Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Finally Got the YARDLady to Work~

It has been a hectic few days in the yard, finally got the slack-yardlady( moi), out to work in her garden. Nice posed shot above , taken by my son, before we got to work kicking some weed-behind in my garden.

 Let me tell you folks, it's not pretty...lookee here,
Yes, this is an actual picture of my weed-garden. Sick right, and there is more...
Terrible, downright embarrassing.
Yes, a gardener does live here, but one that should be fired.
Tisktisk, but I do have a few good excuses. See if you buy these..
Torn rotator cuffs, yes TWO torn rotator cuffs( shoulder injuries) , courtesy of Maxine , whose leash is glistening in the sun, and also from packing large heavy paintings.
2nd excuse, bad back.
3rd excuse, chronic hamstring injury.
Do any of those make you understand or feel sorry for me? If not, don't worry, you are in good company as my garden is FED up with me.
I knew it, my garden knew it, my soul/psyche knew it. I HAD to get crackin' out there. And I did.
Plus I was really smart and hired my Hercules older son to help me again.
Thank God for youth and muscles.
Now look at it...
Not many flowers yet, but weeded, and re-mulched. Sore back, sore hands, happier with garden.
Sarah's garden is up front, and do you see the sand-heart I made in there?
Made with the heart rocks from my porch, Edisto beach sand, which was our favorite place, and seashells from Edisto.
I will buy flowers soon for here.
Still considering a new fountain, don't like this one very much. The trumpet vine bloomed a few weeks ago, let me show you how it looked...
Happy trumpet vine over the arbor, which is being invaded by a climbing rose that I can't get rid of.
This climbing rose has been growing ever so secretly inside my trupetvine. I thought I got rid of it 3 years ago. It used to get black spot so bad that I dug it up and got rid of it. Or so I thought.
Roses are sneaky.
Sarah's front garden here has some decor that many would think tacky, but they are ' things' that make me think of her, or make me think she would smile. So in the garden they go. the EB on the sign is for Edisto Beach, a magnet decal they were sold out of when we went here last together. I told her we would get her one next time we went,as they were sold out that day. There was no next time.
Seize the moment people.
On my hands and knees weeding this path for a long time, Maxine was bored, but happy I was outside.
Listened to my fountain trickling while I worked around it. Saw so many of my perennials coming up, good thing.
Birds were chirping and singing all around.

So much more to do, but less now than before.
More flowers I need to plant in all my planters, front and back.
 It was close to 85 degrees today, with high humidity. Not much fun outside working when it gets so hot.
My garden likes me more again though, I can tell.
later gators,


  1. I love the sand heart and Sarah's garden. Your garden looks wonderful! So sorry about all those injuries! You were smart to get your son to help out. Working in the garden is so good for the soul - it's the most healing them I know of. Your garden looks like a wonderfully healing place.

    1. I agree, it is good for the soul and the mind too.Thanks Ginny!

  2. I'll bet you slept well after all of that. It looks good!!!

    1. Hmmm ? I slept Ok, but my mind was more rested I think .Thanks!

  3. Dear Gina ~ No wonder you've not been gardening. I think it all looks lovely now and I love the sand heart in Sarah's garden, really sweet. You are so right, we need to act on seizing the many moments that make up our days.

    Last summer the heat and humidity made me feel ill and I didn't do much at all in the gardens. I've been enjoying working out in them this week.

    Happy Gardening and have a wonderful Easter/Resurrection day.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

    1. I agree, the humidity saps us all in the South. Hope this Summer isn't so brutal-luv u too!

  4. The garden is looking really nice now Gina, well done for tackling such a mammoth task in one go. It looks like a wonderfully peaceful place, and I can just imagine relaxing in that wooden chair with my eyes closed and listening to the birds. The brick path looks to be maturing well, love it. I also quite like the fountain myself, it wood create just the right amount of 'sploshing' for me. Now go and have a cold lemonade!

    1. Thanks Gary, it was actually two'gos", some the day before, and most the second day. Now I have to get my planters done, but I need more potting soil, so off I go.take care over there!

  5. What an improvement, my friend! Your excuses were all very legitimate, by the way. Can't wait to see what happens next.

  6. lookin good!i had sooo many weeds this year, i guess the mild winter and very early and warm spring....gardening sure can be a lot of work but well worth it, don't you think? i have been dealing with pain in both shoulders too and flashes and heat waves are hard to take...oy.

    sarah's heart is beautiful...


    1. Yes, it sure is tough at mid-life!!:( The heat and I are not friends much anymore. Thanks so much for stopping by Erin!

  7. i always love to see your garden gina. it amazes me how much more warm and humid y'all are in's not all that far from here. a rose that defies being dug out is not something likely to happen here. they must really like it in your yard! the beach sand heart is great...really love that.

  8. And you are a pretty 'yard-lady' working in the garden. Wow that looks a lot of work but the results look so nice and orderly. Soon you'll have some things blooming. I love Sarah's garden and I bet she would be happy with it and smile at the things you lovingly placed there. I get excited when I get to Home Depot or Lowe's and see the containers your pretty blooms are in. I just know that some of them will be coming home with me. Hope you are having some nice weather. We are expecting some rain here today probably headed your way.

  9. Hey, I do feel sorry for you! BUT.. one must weed, weed, weed. I weeded for 8 hours the other day, I couldn't believe it. Luckily, there are some weeds I will tolerate, cuz they are so pretty. Now why wouldn't you want the rose twining in with the trumpet vines? I would think it beautiful. In fact, you have me thinking of adding one to our pump house where a trumpet vine reigns supreme

  10. That looks a lot like my herb garden a few weeks back. Weeding it the one thing about having gardens that I don't care for at all. If left for long the task is overwhelming.


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