Saturday, October 16, 2010

How many of YOU Have considered STOPPING Blogging ?

I was wondering how many fellow bloggers have considered how long they will blog or when they will stop ? It is something that has been on my mind. I read an interesting article about it...always  good to evaluate why we do what we do and if it is a time -waster or helper in the great scheme of things. 
Pertinent questions :

1. Does blogging help your life or take time away from other duties or activities that are more productive ?

2. Do you feel like you want to share parts of your life , which when you take time to take a bunch of pictures during a certain time or activity...diminishes the activity itself or interferes with yours or your companies enjoyment of the activity ? 

3. How much time do you allot for your blog or reading fellow blogger's blogs that could be spent towards family, church or community ?

4. Do you enjoy blogging as much as you have before ?

5. Is blogging making your life better or is it making your life more stressful to log in entries and keep up with blogs you follow ?

Considering so many areas of my life, and was wondering if any of you are also considering. I started this blog to show pictures of historic Charleston, SC gardens...and occasionally branched into Christian lessons God was teaching me, that I wanted to share with others. It has now been just over a year since my first entry, and I am re-evaluating the purpose of this blog, and considering what I should do.
I am unsure whether to continue, or if my purpose is complete.
I bet many of you have the same concerns...leave me a comment, I'd like to know what you are thinking is the link to the article I read: 



  1. This was a really interesting post as well as the one you linked to. I've thought several times about stopping blogging. Mostly because I just don't have that much time and I feel guilty sitting at the computer when my kids are in the next room. I think that's part of why I haven't been around much. I think I miss the blog visiting almost more than doing posts. I feel like I've gotten to know quite a few people through their blogs and am genuinely interested in what they are doing. I've missed visiting yours and just read through your last several posts. I've thought about you and wondered how you were doing. Your recent post about visiting the cemetery was very thought provoking.

  2. Hi Gina, I often ask myself the same questions! But for you with all that has gone on this year, it must be even more difficult to decide. Hope that you continue as we all enjoy reading your blog. All best, Charlotte

  3. Hi Gina,
    I have asked myself why I blog on several occasions. I have come to the conclusion that for me personally, it is about being a form of journal. I have wanted for years, and failed, to keep a book journal of my day to day goings on, but sometimes I couldn't find it, I didn't have stuff to 'liven' it up (day to day garden maintenance is quite repetitive), and with other 'stuff' it always went from daily entries to weekly, and eventually to every couple of months. For me the blog is enabling me to not only be driven enough to keep a journal, with it's ability to use photos, have and give comments from others etc, but is also easier. It also has that sort of penpal thing going for it as I really do like to hear about what others are getting up to and their thoughts on subjects. Being able to put stuff into this journal helps me to think a bit more closely about things and relationships that would otherwise probably pass me by, and although taking photos whilst out and about can get a bit fanatical (at times), it does help me to see things more closely visually that I would usually just walk by. The secret is not to let it take over ones life, or interfere with a 'normal' life too much I guess, and your comments here about relationship time and church etc are very pertinent....and I am working on that one! Each to his own I suppose, but for purely selfish reasons it would be a shame to see yours end as I enjoy it so much.
    Take care.....Gary

  4. What struck me most about that Wordcast article was the author's exceptionally negative outlook. She gives 15 rules, and every single rule is phrased in terms of the negative: don't do this... don't do that... don't do this... don't do that... She sounded like a Sunday school teacher in a bad humour.

    Shall we rewrite, and simplify, all of those rules:

    Commandment One: You may blog about whatever subject takes your fancy.

    Commandment Two: You may blog whenever you like, as frequently or as infrequently as it pleases you.

    I began my blog in January. It began with similar objectives to yours. I intended to show local garden visit photos, and photos of my own garden.

    In the event, I made virtually no garden visits the entire Summer, although the weather and opportunities were ideal. The opportunities for taking photos of my own garden are now quite limited, until next Spring. I might skip doing October photos.

    A blog does offer opportunities for being creative and expressing yourself.

    I certainly would not have bothered to take so many photos of my own garden, and also certain types of photos, such as bees and butterflies, if it had not been for my blog. It also provided a spur to find out about things.

