Thursday, February 24, 2011

Such BEAUTY---My Oldest Daughter Rachel

Seconds after the preacher announced they were man and wife--Bliss on her face !
I wanted to write a little something about my firstborn, my oldest daughter Rachel. This is hard, because there is SO much to say about her. I cannot possibly do her justice and write about all of her qualities.
But I will give it a shot.
She is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met, and many people say that about her. She is not just strikingly beautiful, like her little sister was...she is full of deep beauty inside. She is a strong Christian , a very hard working new attorney, graduated at the top of her class in college and in law school. Many awards, much community service, volunteering at school, church and all over the place. Heart of gold, and quick as a whip. This little girl ( she will always be my little girl ), can verbally win just about any argument with anybody, anytime...and equally bless you with acts and gifts and words of encouragement and love.
She is also quite funny, she can snap back at something dumb I just remarked about or something dumb or rude someone else said, and make me smile and laugh almost everytime.
 On her wedding day, that is Sarah, to the right on the stairs. Sarah was Rachel's maid-of-honor. 
My oldest daughter was married 2 1/2 weeks after her grandmother's ( my mother's), funeral...and her little sister Sarah was killed in the middle of an afternoon in a car accident while we were hours away, and her husband was in Afghanistan....and she was devastated.
She has had some horrible news, in her young life, always at very bad times. 
She was away at law school taking exams when I had to call her about my mother's sudden heart attack , and she was at her office when she got the news of her little sister. Again, Rachel's
husband at that time was in Afghanistan, he tried so hard to get back for the funeral---but it took the US Army 4 days to get him here and he missed it. 
He did come home and help , and he helped comfort his wife for a few weeks. He is now back in the States safe and sound.

True love

 When we got home that evening, the evening of Sarah's death---driving 2 1/2 hours in raging thunderstorms the whole way back--- I was in such bad shape over Sarah--- my husband had to rush me to the emergency room. Everyone thought, including me, that I was having a heart attack. They did all kinds of tests, I was having some bad reactions---and they kept me there until my vital signs looked better. While we watched the clock tick by , and so from 10 PM to 5 AM--the night of Sarah's husband and I  and stayed and mourned in that emergency room. While Rachel, took her little brother home with her, and in her terrible grief and shock---took care of him for us that night.
That is the kind of person she is, helpful, sacrificial, loving.
The next day, with two hours of sleep, we had to be at the funeral home to make the arrangements. Rachel came to be with us and help, as well as my sister and dad. When I was there for many days , because there are lots of arrangements to make, unbelievable stress---Rachel was at our home cleaning, taking in all the gift baskets, flowers, fielding phone calls, being her usual ultra-responsible-loving self.
I appreciate her so , so much.
My last baby and my first baby here.

 When she was young--she has always worked, babysat when young, worked in high school part-time, and college part-time, and she worked very hard and always went above and beyond what her employers asked for ( still does ). She was her sorority President, and their chaplain , she is always taking on responsibility.
With all this, she always, and I mean ALWAYS graduated on the honor roll, top of the class, straight A's. 
She always said, when I told her how smart she was, between high school and law school---she would say , " I'm not smarter than anyone else, lots of students are smarter than I am, I just work very hard, harder than most. "

Growing up, she was a huge help to me raising the others, as my husband was working constantly---two jobs and not home very much.
She was an awesome big sister.
Tough, fair and loving.

They were my little posse, my first I had my first three within 4 years time.
I loved all of my children very, very much, and of course still do. Probably even more than ever.

Since she is grown, she also enjoys being a marvelous hostess, making meals, baking sweets and desserts, planning gatherings. She decorates her home beautifully and makes everyone feel welcome. She definitely has the gift of hospitality.
I am truly amazed, that I gave birth to such a young woman. I often feel she is everything that I always wanted to be.
She is an inspiration to me , every year she is even more.
She is so much more giving than me, more un-selfish than me, more   tactful than I am , her plate is always full...yet she will remember to do something special for someone, with her very limited time now ( she works about 50-70+ hours every week ).
She never forgets to hand-write thank you notes for every gift she receives.
I look at her, and my heart fills with joy.
I am so very proud of her, and feel unworthy to have had a part in her creation. That may sound nutty, but I feel that in part for all my children---how blessed can a woman be to bring such life into this world ?
Such beauty she has !

