Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Come with Me to An Antique MALL....Part 1

My little boy was out of school on a holiday yesterday, so the little peanut and I went for a short trip out of town to a antique mall I like to shop at , every now and then. We took lots of pictures, some by him, some by me. It was a nice trip, and he was dragged along after I forced him to put the Wii remote down and come with me. Look how excited he is ...
But , if you are a child of mine, you will be forced to go to antique malls many times in your life. He's such a phony-baloney.
I gave him the camera and told him to take some shots along the way, we were heading to a mall in Little Mountain, SC...a tiny town with a nice mall to peruse.
And away we go. It was a good 35 minutes away. 35 miles that my little boy would not allow me to play my sappy Country love songs or my contemporary Christian music without protest by sticking his fingers in his ears . I played the Christian music anyway , in between our talks about life.
I took the camera from him to try to get a few shots of him, but he was a pain, and kept blocking my shots. Plus I needed to keep my eyes on the road, so I gave him the camera again. Hunting antique and vintage artwork is helping me very much lately. Art has always stimulated me, and when I feel so down...I need a pick-me-up that if only temporary...works..at least some.  And Art does that for me.

This mall is in a small town, like I said, and the countryside is very pretty heading there. Soft rolling hills, old farmhouses on the side of the road. It was a warm , sunny day.
Finally settled Mr. " I don't want to go ", in the back with a book too. We will be there in 5 minutes.
Voila , here we are.
Mums out front that my son refused to pose with. I usually go to malls to buy my paintings and frames for my Ebay site, but I typically go by myself, sometimes my husband goes with me. I am very fast when I shop. I know what I am looking for, I scan the areas in a mall and zero in on what I want. Then I go check it out closer, and flip over price tags, as price is paramount for resale purposes. As soon as we walked in, guess what ?
Look what I zoomed in on...
I love old portraits, and she is a doozey.
My associate took these pictures, they would be nice if they were in FOCUS. All that paraphernalia in my pocket is my key chain where I have assorted store discount tags, and then a few reminders of love attached.
One of the first real smiles I felt inside that came out lately, I was so happy to find this portrait of an art deco young beauty...she has a very haughty look  , and I will list her on eBay later tonight. Art-lady scored.

Now for more hunting..but where is my son who was reminded to stay right beside Mom in here ?
 There the little peanut is, 2 aisles away . I am much slooowwweerr with him in tow, as I keep having to find him while I shop.
Great old needlepoint sampler says,  " The Lord is My Shepard ", but was overpriced by about 200. dollars at 275., for resale at least. I'll just show you what I saw that interested me, and then what I bought. Let's keep moving...

So much, very Laura Ashley/Rachel Shabby-chic to my left. I keep moving, eyes scanning the area for antique artwork and frames.
These Victorian ewers with hand painted roses were lovely, but 100. each made them too high for resale...so, off I go.
Nothing for me here either. While I am walking through, I am calling out my son's name, he is deliberately ignoring me. So I go hunt down the little squirt. I find him, and leave him beside this box of hot wheels cars to choose from. 50 cents each made them just fine price wise. He was happy..
I almost bought the lady flue cover below, but she had too much foxing ( browing of the paper), that I passed. I do buy many things with beautiful women on them...paintings especially.

I come back to the car area and collect my son, he has found two treasures, and we shall add them to our painting that I found so far.
What a fun 1950-60's heart velvet chair , ugly mustard color velvet upholstery...fun bedroom chair. Of course I pass on it, but had to take a picture of it.
Here it is...

Looks comfy. No time to try it though, we have to keep moving...Wait, this entry is too long, so I will make a part 2 of our trip tomorrow.

Sleep well world,


  1. The Lady in Blue portrait is a beauty and someone will buy her, for sure. Good for you and finding it, and your son found some hot cars, so the mission was a great success.

  2. Very interesting venture. I look forward to part 2.

  3. Love that portrait Gina. You have a good eye. It reminds me of when we were out buying all the time for our shop. It was fun. You do have to keep your expenses down so look for the right prices.

    That heart bedroom chair would be nice in another fabric.

    I look forward to seeing part two of this little shopping expedition.

    I love the photo of the road in your drivers side mirror.

    Love it that you and your son are having this time together. He didn't do bad getting a couple of hot wheels either. They sure were the 'rage' at one time.

    Have a nice evening ~ FlowerLady

  4. I love this antique mall! My sister and I traveled from Columbia to this antique mall this past weekend. I remember when my kids were younger they used to dread going to antique malls. Your son is a good sport! The Lady in Blue portrait is beautiful. Look forward to your next post.

  5. Hi Gina,
    At last, a kindred spirit who also likes to wander around those places, although I look for jewellery and curios. Thanks for the great tour...so far...can't wait for the next instalment. Glad the young one found something as well, and looks to me like two super cars!
    Take care....Gary

  6. Exciting stuff...i can't wait to see part 2......and now i going to look at ebay.....haahhah!!...happy day....love love love Ria...

  7. I know very little about antiquing, I find your trip interesting.

  8. I love shopping at places like this - even when I don't buy anything. Where else would you find both Hot Wheels and art deco portraits for sale? Fun! Looking forward to installment 2!

  9. Dear Gina, so good you can still "force" your little one to come with you antiquing... I so miss when I did the same with my boy... and his face and attitude are so known to me too. Very pretty the beautiful girl painting you found.
    much hugs and joy,
    maria cecilia

  10. You closed with saying this entry was getting too long.

    I came to the end and said, "Aww, it's over already?"

    Looking forward to your next post.

    Your lady in blue is beautiful.

    Terri : )

  11. Gina, I pretty much 'cruise' through antique malls too, because otherwise you get so bogged down in all the stuff, as you said, when you know what you're looking for, it makes the visit much shorter. I'm glad your son went with you and he found some cars; I well remember the 'I don't wanna go' days. I think it's so neat you have him take pictures, wish I had thought of that. I'm looking forward to Part 2!

  12. I love to look around in shops like that too but I certainly don't have the eye you have. What a lovely portrait. Fun time with the camera. Love the countryside too. Looking forward to part 2. I wanna see what you bought.

  13. That was a lot of fun. I am eager to see what we bought. I 'll be back for part 2.

  14. Maybe it is a guy thing or I would rather be doing something else on my day off. LOL! What a beautiful portrait. I love shopping or rather mostly looking around in antique shops.I could do it for hours. I always wonder who owned them, what they have seen,why were they there for sale, crazy things LOL! Especially when I see old photographs or albums. I am glad he found something that grabbed his attention.

  15. I'll go with you ANYtime! This is my idea of fun.
    Good to see you smile...the portrait is lovely. Looking forward to Part 2.


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