Thursday, February 11, 2010

Know your SOURCE for Everything

Me and my biggest oil painting , came out of a restaurant 1940's
My husband came home last week and tells me he has a painting for me out in his workshop. He had gotten it from some clients ( he renovates ), and they were going to give it away. Maybe I could sell it he thought. I got excited, told him to get it out of his dusty workshop and bring it in.
He then goes out, and brings in, not a painting,
a GIANT Print of a painting. Not even a giclee', but a Pier One or Bombay company nice decorator PRINT.
I don't sell new PRINTS in my eBay store, so I showed him it was a print ( he still couldn't tell ), it had that nice faux brushstrokes to mimic a painting, but a definite new print.
So a no-go for me.
By the way, this print was 5 1/2 feet long by 3 1/2 feet wide. BIG.
I then thought of my youngest beloved daughter, she may want it.
She was over the house the next day, I show her the giant print, she goes ' Oh, I love that painting. " I explain it is a print, but she can have it if she wants. 
She says ' Sure. " The problem with all of this, is she lives in an apartment with 4 rooms, she only rents one, it is about 12 x 12 feet, and I have already given her a mirror, and three other prints. She has zero room for this giant print, and whenever she says she wants something, usually 6 months or so go by while I have to store it somewhere.
And with all my paintings, antique prints , etc. laying around, I have no room for a giant faux-designer print in my living room for 6 months.
Yes, I would have made room for  a giant original painting, IF it was a good one.
But not a decorator print.

A few days later, the mother of my son's best friend comes to pick up her son after a day of playing over here. She stands in the doorway, we chat, she sees the print, goes ," How Beautiful ! " 
I turn and look at it, explain it is not a painting, but a print ( this is a big deal to me, as I sell and only buy 100% original paintings ). She says she does not care, she loves it.
Then I had an idea.
Don't think I am terrible, as I figured my youngest beloved daughter would forget about it anyway, and I did call her and asked if she cared. 
She said she wanted it, but go ahead , give it to my friend.
So I call my friend ,and next time she is over dropping off her son, I help her load this big print into her van.

Then after I give it to my friend, my daughter texted me, " Do you still have the painting ?"
Why she's asking me this after she told me to go ahead and give it away , is what I am wondering. 
Probably fickleness is hereditary.
I text back, " No , gave it to so and so. She loves it. It was not a painting. "
Then it starts.

Let me give you the cast of two characters, Me ( the Source ), my daughter ( Her).
Here's how it ( the texting ) then progresses:

The Source:" Don't worry , your Mom is an art dealer. You'll be fine, "

Her: " But I wanted it. "

The Source: " It was only a print, your Mom is an art dealer ! I will get you an actual  painting when you have the room. "

Her: " I loved it."

The Source: " You will be fine, I promise I will get you something even better when the time is right. I am an art dealer , I will give you something better. Love u. "

Her: " Ok, Love u too. "

She finally grasped that I could do this for her. What I am just learning in the last year or so , is about My Source. I have a Source, someone who owns EVERYTHING. Who knows what I need, will get me something better than what I even think I need...when the time is right.
If He thinks I need it at all.
God is my Source for everything I need , want or can imagine.
He OWNS the Universe.
He is the  RICHEST entity in the World.
Nothing I have is mine, EVERYTHING belongs to Him. Nothing anyone else owns is really theirs , it all belongs to God.
He is my ONE Ultimate SOURCE.
He is our source for our talents and abilities, our needs and our wants.
I have to focus on that fact when times can be tough , emotional , physical, financial , wherever I get caught getting worried or stressed.
I meditate on the thought, that God IS in control, he will never leave me or forsake me.
He is our strength , confidence and courage source.
I hope you have a peaceful day,

" God having provided something better for us, that they should not be made perfect apart from us. " Hebrews 11:40

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