Sunday, August 14, 2011

More PORTRAITS & Antiques To Show You~

Me and my youngest outside of Charleston SC

We went to Charleston last month, it was hot , humid and still nice. Most days were averaging 100 degrees, humidity made it feel like 135+( to me ). I think I have graduated from a Summer girl to a Fall woman, heat and I are not friends like we used to be. We did some walking about, I went ( by myself), to the Gibbes Art Museum for about 1  1/2 hours, and it was very enjoyable. They have changed alot around, and added beautiful additional antique paintings for viewing. I wanted to fall into the paintings, I think I did on a few.  Antique artwork still feeds my soul and heart. I walked the neighborhoods, and took some pictures of gardens and homes, but it is still not in my heart to do it yet like I used to. My old followers know that I am a Charleston, South Carolina lover, but it brings back many memories of Sarah going there with me. So it is bittersweet now, many steps I take, we took together.
That may change inside me, I am not sure.
Anyway, let me show you a few pieces of art I bought there, and then some at the Charlotte, NC Metrolina Expo a few weeks ago as well.
A very pretty old, 1930-40's plaster plaque of two Victorian women with a dove. Very French.
It is cast in high relief ( which means a 3-D effect , with raised areas).
A vintage Italian chalkware/plaster lamp base , that is now simply a statue, with a woman holding a basket of roses, leaning towards a fountain. The fountain sold me.

A beautiful aquatint ( hand-colored etching ), of Paris in the Spring, signed, 1950-60's time frame. Somewhere I have always wanted to go--BAD.

Vintage seascape /marine oil on board, siged 1940-50's time frame.

Another vintage portrait, 1940's oil on board.

A killer large ( 3 ft. x 4 ft. )oil on canvas 1940's woman in red portrait, listed artist.

A stunningly beautiful oil on board of a Atkinson Fox style garden artwork, signed , 1920-30's time frame.

Mrs. Can't recall anything lately, cannot recall the name of this famous painting. Please comment if you know it. This is a small oil on board, done in 1906. Very nice.
Brass early 1900's Victorian metal statue of woman.
 Late 1800's oil on academy board of Robin birds and daisies, SOLD.
Two beautiful brass Victorian picture frames, the one to the right is SOLD.
Beautiful patel from a listed artist of pink and white roses, 1930-40's time frame.
All can be found here.

This entry is getting too long, so I will close it up. Sleep well everyone...or if you're onthe other side of the world...good morning !


  1. You found several really lovely items, Gina! I can tell that your heart determined your choices. It's so nice to know you are doing some of the things you always loved again, even though some hold sadness for you. The picture of you and your little boy is super. You are both looking well and I love your beautiful blouse :)

  2. What a wide variety of items you shared this time! I especially like the oil of the lady in red...The Paris hand-colored etching reminds me of a similar piece I found recently. Did you see mine? I wonder if it is a hand-colored etching?

    I don't enjoy the heat and humidity either. Hope you get some relief soon.

  3. I do like the picture of the couple with the flower, however, I must say that the best one is of you and your son....lovely!


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