    I also had a lot of philosophical murmurings which had always been simmering beneath the surface, and these have come to dominate my blog.

    Realising that I had these other interests, which didn't fit on a 'gardening' blog, I started a second blog, though that one hasn't developed, and has so far gone nowhere. It doesn't matter.

    I removed the word 'Gardening' from the logo at the top of my blog. It was just a small thing, but made the point that I wasn't feeling constrained by anything.

    As far as reading other blogs, I find that perusing blogs is a better use of time, than say, watching TV news, or reading a newspaper, because the topics in my blog list are customised to my interests. I never ever see a TV or newspaper report about Jung, but that sort of subject sometimes crops up in the blogs I follow.

    Some blogs post every few days, with a post about one flower or another. I settled into posting garden photos just once a month. I do agree that you don't want a blog to be a millstone around your neck.

    Several of the other blogs that I follow have paused, and then maybe resumed, after a while. There's no need to make a big deal of it. Just blog whenever you feel you have something you want to say.

  5. What a good topic today, I blog because I like to do it.........It is for me a kind of diary, but not too personal.....I mention no names but my own name and my husband and dogs, but never friends family etc........I say keep it fairly clean, tell about our store, the dogs, my hobby and vacation days out a recipe......And sometimes some emotion for example about my sick mother, or a death of a famous .....that's my blog ....that's It's Me........

  6. These were good questions, Gina. I evaluate my blogging experience frequently. (While it may look like I spend a lot of time at it, I would estimate it takes me no longer than about 30 minutes a day taking pictures, editing them, writing the post.) I take pleasure in it. It is a creative outlet for me. It has heightened my appreciation for beauty. I seldom took photographs before, and when I did, sometimes they didn't get developed before I'd forgotten what was on the roll of film!

    I spend about an equal time each day reading other blogs. I'm a speed reader and fast typist which helps :)

    I don't regret the time spent. My life is richer, my mind is sharper, and my world has expanded since I discovered blogging.

    I'm not saying it is a "forever" endeavor... just that it's OK for right now. It's obviously a personal decision that each of us will need to make and one to revisit frequently since it CAN get WAY out of hand :)

  7. Hey,

    I think it just depends on what you want from the blog. But if it ever becomes a chore then perhaps it's time to step away from blogging.

    We all have things happening in our lives, and you shouldn't feel obliged to post on a blog or obliged to check in with everyone else. People understand that this happens, that sometimes we all just have to concentrate on ourselves and I don't think anyone would blame anyone else for having some time out if they need it.

  8. Dear Gina ~ It has been two years since I started blogging. I enjoy it still, although sometimes I do need a little break from it. It is my touch with the outside world, with people who enjoy some of the same things I do. It is an inspiration for body, soul and spirit.

    Here are my answers to your questions.

    1. Does blogging help your life or take time away from other duties or activities that are more productive ?

    I would have to say it does both.

    2. Do you feel like you want to share parts of your life , which when you take time to take a bunch of pictures during a certain time or activity...diminishes the activity itself or interferes with yours or your companies enjoyment of the activity ?

    I don't think taking pictures diminishes the activity or the enjoyment. A lot of times the pictures are what inspire my posts. Pictures speak volumes.

    3. How much time do you allot for your blog or reading fellow blogger's blogs that could be spent towards family, church or community ?

    I don't allot a certain time.

    4. Do you enjoy blogging as much as you have before ?


    5. Is blogging making your life better or is it making your life more stressful to log in entries and keep up with blogs you follow ?

    I look forward to checking what people have posted on their blogs. I do not feel compelled to read every blog post that comes up, because of subject matter. I just read the ones that interest me at any given time, then try to comment in that blog.

    I once felt pressured and guilty about not answering every comment that people post in my blogs and expressed that in a post. Another blogger said not to feel that way, and that her way of commenting to others is by visiting their blog and leaving a comment.

    Just recently I went 9 days without posting anything new on my blog, I just wasn't inspired.

    I also feel the need to write a thank you post every now and then, because the comments do motivate us to keep posting.

    I have been blessed and touched since finding your blog sometime ago and hope you don't quit blogging.

