Monday, December 5, 2011

A PINK Christmas Tree For SARAH~

I have been considering, since last Christmas, to have a special Christmas tree to honor my precious Sarah at the holiday time. Sarah liked the color pink, just as her big sister does, and so we went for a pink Christmas trees search today. We found this one at Walmart, a complete, artifical pre-lit tree,  all PINK. I had a hard time finding pink, a few other stores did not have that color. I had to have pink.

The ornament in the front, was made in 1994, my mother had that made for our tree. The one behind it, I found on eBay. I keep trying to find more Sarah ornaments, sometimes when you want something very badly, it is harder to get. Just out of reach.
This one is my favorite, she loved that her name meant Princess in Hebrew.
A glittery-silver dance shoe. She loved to dance, and boy she was a awesome dancer.
I am going to add to this tree every year, I am going to try to find a Britney Spears ornament, as when she was a teenager she idolized( to my chagrin), Britney. I am also going to put some pictures of her on some homemade ornaments . Looking at pictures of her, is very hard for me lately. It is almost as if I am stabbed in the heart when  I see her image.
I have also been rounding up some vintage Chalkware and plastic angels to place under the tree.
Plus disco-ball ornaments. Trying to add all the elements that make up my daughter, and cover a small pink difficult, yet comforting.

The S from her door as a child, that my young son found.

A snow baby.
A blue butterfly like I saw in Edisto Beach , the morning of July 12th, 2010, on my walk that Sarah and I always took.

A bracelet with her name, one of the items I search for often.
Here is a picture under the tree, of Sarah to the far left, my mother Sarah, me, and my oldest daughter in 2007 ( or 2006, can't remember exactly), at a birthday celebration for me. My mother died the following April 2008. Our Sarah in July 2010. She and Sarah are buried next to each other.
Here is one of my very favorite pictures of my children, minus our youngest son born 12 years later, on our old front porch steps. Sarah is in the middle, she was the baby of the family. They all are so precious.
Sparkily pink star.

More pictures beneath the tree. Sarah to the far left bottom picture. This picture was taken two weeks after my mother's unexpected death. A few days before my oldest's daughter's wedding. Life can knock us around  can't it ? The good with the bad, we have to take it as it comes. How God tries a human soul.

More vintage angels among the memories.
I added this post, to possibly help someone else who is grieving during the holiday time, to make themselves a tree, to remember and include their lost loved one in their holiday still. Whatever color tree...they make them in all colors, whatever style you choose, that represents their spirit. Include their name and hobbies, and likes. I plan to add to this every year. Being without my beautiful daughter in my life, it will be a year and a half since her death next month, is still a daily struggle. There is not incapacitating grief, it has changed to a deep, painful hurt, that is part of my soul. I know it is seen in my eyes, as I have had people tell me so. I also know, I have to find and show joy, to help my other family members still enjoy their lives.
Maybe you want to remember someone special, irreplaceable to you ,over the holidays. You can go buy yourself a little tree and decorate it with things they loved during their lifetime. This small action has helped me a little. I  walk pass this little pink tree in my home, and I smile thinking Sarah would have loved it.
Many blessings to you all, hug your loved ones, be thrilled and grateful to be able to gaze upon them, tell them you love them...every chance you get,


  1. The tree is beautiful. I know Sarah loves it! I miss her so much!

  2. The tree is lovely, Gina. You are in my thoughts. Brad wasn't a tree kind of guy, but your post made me think of all the Christmas years with him. Thanks for sharing and helping me to remember too.

  3. I think your lovely angel is looking down at her tree and smiling:)

  4. Sarah's tree is a lovely tribute to her memory. I have loved hearing the significance of each of the ornaments and seeing your beautiful collection of pictures. The one of your beautiful children when they were young is especially lovely and the one of the three generations of women on your 2007 Birthday, a priceless memory. May your beautiful memories comfort you greatly during this holiday season, Gina.

  5. Beautiful tree for your beautiful love from

  6. It is a beautiful tree filled with beautiful memories for you that I can't possibly begin to appreciate...

    I'm praying for your heart, Gina. Especially during this season. Out of its pain is coming a great compassion. I don't think you'll ever know all the lives you (and Sarah) have touched and will continue to touch...

  7. What a lovely way to remember your Sarah.

  8. Dear Gina ~ What a sweet post and lovely tree to Sarah's memory. I think this is very healing for all of you.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  9. it's beautiful, gina, and a wonderful idea.

  10. I absolutely love the pink tree. What a wonderful idea in remembrance of Sarah. I bet Sarah is smiling at what you did for her. Great post Gina.

  11. Dear Gina,
    My heart still aches for your loss.
    The pink tree is a lovely tribute to your beautiful daughter. I am glad there is a Heaven, where you and your dear mom and daughter will one day be re-united.

  12. Gina,
    What a lovely idea to have a tree to commemorate your daughter, Sarah. I was so glad that I somehow always kept the ornaments that were special relating to my son, Chris. I love looking at them on my tree, the first baby one, various sports types, and the sweet pictures of him growing up.

    Thank you for sharing your pink Sarah tree. It meant so much to me to see the photos, and read your words. It is comforting to know I'm not alone in my mother grief.

    I'll be thinking of you, knowing you are out there, and sending warm thoughts of hope and encouragement.

  13. Hugs Gina. That's a beautiful pink tree for Sarah! I am trying to think of doing something like this for my daughter's 21st birthday, next month. Love and strength to you.

  14. Dear Gina,
    I stumbled on your blog accidentally and have been deeply moved by you, your writing and your response to your loss. I am so sorry for that horrific loss. The pink tree is absolutely beautiful, may you know the strength and love of Christ in your heart and all of your family's this Christmas, bless you, prayers of encouragement and shelter in difficult times, Elizabeth

  15. You found the perfect pink tree and way to express your love for your daughter. This is good of you to reach out with this post and give others this idea.
    God Bless You and your family this Christmas.
    If I ever see a pink Sarah ornament I will buy it for you, for this tree of pink beauty.

  16. Gina,
    I hope that despite your grief, you and your family will have a very Merry Christmas. Having lost my parents to a car accident when I was seven, I understand loss, tho I don't know the loss of a child. I do know that keeping the memory of our lost loved ones is SO important to healing so I was thrilled to see your beautiful "Sarah" tree ~ it is beautiful! A beautiful tribute to a beautiful daughter. May you find comfort in Christ this holiday season.

  17. I haven't visited your blog in a while. I haven't really been blogging that much but thank you for stopping by! It's nice to have beautiful memories of people we love. I'll always cherish my memories from my first husband who passed away, it was only 5 years ago. I still have his love letters/pics and I'm happily married for 2 years now. God is always with you and the memories you hold dear in your heart. May he give you comfort, peace and strength.


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