Saturday, May 29, 2010

My GARDEN Chairs Were Actually USED !!

Waiting for occupants

I finally got my other matching chair from the front yard to the back ( courtesy of a little patience and my husband's muscles ), and then I put a pot I had inside a metal plant stand I ALSO had  ( wink, being frugal )...
and look how it turned out..


My luck it fit great.

So my chairs ( a mother's day gift from about 8 years ago ), have been reunited and are waiting for someone to sit there and look at my handiwork .

Got some mulch down in front, need 8 more bags. My husband goes, "  "Great, more mulch to drift away to the back yard or get destroyed by Maxine on squirrel death patrol. "
I gave him a dirty look as he says this every time I buy mulch.
I have high hopes for my mulch...every time I go back and buy more.
Back to my chairs..
I had mowed and raked today, had one shower already after my morning walk and then after just mowing, by the way
the humidity is killer today...
I was heading to take another shower ,
but  when I looked outside, I had the pleasure of seeing this out my big picture window...

I couldn't believe my eyes !! I had two LIVE people in my chairs out there , it was not my imagination...two little munchkins drinking soda and discussing their Godzilla Wii game they had just played, were enjoying the chairs ! Grabbed my camera and got a few shots,

I was creeping up behind them , silent as a cat...

I was so tickled. I believe all the energy from me being happy made my son turn around after this shot. So I came to the front of them , told these two 9 years olds to pose as if they were looking out onto the garden..
 This view...

They looked at me and then at each other and started smirking . I told them to fake it ! This is what I got...

Sideways smirking.

Additional smirking and indifference. Little punks in my chairs.
Then I made my son, the one in red, come take a picture of me with my crape myrtle, I have planted 7 crape myrtles in my yard , they LOVE my yard. Grow insanely and bloom like crazy.
The one below is at the right back of my garden. I planted it 4 1/2 years ago, look...

 That's me reaching , I am 5 ' 6 and it reaches up past the power line ! Crazy growth ! I'm going to cut most of them back next Spring , as they are too large for the space. I let my Crape myrtles grow naturally and never trim them.

Pretty soon my garden will be awash with white blossoms and then I have two pink behind this and one pink towards the driveway.

Need to do some housework ( boring ), but I am praying for God to help me be enthusiastic about it. He is trying I can tell, but His receptacle ( me ) , is one little tough nut to crack.


" My son , keep My words , And treasure my commands within you, Keep my commands and live. And my law as the apple of your eye. Bind them on your fingers ; Write them on the tablet of your heart. " Proverbs 7: 1-3


  1. How wonderful to have someone, two of them actually, sit in and enjoy your seating arrangement. It looks like a lovely place to sit and relax.

    I wrote a couple of things down that I need to do, mop floors and wash windows. The window washing will have to be done when it's cool out.

    Summer is here.

    Enjoy your lovely gardens and 'homecaring' inside.


  2. Homecaring , I will use that in my head while I work, you're great ! Gina

  3. How rewarding--Real people in your chairs and the growth on the crepe myrtles! It's hot and humid up here, too. These are 2 & 3 shower days for garden folk!

  4. Hi Rebecca , Yes it was so nice to see them there!

  5. How incredible to have 2 live munchkins in your chairs. I would like to come and enjoy your garden and chairs too.
    I am writing a book on gardening with Scripture quotes, and think you are a bit of a soul mate.

  6. What a marvelous idea, I think I have a small one that I gave away. You are so industrious, bit of a soul mate ! Gina

  7. Your garden is beautiful! It looks like a very peaceful place to relax. I love to go outside first thing in the morning and around 7pm are my two favorite times to just relax and enjoy.
    I can relate to the motivation for cleaning inside. UGH...I always feel better when I do it, however it is hard to get started. I would much rather be outside. :) Nice blog!

  8. Thanks so much ! I just saw your blog, great photos, and I was born in Austin, so I have to be a follower, Neat ! Gina

  9. Hello Gina,

    just up the lane from us is Chartwell, the National Trust preserved home of Sir Winston Churchill. In the gardens there is a secluded spot next to a large pond in dappled shade. Next to the pond are two wooden chairs painted in "Chartwell Blue" a wonderful pale blue/aquamarine. I call them " sun-ray chairs" they are exactly like yours.

    Happy Memorial weekend,

    Sarah x

  10. Your chairs are lovely, and so are your gardens! There's something about Adirondack chairs that speaks of days gone by and they certainly compliment your landscape perfectly.

    I'm happy to have discovered your blog, and look forward to reading more of your posts.

  11. Lovely views of your garden with the chairs, thankfully being used. :) You must have put them in just the right spot.


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