Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Back PORCH Garden DROP Catch-all SPOT

My new garden catch all spot

I needed to do something with this spot on my back porch area, that I had moved my large Adirondack chair from. The funny thing is, I never sat in that chair, as it was always covered up with miscellaneous ' junk ' and some necessities as we come and go.
Then I decided to put this wrought iron garden table I had, that had been sitting in the driveway, close to  the house for over 6 months as I could not find a good spot for it. I cleaned it off, lifted it up here, and then put all my stuff that I felt I some unnecessary stuff I did not need,
on top.

 Case in point. 

 I put a large vintage planter in the back, and put some of my garden tools in it.

I then placed the St. Francis statue I found one day on the road to the right of it, some seashells below him...

 Our tennis shoes below everything, I used to have a planter rack I put these on, but they always ended up here so I left them.

I found this statue outside of a home on an evening walk,  it is probably about 20 years old or so, they had a large garden at this home.
Lucky find.

My only weapon against my mosquitoes , always handy..and when I put them in here...they don't fall over as much.

Since it is one of those tables with holes in the iron, dirt can fall through more than accumulating on top. Maxine's leash is in the vintage Mexican wood bowl there. She knows it is there and she gingerly picks it up before she takes it and runs insanely towards the front yard.

I also keep some other garden tools in this hand-painted letter holder I use for tools instead.

Some of my plant tags are in here..
Some just in a plastic plant container that I will transfer once I remember to scrap off the dirt of them...and some...LOTS, are in a ziploc bag inside my house.

I kind of have a hodge-podge of some hand painted art ( or in the cases that I painted them, extreme PRIMITIVE folk art). The angel I had my husband weatherproofed for me , and I liked that she was colorful in that corner. I collect some folk art angel paintings, and no...I do not believe real angels look like this, as in the Bible they are portrayed as fierce warriors or messengers of  God. I don't believe angels or fairies are running around my garden, sprinkling ' life ' or good spirits. 
I just like that these types of folk art angels represent ' Good ', the good in all of us, or maybe the good in me ( just gotta realize it is there ) guys are going to have to find whatever represents the ' Good ' in you , yourselves.
Whew, that was a long tirade about angels wasn't it ?
back to my little porch..

I like to use mirrors on my porch to reflect the light and my garden to me.

I have a gigantic Crape Myrtle, I planted only about 5 years ago, that is so beautiful with it's white blossoms showing through my lattice.

That's my little hand-painted Charleston , South Carolina scene brick...I have had this sitting here and there, but now I can see it every time I walk by my table. I encourage you to use little reminders or keepsakes outside too.

I just put this Art Deco vintage mirror up yesterday. Now I have three on my little porch.

Bought this on eBay. Just type in Folk Art angel paintings and a bunch will pop up. Buy one and support an artist . Or if you like landscapes or florals, type that in the Search box, and find you some art on wood ( for outside ), and then weatherproof it with shellac or polyurethane .

I love when the sun shines in here.

That's my news sprinkler, I have moved that to the front as I am watering today.  I am the sprinkler system at our house.

Patiently waiting for me to let her inside.

Yawning at me to hurry so she can take her 12th nap of the day.

It's really filling in in my garden now.

Hope your day  is good , I am running to Lowes to buy some mulch.

Bless you,

 ' The LORD is my light and salvation---whom shall I fear ? " Psalm 27:1


  1. I love your garden and how you organize things. Your garden reminds me of The Secret Garden--a book which inspired me as a child, to love gardening.

    Sissy featured your snowy Garden heart and the strawberry hearts On Guest Heart Thursday--and your work is as lovely as she describes.

    I'm so glad to have found you!

  2. Love your porch and all the clever ways of holding/storing items. Your angel is really pretty, and I love your little St. Francis.

    Have a nice evening ~ FlowerLady

  3. Thanks so much Beth, please stop by anytime, Gina

  4. You're like a little magpie and your porch is your nest! Mirrors are such a asset to have in that little space. You're very well organised.

  5. That is the most neatly organized and well decorated 'catch all' I think I have ever seen! Such a great idea to decorate the little areas of our homes that normally arent!

  6. This is EXACTLY the kind of garden blog post I love to see! I get so many ideas from it and could just look and look and look at it! I need to get my plant markers more organized. I got 2 ideas from you.

    I especially like your clarification about angels. Too many people get/give mixed messages about them or build their concepts from tv shows, etc.

    Tomorrow morning when it is a little cooler, I think I'm going to get out and arrange/organize a corner or two here!

  7. Rosie: that really made me laugh to hear you call me a magpie w/ her nest ,TRUE !

    Melissa Jo : I am normally the epitome of disorganization, but I'm trying.

    Rebecca : Thanks so much, I like blog entries that give me ideas too. Glad you understood about my angel comment, thanks !

  8. Hola Gina, a very nice and charming spot for all your garden tools displayed in those beautiful containers!! What a great idea to have mirrors (vintage ones of course) outside in the back porch, ligh reflects so lovely!!!... and oh that Angel, beautiful!!!
    I love coming to visit you!!!
    Maria Cecilia

  9. I enjoy looking at your Charleston pictures! My husband and I had one day to spend in Charleston earlier this spring. Wish I could have stayed SO much longer. You might be interested in what caught my eye here:

    Made me wish I had a great camera and was a professional photographer! There is SO much beauty there.

  10. I love all your pieces of art and how they make the porch so homey feeling. The angel painting really is pretty.

  11. I like that magpie comment, too. I love all your "stuff.". It is so fun to look at and hear what you have to say about it. So glad I found your blog!


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