Friday, March 2, 2012

WARNING for Parents Posting Pictures on BLOGS of Their Children:

I wanted to let you guys know , that I have noticed a small, but weekly,  disturbing trend in my stats of pedophiles looking for pictures of children. You can check your own stats for the week or month, and see if you see any of your children being looked at with weird search terms( anything that includes children or boys). Not even pictures or posts that anyone normally would consider a problem, are being pulled up on my blog ( and very probably yours),normal everyday pictures ( but the search words are perverted). I am most likely not going to post anymore of my child, unsure, as he is a big part of my life. But his safety and privacy from these messed-up perverts/criminals is paramount.
I am also unsure about pulling any posts that I have his picture in.
Just every parent and grandparent that blogs, be very aware of this.
take good care,


  1. This is a good point, Gina. I post no pictures of my family members, and don't give their names either. Privacy is sweet and rare in these internet days.

  2. It is too awful that this is even an issue. Of course protecting our loved ones is paramount. Thanks for the post!

  3. That is very disturbing, Gina!

  4. It may well be bots searching the net for the photos; but without doubt there are also sick individuals looking - however they're usually far more careful than blatantly putting search words into google!

    Either way, it's good sense not to use real names or post photos of children anyway, it's a sad siutation but the reality of the internet.

    1. Yes, definite google search terms that I don't want to write as google may pick them up and send the pedos here becuase of it.I hate not to post any pics of my son, he loves to see himself on here. But I have explained this ( sort-of) to him. thanks for stopping by !


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