Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Free ADDITIONS to My LOST & Found Garden

Maxine on squirrel patrol

 I wanted to show you some of the found items I stumbled upon in my own yard , that I had forgotten about, and then used. First of all , when Maxine ( my dog ), and I were sitting on the top step of my little deck, I had beside me a flat of marigolds I was going to plant in my garden to ward off my pesky mosquitoes.

I then decided, " What the heck, " I sit here most days looking at my garden ( when I do sit ), and so I dragged some pots I had under my steps here, and planted some marigolds in them. Perfect place as I really do sit here the most.
The pot to the right is an vintage pot and saucer, I like to mix my pots up. I know most of you are super-smart gardeners, but I will mention to the more novice gardeners to be sure to pinch off the dead marigold blossoms once they are past  their prime, as it encourages new blossoms to form. Just snap off the blossoms and kick them to the curb.

I added seashells in the pots too. Ok, let me show you what else I used that I found laying around my own yard.

I moved this large wood Adirondack chair to this middle garden spot patio I made years ago. I have to go get some more potting soil and a few more marigolds to plant by this chair.  I do not use it much, as the mosquitoes are vicious in my garden, especially late afternoon and dusk. ( yes I have dumped out all water holders in the yard, yes, I spray myself with repellent ). I am a mosquitoes' dream girl. They love me. Little jerks.
Nice view. I have the matching chair in the front yard, but it is so large to fit them both together this small area. I am usually by myself back here anyway, but I do have some company occasionally so I better lug that big chair from the front back here.   Maxine is always my company,  of course. I swear she tries to get in every shot I take lately, Prima Doga.

I bet you have a chair you move around your garden too. Or you may want to try moving one from a porch or front yard to the back. I had this one on my back porch-deck. The path that looks like a dirt bowl in front is getting mulch , once my husband stops arguing with me that it will just get scattered to kingdom come again by Maxine.
Hope Springs Eternal.

Nice view looking up too.
Garden is filling in.

 Here was a handmade copper do-dad that was in my small side garage, it was attached to something else...I have had it just laying around for years. I decided to hang it here on my husband's palace, and put birdseed in it.

I like it alot, let's hope we can keep the greedy squirrels out and let the birds have a chance at it.

My delphinium I am in love with.

I also found this view from my neighbor's house, looking into my garden.
I am going to do a separate entry about this gate next time.
I am DEFINITELY going to get my mulch for this large path that Maxine likes to destroy when she is on squirrel patrol. She has her paws crossed again here.
 I hope my little finds make you look around your garden and instead of going out to buy something , find a use for what is already in front of you , or stuck in your garage, or under your deck.

Hope your day is good and very productive,

 " But first seek after the kingdom of God and His righteousness , and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow , for tomorrow will worry about it's own things. Sufficient for the day is it's own troubles. " Matthew 6:33-34


  1. I am in love with your delphinium as well. I bought one last year, and although it grows, I haven't seen it bloom yet. Hope springs!!

  2. Oh my goodness, I bought two that have bloomed, but they had buds on them when I bought them. I bet yours will soon ! Thanks for stopping by, Gina

  3. I love your gardens and your delphinium is beautiful.

    It is nice to move things around in our gardens. I think it gives them new life.


  4. HI Flower Lady ! thanks much, you are a source of inspiration to me, take care, Gina

  5. Hi Gina~~ I enjoy your blog. It's always nice to re-purpose "found" objects. I love your "new" bird feeder.

    Love Maxine's crossed paws. What a sweet garden pal!

  6. I love the art you have throughout your garden. It's so pretty and cozy there. I've been thinking about gathering all my garden decor in one spot and then deciding how to reuse a lot of them. I do that sometimes in my house too. It gives a new feeling to everything to move things around.

  7. Lovely garden!
    Beautiful compositions, the borders are rich and harmonious, the choice of plants is refined and elegant. Bravissimo!
    I saw that you like sage and I seem to see the Sage Ianthina I bought last year and that I prepare his ears blue. ;)
    Your photos, then make you dream ......

  8. I forgot ..... I love your heart shaped trellis!!
    I guess I'll make him a blacksmith friend. You are always a source of inspiration.

  9. What a fantastic garden! I love it! And your dog looks exactly like mine! I'm glad to find your blog - I will be back!

  10. Thanks Grace, Catherine, Tyziana, and Daricia ! So nice to read all your compliments and ideas ! I love it, take care, Gina

  11. From every angle, in every direction (including up and down), I love your garden. Better get that second chair out back. If I find you, I'll be ready to sit with you and chat.

  12. Its getting lusher and lusher - I nearly missed this post - been a busy gal over here doing garden visits for the past few nights and oh boy just you wait till you see some of the photos of sculpture in one person's garden. I just love that chair I don't think I would ever get back out of it again!


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