    I used the word musings in my blog name because I wanted to be able to write about different subjects. The name of your blog is lovely, just as you are. You blog from your heart and that makes a wonderful blog.

    Love and hugs dear Gina ~ FlowerLady

  9. Hi Gina, thought-provoking questions. Let's see.
    Number 1. The time I spend blogging certainly could be put to use cleaning house, that's for sure! but I've always been a keeper of diaries, so taking time to write is nothing new. I suffer from depression and I find writing takes me out of my 'head' for lack of a better word.

    2. I haven't found the picture-taking diminishes much, in fact, just as you do, I have the whole family (and friends) pitch in to take photos and they enjoy it, 'Hey, I made the blog today!'
    3. Time allotted to read others blogs: I am a night owl and also an avid reader, so it's no chore to read other people's blogs at 3AM when there is no one else awake. I used to read fiction quite a bit, but find blog reading much more informative and uplifting.
    4. Yes, I do still love blogging.
    5. I feel blogging has made my life better and I've learned more about my favorite subjects and life since becoming involved. In fact, now I feel like writing a post on why I blog, too!

    I agree with Robur D'Amour in the comments above, I think the article is a bit negative and maybe the author should take a step away from writing their own blog? I mean, c'mon, do the 'rules' apply to the article writer, too?

    All that said about my personal preferences, I want you to know that your blog has made a profound and lasting impact on me, Gina. I read you when you write...your eloquence and heartfelt way of expressing the anguish you've been going through is painful to read at times, but so very true and you have given me more courage than you'll ever know to face this life and hope for the one beyond. I hope you do not quit writing, but of course, don't want to guilt you into continuing if you feel you do not wish to. Thank you for everything you have written; your words are a blessing.

  10. Dear Gina,
    Blogging is supposed to add another dimension to your life. It is not about increasing stress, generating disappointments, or creating divided loyalties. If you are torn between taking the time to blog and devoting time to the children, then the answer is staring right at you. Family prevails!

    When you reach a point in your life where are voids that need filling, then that will be the time to return to blogging.

    A family is the most beautiful garden of all. If my grandchildren lived in town, I would be playing with them instead of blogging.

  11. Blogging has enriched my life and I have "met" so many new friends from all over the world. I have a close circle of women friends right here in my city, but my blogging partner "C" and I often discuss our regular commenters as if they are someone we have met in person. I advocate the laid back approach that Robur proposed--no heavy rules - just when you have something to say. Often people "out there" in blogland "get" your essence. Perhaps I do spend too much time on the computer--my job is stressful and I need an outlet to unwind at the end of the day! Actually, I hope to use the internet to make my retirement income, so in some ways it's like a second job to me. See, everyone is in a different place. I do enjoy your blog- you've had a hard, difficult year. Only you know if it is a healthy outlet for you or if you need to step away - even if only for a while. You are a good writer and express yourself beautifully. I hope you will continue, even if you post less often. That's a mighty sweet boy you have there! I miss dragging my kids around the antique malls with me! Maybe the grandkids will go--of course they have a choice!

  12. Blogging for me it's a way to meet people from other country ( like you Gina), people who love garden and nature.
    And that give me pleasure to blog every day.

  13. I have enjoyed blogging enormously. I never thought of blogging before and of course there was nothing I could think of blogging about till I saw a couple of gardening blogs. Since launching my blog I have met so many wonderful people and love to read about what is going on in their life whether it be gardening or something else in their life. I love the blogs from other countries because I'll never go there but I can see parts of where they live from their perspective. Blogging opens doors everywhere. I take photos and they tell a story for me. I love blogging.

  14. Your post title caught my eye on someone else's blog roll this morning. I so agree with those only Two Commandments of Blogging. I like to think of a blog as a diary, in my case for a gardening obsession. I've been far more disciplined with keeping the diary in this public forum, where I can also show off photos of my plant babies. However, I am often concerned about the "public" part and security issues. As for time, blogging is an enormous release for me, and I have no desire to stop after 9 months. On the contrary, I now find myself questioning some long-held volunteer activities that I and my family are entangled in and devote many hours each week to. Takes away time from blogging and my garden, which is my true passion. Seems I need to re-evaluate the "commandments" for volunteering.

