Friday, October 8, 2010

Home RUN

I took a few pictures of my oldest Son and my youngest son a weeks or so ago, again time is a very slippery concept for me to grasp. I think this picture symbolizes it as there in the forefront is my 24 year  old son, and then the squirt in the background is my 9 year old son...and before you know it...within a blink of an eye...the one in the back will be the age of the one in front.
I remember holding that big guy in front, in my arms on my lap...and kissing his small head of hair , decades ago now.
The concept of time , the passing of time, the importance of where we invest our time, is of paramount importance.
I sit and think, how have I wasted years of time, decades of time ?
What have you wasted your precious time on ? I'll bet each of us is guilty of allowing trivial , un-productive , and selfish pursuits to usurp our gift of time.
I have been attempting to make myself a to-do list , I used to do that, years ago...but then I would usually forget and just go through my days in haste.
Now I have , and this is new to me again...I am making myself a small to- do list. In the morning, and then I leave it in my kitchen to pass by and check off my little tasks.
It is helping me re-focus , or really focus, on my days. My time.
I am being pretty easy on myself for now, I typically have only 3-6 things on my list. It is helping with my grief , and helping me remember other people need me to do these things.
I have felt like a turtle in her shell, not wanting to come out. Right now I am peeking my head out , every now and then...taking it slow.
By the way, this is the OPPOSITE way I have lived my entire life.

Now for the home run excitement. My youngest son had a late baseball game last night, we were the only two teams playing on the fields..and my oldest son video-taped this on his I-phone. Since Sarah's death, our oldest son has come back to re-unite with our family...that is why you have not seen mention much of him in my blog before.
This was the first baseball game that he had seen his little brother play in, and fate had it...the little squirt hit a home run right then.
The woman's voice you hear in this is mine...I thought it sounded higher than my normal voice...but I was excited.
Happy for them both to share in this moment.
I hope you enjoy watching these few seconds...

Be a blessing in a small way today,


  1. Oh,I loved watching that homerun! I'm so glad your oldest son has come back to reunite with the family.
    I have always been a list maker - it helps me stay on track, but it also helps me put what's most important first on the list. Sometimes what's most important is just spending time sitting on the deck with my husband and ignoring the desire to go pull a few more weeds. You are right - every minute is precious and should be treated as a gift.

  2. Loved the video. Home run is so exciting. Way to go Luke. I've been watching my own play now for 15yrs and know how exciting it is. Last night at my sons college game he hurt his arm and needs an MRI this week. Pray all is OK.

  3. Wow he hit a homer with big brother watching. I am so glad to hear that he is there and well you just sound better Gina. Small baby steps and the list are great. I make list and when I don't I don't get much accomplished. Fine looking young men you have. I know you are proud of them.

  4. What lucky boys (boy and young man) to have you as a mom.
    Lists are helpful. I think the save me from wasting a lot of time.
    Take care.

  5. How grand to have your older son reunite with your family, and the image of you as a turtle occasionally peeking out of your shell is sweet.
    I always have lists going and it feels good to cross stuff off of them.

  6. Dear Gina ~ How wonderful for little brother to make a home run while big brother was there and filming. It was an exciting moment for sure.

    I know I've wasted precious time on trifling stuff, it's so easy to do. The older I am getting though, I'm trying to relax and live fully in each moment that I am blessed with. Sometimes doing nothing is the right thing to do, and other times throwing yourself into a project is the right thing. In all things we need love and patience.

    Thank you for your little gems of inspiration in spite of your loss and pain.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  7. Gina, thanks for reminding me of something quite simple that I keep forgetting to do...make lists! I used to be pretty good about that but lately, have just been getting up and moving through my day somewhat 'aimlessly'. I get a few things done, but it's so much better when you have the list because you can also look back at what you've accomplished. Without a list, I often forget that I have done anything at all in any given day! It's nice to have your older son with you, I'm sure. I only have 2 daughter turned 22 this summer, and my son will turn 14 in December. You have quite an age-difference there...but double the amount of kids as me. I love it when my daughter comes home from college. Otherwise, it's gotten really quiet around here. And I know it will be just a milli-second before he is as old as she is. Each and every day really is a gift! It's so easy to waste time...I know exactly what you mean;-)

  8. Gina,
    It must have been the icing on the cake to have big brother watching.

    I was thinking of you last week when I was watching a special about the late blacksmith/artisian Phillip Simmons and his beautiful gates and ironwork in Charleston. I was thinking maybe some of your pictures include his work.


  9. That was awesome.

    (The action photography, that is.)

    It's lucky that you were able to capture the moment, and make it last forever.

    The home run was very good too.

  10. Gina, what a wonderful night and precious memories. Thank you for sharing this tender moment.

  11. This is a HOME RUN post in more than 1 way. We've never met and miles stand between us, but my heart beat faster as I see your family dynamics shifting...brothers bonding, and your "to do" list sitting on your kitchen counter with little check marks on it (or do you draw a line through your accomplished tasks?).

    I would be lost w/o my "to do" list, by the way!

  12. Hi Gina,
    Congratulations to your son for scoring in such a spectacular way! I have only played baseball a couple of times, at school, as you don't get it played much over here, but I remember enjoying it a lot. Much more general participation than stuffy old cricket, where if you are a fielder you sometimes don't move for an hour or so if the ball doesn't come your way. 'To do' lists...very important, and do it myself. As for your voice, well you are allowed to squeak a bit!


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