Friday, October 1, 2010

ART Deco GARDEN Prints at Home-- Part 2

The Enchanted Fountain

For the continuation of my Art deco garden prints, we will now move to the bathroom, where I do not follow the advice of the art curator I heard a lecture from, and I do hang artwork in our baths. I would tell you it is not a smart idea to hand very valuable artwork in baths or kitchens, water and moisture are enemies of art...but I have to have absolutely EVERY wall in my house have some type of artwork on it, baths and kitchens included. I am always drawn to old deco prints with gardens and especially fountains.

One of my smallest deco prints.

 I also like to occasionally mix up a nude painting with some of my prints. In the bath it is very appropriate and I do not buy any nudes that I think are tacky or tasteless. That ruins the art if that happens.
Atkins Fox original , the Italian villa view.
 This is one of those copy-cat Atkinson or Parrish artists who try to mimic the ' look ' of the more famous ones, back in the 1920-30's time frame. I buy many copy-cat prints, I simply want the ' look ' and atmosphere these bring to my home.
I also like to buy anything that has overflowing flowers in the print. I bought the old print separate and framed it myself in a vintage deco frame.
I have three sizes of this Atkinson Fox print, this one is the largest in it's original frame. Look at that garden would you ? Makes me want to jump in the picture.
 Women in gardens.
 This is one of my newer ( not in age ) favorite ones I bought, I transport myself into the picture again and imagine I am the woman in the right corner...not a worry in the world but sitting in lush flowers.
 More Fox gardens.
 I bought this one in a more unusual frame, but it is original to the print and has some damage on the corners. Ok by me still...I figure we all have some damage anyway.
More women and swans,The Swan holds a multitude of representations including love, grace, purity, beauty and sincerity.

~ As an attribute of Aphrodite (Goddess of Love), the Swan also symbolized chastity.

~ The Swan is also associated with Zeus, the god who transformed himself into a Swan in order to seduce Leda, the beautiful mortal queen. Swans are said to have flown overhead on the day Zeus and Leda's son (Apollo) was born and are often pictured pulling his chariot.

~ In Celtic tradition, the Swan is associated with music, love, purity and the soul . They are shape-shifters, can take human form, and have mastered the elements of water, earth and air. They can always be recognized by the gold or silver chain that hangs around their neck.
Great frame isn't it ?
 Another print I have two of. 
I have already moved two of these to different spots since I took this picture. That is always neat to be able to do with similar artwork in your home.
 I will stop this 2nd entry and finish tomorrow or Sunday with my last look at my art deco garden prints. I am guessing you can surmise I love these, I do not sell many, as I usually keep most of them. About 98 % of what I buy of these I keep.

Hope you have a very peaceful day or night , wherever you are ,

' I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life..." Deuteronomy 30:19


  1. Gina, you certainly have quite a collection! I enjoyed all of your paintings!

  2. I missed your previous post so will scurry back to see it. Meanwhile, want you to know I appreciate the education I received from THIS one! I would really love to see the inside of your house. I'm sure it is as interesting as you are :)

    I like the deco style and the way you hone in on certain scenes - garden, nudes, etc.

  3. Gina...I can't believe how big your collection is. It's neat to see so many similar paintings hung together. I have a small collection of Highwaymen-looking Florida oil paintings, including 3 small ones by an actual Highwayman...which I treasure. Wish I could buy more of them but they are expensive now.

  4. Your prints are gorgeous! I especially love the ones overflowing with flowers. You have a wonderful collection.

  5. Gina, I love all of your beautiful collection. It is like touring an art gallery to see them all together in these lovely posts.



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