  15. Hi Gina...I certainly hope that you don't stop blogging, as I enjoy your varied posts. At times I've contemplated (last week was one of those times) why I blog, as it sometimes seems like a bit of self-absorption. And, God knows that I could certainly get a lot more done if I didn't do it. But, I decided that I like it, and my blog is more for myself...a way to keep up with my garden and how it evolves...than for anyone else. I enjoy looking back over past years to see how much things have changed. So, for now I'll keep doing it whenever I have the time.

    I really enjoy visiting other blogs...getting inspiration and ideas,communicating with like-minded people, and learning new things. I enjoy learning about art history from you blog, as I do seeing photos of what's blooming in your garden.

  16. hi gina, your posts always make me think about something or other. this one made me a little uncomfortable because i know i have a tendency to blog (or just spend time online) when i should be doing something else. or because i'm avoiding thinking about/dealing with something. in other words, it's my escape. i don't really like to admit that, but i know i'm not the only one! i think it is good to question ourselves occasionally about it so that we don't neglect more important things. just my two cents. thanks for bringing this up.

  17. Gina, You have been in my prayers.

    1. I try not to let blogging take time away from my other duties/activities. I try to limit myself to the amount of time I spending blogging and I think that helps a lot as well. The people right in front of you are the ones that count the most.

    2. Yes! Sometimes I definitely feel that way! Other times I do not, like a vacation, because I want to take as many pictures as possible anyway. There is always going to be that fine line when it starts to interfere and when it is an enjoyable activity.

    3. I try to spend no more than an hour a day to post whatever it is and to read others' blogs. Although that may seem like a lot of time, I count it as some relaxation time for myself so then I don't feel as bad.

    4. Yes, I do enjoy it. I learn a lot and like seeing the windows into people's lives that aren't right next to mine constantly.

    5. If your life more stressful to log in enteries and keep up with blogs you follow than I think its time for a break. This is supposed to be enjoyable not stressful.

    In light of all the questions I just answered, I've taken a blog break before I needed it. If blogging to anyone is becoming stressful, not enjoyable or starting to take over your life that I definitely think that person needs a moment to stop, breathe, and take a break from blogging!

  18. Excellent questions, all. I would love to back away for a time. I now follow so many people that it is hard to keep up. I think if I could pare down what I read, that would be good.

  19. I started blogging simply to record life on my farm in words and pictures, sort of photo album to look back upon and remember. I also did it for the folks who purchased my artwork and commented over and over again that they loved my website. I am sure what they liked were the pictures of our animals and the idea of getting to know the artist who's work they had bought, so I expanded to a blog. I had zero followers for months and months, but I didn't really care because it really became an outlet for writing and being silly. It was for myself and husband to enjoy.
    I only post when I feel like it,I feel no obligation.
    Although I now have "followers", I doubt many actually READ me with consistency. But that is okay as long as I am still enjoying myself and being creative in a way that I cannot be through my books and art.
    That is the key, do you still enjoy blogging or has it become a burden and a hassle?

  20. I wonder if Jan at Thanks4today has something for you?
    She took a break from blogging. Said goodbye. And came back to it. She posts when she wants to.

    Only you can know or decide if you need a break from blogging. It is your blog, you make your rules. What works for you? My heart goes out to you. Blog as you need to, do what helps you go forward.

    I am writing about breast cancer ten years ago. I can do that because it happened to another woman, ten years younger than me. But I could not write as you did IN the crisis. I can still feel MY shock at reading your posts.

  21. I came to your post through another blog's comments. It really made me pause. I think it's good to evaluate our actions from time to time as it's easy to get caught up in just 'doing'. I've only been blogging for 6 months and started on a whim, not sure what I would get from it. Over the summer I've questioned many times how much time is spent talking about gardening in my blog instead of actually gardening. For now I have decided that as long as I'm enjoying what I'm doing and it is a positive experience I'll continue. I know that in this short period of time I've met many wonderful people who I enjoy corresponding with and I've had many helpful tips and bits of information that I would not otherwise have found.


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