Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Original Old Wood Picket FENCES & GATES of CHARLESTON, South Carolina

Here is a lovely old wood picket gate , with a curved accent , leading into a downtown Charleston, SC home near the Battery.


I really liked the style of this old fencing , the graduated heights and the heavier large supports of the posts.


I saw these a few times also, large impressive wooden gates leading into the driveways. Almost all the driveway gates were painted black.

This was on Tradd St., an unusual large double dragon gate ( this of course is only one half, I would love to have closed the gates to get a great picture of them together...but my luck...I would have accidentally locked them or something...so left them open.) Again, something I considered for longer than I should have.

Here was a backyard gate and fencing, looking a little worse for wear but interesting design.


Most of the fencing had ivy growing through it...I remember this shot because their were some men doing yardwork across the street...and one started singing a lovely Mexican song...I have no idea if it was a lullaby, a love song or what...but I did not want to leave that spot as it was so romantic.

This was a double gate leading into a very gorgeous home near the Battery. Great design.

Here is an example of the combination picket fence separated with a brick column and the heavy wrought iron in the front. Charleston -style through and through.

Here was one of only about two fences I saw painted a different color than white or black, looks like a rebel homeowner protesting against convention...this was a putty/yellow color.


Very charming , very inviting look.


Huge driveway entry gates painted white with wrought iron in the openings.

I hope you can get some ideas for fencing in your yard or garden with these photos. I will be showing some more of Charleston wrought iron, statues, fountains, houses and doorways soon.
" Enter by the narrow gate ; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it . " Matthew 7: 13-14 



  1. This is so funny, I was just looking for images on picket fences and then went straight for your site...the funny thing is that I just came back from my first trip to Charleston where I spent 4 shorts days and had the coup de foudre with the French Quarter and the city as a whole and since I know nobody there it's fascinating to have found your blog because I love art, gardens and God. Anyway now that I found this blog I will be hooked to it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks very much,I 'm so glad you enjoyed it and hope to see some of your comments again, take care ! Gina

  3. I really do not know how I came across this blog. Looking for ways to use two front porch columns from a 1902 house. After viewing your blog, I am missing SC. My husband and I have a new love for all the streets with those iron gates..
    Our next visit I would really like to visit your store and more importantly meet such a Christian Women. You have blessed my heart this morning.
    Thank you for your quotes.. my daughter needed to here one of those and I sent it to her. God is using you and your Blog..


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