Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Strawberry Heart Morning

Good morning to all, or evening ...wherever you are in the world ! I had somethings so neat happen to me this morning, I had to write and share it. I was making my husband a bowl of cereal this morning...
Let me tell you first about my grandmother. Because this ties in to my story. My father's mother, my grandmother we called Mudder ( German for Mother I believe ), she was a tough Texas woman , I am originally from Texas...and she ran a farm and a small ranch, she sewed, had her own small nursery also. She was not afraid of hard work, and she raised 5 children with my grandfather that was a foreman for a power company. 
Anyway, she was super smart, always reading..constantly reading, and she spoiled my grandfather by getting up at 4:30 AM to make him breakfast before he went to work.
EVERY Morning.

She told me, in a phone conversation when I was just 20 yrs. old., that is the age I got married, she told this young whipper-snapper-smarty-pants of a grand-daughter, that the best advice she could give me to be a good wife was always make my husband breakfast.

I remember telling her, No way, as my husband NEVER ate breakfast, and he could make himself breakfast if he wanted it anyway.
Wasn't I just the tough little women's libber, equal rights chick ?
That conversation happened over 25 years ago, my grandmother has passed away. But I have seen what she was trying to tell me..which is SHOW him that you care for him, take care of him.

So, for the last 3 years ( I'm a little late on the up take here ), I have made him breakfast, he doesn't always want it, yet he seems to like that I make it for him.

 Which takes me back to this sweet strawberry heart I found in the container of strawberries . I went and showed my son, he smiled. Then I showed my husband...then I acted goofy with it and pretending it was beating out of my in the cartoons.
He smiled too.
But what was so SO fun, was after I cut that one up...
I discovered 2 more in the container !! I was so happy, giddy over these heart strawberries.
I know you are thinking, boy is this woman easily giddy... and it is true over very small things in life.
I love hearts, they represent love to me, I like to see them all the time.

So that is my little bit of my morning here, I got to cut up some heart strawberries, and I love to smell sweet ones, and these smelled sweet.
My day is starting good.

So see Ms. Little Smarty-pants-whipper-snapper -know-it-all -granddaughter , got to slip some love into my husband's cereal this morning.
You were right Mudder , I love you and miss you very much,

Bless you today, show someone you love today with  a small gesture or act, that they matter,


 " Yet is shall not be so among you ; but whoever desires to be great among you, let him be your servant....just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve , and to give His life a ransom for many. " Matthew 20: 26,28


  1. This is a fun story, about your grandmother's wise words and you finally heeding them, and the strawberry hearts you found. A few days ago I posted a photo of a strawberry heart I found, on my blog. Please come take a look and say hi. How nice we each found strawberry hearts.

  2. Hi Rebecca and Terra, Thanks so much, I liked your strawberry heart you found too. God is full of surprises for us !

  3. What beautiful strawberry hearts!!! So ... I have to ask ... may I copy your hearts to feature on Guest Heart Thursday over at Random Hearts? I won't unless you say it's okay!!! - just leave a comment to say if it's okay, or if you'd rather not!

    I hope you have a blessed day.

  4. Such sweet and good advice, it's amazing how people leave you with the tidbits of knowledge that we ingrain into our lives!

  5. Strawberry hearts, and wonderful advice from your grandmother. She was right.

    I love hearts also.


  6. How could you resist eating them while taking their photos?

  7. What a precious blog entry, Gina. Mudder was right - "the way to a man's heart..." Those strawberries are beautiful. Life is full of sweet surprises - it's those little things...Thank you for sweetening my day! Cassandra ♥

  8. I love those strawberry hearts, and can even smell and taste them. What a find! And what a gift to your husband.

  9. What a wonderful surprise and a great way to start your day. I do love the simple surprises that life brings.

  10. ahhhhhh thats lovely. Little things in life are so memorable.

  11. What an absolutely wonderful post! Your Mudder sounds like she was a wise and sage lady. How blessed you are! By the way I LOVE the quotes in your header. Blessings winging your way! I bet those strawberry hearts were more than sweet. lol

  12. Thanks Noelle and Rosie , little things are everything,. right ?

    Thanks so much Beth for stopping by , and all your kind words .


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