I was concerned we would miss the woman and not be able to give her back her money.
SO I did what had to be done.
I whipped the car through the neighboring K-Mart parking lot, went flying over the three big speed bumps, watching two dollar bills held high and bouncing in my backseat in my rear view mirror . I told the boys, " We have to hurry in case we miss her, she may need that money to get her pizza."
Quick turn onto the road back to Little Caesars, then I zip into the front parking place again, see the woman standing at the register still.
I turn back to the two little munchkins in my backseat, hold my palm out, tell them to give me their loot, they do with some reluctance..and I jump out and go inside.
I walk directly up to this woman, I say, " Excuse me, did you lose two dollars out there ?"
She turns to me, turns back to the cashier, then she points to the cashier and says, " I just told her I'm missing two dollars. "
I smiled, told her my son and his friend picked them up outside, and here there are.
She thanked me , and I went back to the car, smiled at the boys and said,
 "We were JUST IN TIME."
I then drove home, explaining to the boys that if they had lost two dollar bills, wouldn't they hope someone would find them and give the money back ?
They semi-agreed. Then looked down at their pizza in their laps and started talking about something else.
I sat there driving home, thinking God was trying to tell me , " You should have acted faster, you should not have even driven out of that parking lot before seeing if even a dollar belonged to someone. "
I know I often act or fail to act too slowly, reluctantly, to do the right action in life. To do the RIGHT thing , to be an example in even the smallest ways for those around us in doing what is RIGHT.
Many times, in many circumstances...daily. 
I told my husband this story later, He fussed at me for whipping through K-Mart's parking lot and speed bumps, and he also asked me " How did you know it was her two dollars ? " He figured anyone would say Yes it was theirs.
I said I just knew.
And I knew I HAD to show those two young boys to do the right thing in life , even when you don't feel like it.
Even if you may be too late.
I told them to remember this.
God probably gave me a B- on this lesson He taught me that day.

Many blessings, I hope you race to do right in your day,

" There is a way that seems right to a man, but it's end is the way of death. " Proverbs 14:12

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