Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Some More GREAT Vintage Portraits For SALE :

I decided to show you guys some more vintage portraits I found, most of these are for sale in my eBay store, a few may be sold. On my search statistics, these postings( about vintage portraits) are at the very top under Charleston gardens and art. So I decided to throw another on. All of this artwork and more can be found  here .
 The one above is a 1940's oil on canvas board portrait. Very Latin/Italian chic.

Another 1940's oil on board of a terribly beautiful woman. For sale.
Close up, very Hollywood Glam

Another one by the same artist, 1940's oil on board. I sold two others, these are the last three left of that grouping.
1950's Peruvian oil portrait.
Close up, this portrait is oil on canvas, and has a companion oil of a woman in ethnic South American, Peru, garb on. For sale.
Awesome late Art Deco 1940's large oil of handsome black man, SOLD.

Very large oil on canvas, 1960's woman in pink beret. For sale.
Little army cadet boy 1960's. SOLD.
Large vintage nude on canvas, for Sale.

Large oil on canvas of woman in peasant gypsy garb 1940-60's. For sale.
Victorian , 1800's oil on canvas, Madonna and Jesus, for sale.
1920's precious little girl portrait, SOLD.
Beautiful woman in roses hat original oil on canvas 1920's. Needs some restoration, for sale.
1940's original oil on canvas by artist Helen Seydel . Gorgeous painting.
1940's Vintage nude oil on artist board. For sale.
Antique Victorian Portrait Blond woman in pink chiffon w/ rose, Listed artist C.A. WHIPPLE, dated 1906 in period frame. For sale.
All of these ( except the sold ones), can be found here. Once you get to that page, click the headings to the left under vintage portraits, antique portraits or vintage nudes to find these and more.
Thanks much for letting me share a few of these with you all,


  1. I always find a few of these to have a magnetic appeal to me, when you share your portrait finds here. I of course wonder about the person portrayed and his or her story. I feel like you are doing a public service by "saving" these portraits and finding them good homes.

  2. Terra articulated my own thoughts beautifully.

  3. I particularly like the one of the lady in the pink beret. Nudes always fascinate, and not for pervy reasons, but because it shows a particular trust between the subject and painter. I always wonder who they are to each other, and what they talked about during and after the sitting.


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