I did write on My daughter/My Mirror about me and Sarah we were alike and different. I know that about me and Rachel as well, as she is the first  '
 ' daughter -mirror' I had, and I guess one of the most notable qualities  that we share---is our tenacity and our assertiveness. Secondly would be our observant nature , thirdly our desire to give gifts to those we love, and overall our Christian faith.
Her faith, by the way, has always been stronger than mine. A fact I am also very proud of.

So , just a short, entry about my firstborn , I hope you enjoyed my words about her. I do not get to see her as much as I would like, but that is how it should be. She is married,  has her job, and when she can ---then we see each other.

She is one of my loves.

Hope your day is good, productive and touched with love and caring,


  1. What a sweet post about Rachel. I feel that way about my daughter, April. Bless you Gina.

  2. A loving and touching post about a remarkable woman. You always remind me to give thanks.....

  3. Dear, dear Gina ~ What a lovely posting about Rachel. Both of your daughters became lovely young women, and they got it partly from their mother, you.

    Your youngest son is growing up fast, and I think he is looking more like you.

    Enjoy. You all are blessed to have each other.

    Love and hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Thanks, Gina, for sharing Rachel with us. It would be a privilege to know her well. Even just this little introduction (written so well) is a joy. I'm so happy you have her and your little guy. I can't help but believe that your faith is stronger than you think, and for some reason a song title just popped into my thoughts, "Love the One You're With". Blessings to you, Gina.

  5. Absolutely beautiful post, Gina! Rachel is gorgeous, as I've remarked before and now you've told us more about her innermost qualities, it's quite clear than her beauty comes from deep within. You truly are blessed to have such a wonderful, supportive and loving daughter...and I'm sure she feels she owes much to you for all the love and nurturing you have invested in her. You have both endured so much pain together. My wish is that you both continue to find great comfort and healing in each other.

    Love & hugs to you both!

  6. Beautiful tribute about you daughter. Thank you for sharing!

  7. What a delightful post...she is beautiful.

  8. Beautiful post Gina......filled with love....wishing you all the best and lots of

  9. She sounds like a wonderful daughter and person, you must have been a great role model for her.

  10. Your love explodes across your written words of your Rachel. You have every reason to be filled with pride. She's lovely.

  11. Rachel is beautiful OUTside - and as you and others who know her to be - INside, too. I thought her bridesmaid dresses were very beautiful - simple & elegant.

    I've missed reading your posts. You always write with such insight and good taste....

  12. Gina, that was a beautiful and inspiring post about Rachel! I love how thoughtful, caring and honest you are. You're a wonderful mother and you're both a woman of faith. God bless your hearts. Thank you for writing and being an encouragement. You remind me to be thankful, always in everything.

  13. Gina,
    She's a beautiful lady inside and out, just like her mama.

  14. Hugs Gina. Your first born is beautiful and she also has a beautiful soul.
    She looks gorgeous in her wedding photographs! The maid of honor looks elegant too !! Loved this beautiful, loving post.

  15. Popping by to leave you a hug, Gina! I'm glad to hear your E-Bay business is keeping you occupied and busy for now. I hope you're doing OK otherwise...we miss you, but understand completely!!!

    Take care!

    Des xoxo

  16. Gina, this post is so pure and sweet that it brought tears to my eyes. Your daughter is beautiful inside and out, AND a devoted Christian. What a great blessing she is to all who meet her, I imagine, from your words here.

  17. Gina,
    You have no idea how much I've thought of you these past few months. I have a few things going on in my life right now, but I hope to be a regular reader again soon.--Randy


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